How to Convince Ones Non Muslim Parents of Islam

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Salam Alaikum My name is Preet I'm a non Muslim, I'm a Sikh religion. And I came across Islam like a year and a plus back to a friend. We are studying in the same university. And he introduced Islam to me. He gave me a couple of books to read because I used to look at the way he was practicing Islam used to pray and his talks, the way he used to talk to me. And then after some time, I used to ask him a lot of questions. So he told me, why don't you read the Quran in the translated version. So that's what I did. So I was pretty convinced after I read the Quran that Allah is the only true God and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the only is last messenger.

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But after some time, my parents came to know about it, and they are very religious. So they are very unhappy that I was diverting into another religion. So they decided to take me to the temple to renew my fate. Despite the fact that I was not very happy, I could not object them because they would scold and like raise their voice, and I didn't want to fight with them. So I just agreed, but I did not do it from my heart. I just did it to make them happy to please them to avoid any argument.

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So now I actually want to ask you for an advice. What do I do? How am I supposed to convince my parents? How am I supposed to tell them that? I believe this is the religion for me at least?

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The question that shared me studying Islam in the past one and a half year, and she liked the teaching, she read the Quran, she got convinced that there's one God and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger. And later on when the parents came to know they took her back to the temple, and though she unwillingly had to obey, the parents did ask me how can I convince my parents?

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There is a talk I've given in the book of mine, concept of God in major world religions. Yeah, what I spoke was on your four religions,

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Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, if you see my full

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lecture, it even includes Sikhism.

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Sikhism Sikhism, sister is a religion with came towards the end of the 15th century, in the land of Punjab.

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It was formed by Guru Nanak Sai.

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And what the scholars say it's an amalgamation of many of the teachings from Hinduism and Islam.

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And it's the religion of 10 gurus.

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And if you read the concept of God in Sikhism, if you read the text, not the practice,

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the text if it grew grandsire if you read the first chapter, or the grant,

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the first was is known as apogee. It says that he is true, He is not begotten.

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And he's most powerful, free from all ones and of power all things and there's nothing like him. So this of Jabu G matches very closely with Zurich law which I said So theoretically, should give him definition of Almighty God is quite similar to definition of Quran surah class.

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That is the reason what Sikhs believe, they believe. In they give two names Omkara which are the manifest form and eco gara and their various attributes given to Almighty God and Sikhism. They call Almighty God as sahab which means Lord, they also call him as Rahim merciful, they call him as Karim. beneficent, they call him by Guru one true God, and forgive them is against idol worship it against automata, Almighty God taking forms, it's even against idol worship. So, the teachings of as far as concept of God is concerned, theoretically is quite similar, practically, they do deviate here and there a little bit. But otherwise, as far as concept of God is concerned, it is quite

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similar, but my advice to you would be, you can give the translation of the Quran even to your mother and father

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and ask them to read and tell them that can you point out something which is not good or something which disagrees? So you have to be patient and you have to tell them and you have to do the duty of a true believer. First, I would like to know that you did say that you read the Quran and you did also say that you believe in one God but he never said whether you accepted it some or not. But by believing there's one God willing idol worship is wrong believing part masala Salam, you do enter into the fold. But whether you did accept or not, I'm not aware. I would like to ask you sis to the would you like to accept Islam?

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Yes, I would like to but at this moment, I will want to think like one to know how am I supposed to convince my parents first because I don't want to do something like they are not have the knowledge. And I told my parents that if I'm going to take any step, I will inform you, you will be informed before I take any step. That's what I would request you, as I told you, that you can give my DVDs

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to your parents, the various DVDs. And I know that so much of misconceptions there about Islam, that most of the non Muslim would get afraid, or you're becoming a muslim, that we're becoming a terrorist.

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You're on a foreign legion of terrorism and violence. In fact, I always recommend that anyone who becomes a Muslim, especially the youngsters, first thing, I tell them, that there should be a difference between your behavior, what you did before accepting Islam and after accepting Islam. And as my son, Farah, he told me the lecture, that paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother, even for your sister, your paradise, even if your mother is a non Muslim paradise in there beneath the feet of your mother, their mother goes to Paradise, not a secondary, you understand. Because you have to love your mother, you have to respect your mother, that does not mean that if you become a

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Muslim, if you become, you have to respect your mother. So when your parents feed the chain, that fine, I have to request my daughter to do small things you never have to do. Now she's helping me she's dabbing me she following my instructions. So you have to see that once you become a Muslim, there has to be a marked difference between your behavior what was earlier and what was now if previously, were a good daughter, now you have to be a better daughter.

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And when they ask you why you said this, in the teachings in the Quran does the teaching of the Prophet so once they find a marked difference in your behavior, in your kindness in your obedience,

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if you are following 50% and follow 99.9 or 100%, if you're following 90% and following 100% Only those things, what they tell you which goes against the teachings of the Quran and teaching of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, those are the only things you should abstain from. Besides that, all what she tells you even though you may not like it, you should do so there should be a marked difference. For example, they may tell you Okay, well, clothes are blue, and blue is not a favorite color. Blue is not a favorite color. If your mother likes it, wear it. So she gets happy,

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safe look, after all, you have to care for a more so that they shouldn't be forced to ask how come this change is there

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to one they are forced to ask you how the changes, because these are the teachings of the Quran.

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And that's what my son told the lecture what I gave her just so if this is the sister at the same time, you have to try and remove the misconception. I've written a book on the most common questions asked by non Muslims.

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That book, I think it will be available outside or require the volunteers to give a copy to her. And these normally try and clarify the misconception what the media has spread about Islam. So if you give that book to read to your mother and father, maybe they will understand part of it if not completely, and give the translation and what I would say that never disrespect your parents. Even if they do things which are wrong, you as a doctor should not disrespect as the Quran says you can't say off to them also.

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But same time only those things that they tell you which is against Allah and with Rasul these two things is the only time you can disagree but politely all the other things you go out of the way to convince them and to be good to them, be kind to them, there should be a marked difference, and then inshallah they will be happy.

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Initially, they would feel a bit sad because but na* they will think that they're going to do wrong religion. But later on because of a behavior they will get convinced and you never know you may be the carrier for the Janna. Like your mother paradise lies beneath the feet. Maybe you may be the carrier you may be the past, which will lead your parents to paradise

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professional system. Thank you. Thank you