On the racist killing of George Floyd

Haitham al-Haddad


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The speakers discuss the complicated question of what Islam says about abuse of power and racism, and the political power that comes with it. They argue that the practice of using the United Nations resolution as an example is against anyone who claims to be powerful, and that the political power is ultimately surrendering to the powerful people within the Democratic setup. They also mention a book calledforty five," which highlights the abuse of power and how it is sad to see people become a superpower.

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The killing of George Floyd has raised so many debates and questions around the globe, I will try to address some of those key debates and what Islam says about them, especially when we look at the consequences of his killing.

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And the demonstrations, the protests that we see in America in particular, and we see around the world, one of those key questions that were provoked, or debates that were provoked, is, what does Islam say about abuse of power? And obviously, one key question is, what Islam says about racism? Yeah, another key question is what Islam says about injustice, and the response to injustice, how people should respond to injustice. And there are so many other issues, I hope that I can address them one by one. The first question that I like to address here is what Islam says about the abuse of power?

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It seems to be a very complicated question. They are a very sophisticated issue. But it is very simple. And it is true, what people have said, or what has been said that power breeds corruption, power breeds evil, power, breeds contempt. And so many, so many, so many statements that have been said by different people, all of them almost confirm that power breeds something that is evil. And many historians have confirmed this conclusion that power breeds corruption. And they say that if you look at powerful nation through our history, you will see that they power they had led them to corruption, injustice, abuse of power, discrimination against certain ethnicities,

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degrading others, humiliation of other people, and all of these kinds of bad treatment of others, as they say, Now, what does Islam say about that? The answer is very simple. See, any power? Yeah, human beings, this is the nature of human beings. When human beings feel that they are powerful, then they will abuse this power, unless they feel that there is another power or superpower above them, to keep them in. Oh. And, by the way, just a minor thing, Thomas Hobbes, in his book, The Leviathan, he mentioned something of that effect, that human beings, if they don't see that there is a superpower above them, to keep them in, oh, then they will try to fight over everything they would

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like to have for themselves. This is the nature of power. That's why so many Islamic perspective. Yes, we have to submit to the superpower above us otherwise, we will abuse any kind of power that we will have and we will humiliate others, we will abuse others, we will discriminate against others if we are if we feel that we are not going to be held accountable for our deeds by a superpower that is capable of holding us accountable for our

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abuse of power, as simple as this. So that's why globally internationally those so called super powers, unless they believe that there is a super power above them, to keep them in order to keep them in control, to stop them from abuse of power, they will continue abusing their power, whether domestically or internationally. And this is actually what we have seen as an attitude by so many super

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Pause. America is not an exception. Russia is not an exception. China is not an exception. Any unfortunately, any superpower will abuse that power. Now some people might say, United Nation might be the superpower that will keep them in all or we'll keep them in control. That is possible. I do agree to a certain extent with that. But the practice that we see now is against that idea. More over some people might argue that actually, those superpowers are using United Nations to abuse their power. Yeah. And we have seen violation of United Nations resolutions by those superpowers. There are so many examples are you know them, you know them and no need to address all of them, or

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they are well known, yes, that those superpowers, abuse their power, abuse, United Nations, or maybe violate United Nations resolutions, because of their power.

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Some other people say democracy, democracy might be the controller against any power in order to to control it, as we said, and to stop it from abuse. Again, this is really a very good suggestion. But the issue now is we see that the democracy is abused by the powerful people within the Democratic setup, and they are controlling it, they are controlling democracy is through it through media, through finance, through

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some other influential positions. So democracy is not really working. What we as Muslims believe what I suggest that any power that exists with a political power, financial power, economical power, etc, it has to surrender and submit to the super power, Who is Allah, Allah, Allah, otherwise, they will, this abuse will continue, and actually, it will become bigger and bigger. And I also recommended that we have a kind of merge between democracy and Islam. This should be the post democracy may be IDM. Yeah. And for us as Muslims,

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we can produce a formula about that, to solve these kind of problems. I have to say that it is unfortunate that because Muslims don't have a power now or a superpower, they are not setting a good example, for all human beings. Yeah, and this is really, we have to blame ourselves as Muslims, because we are fighting among ourselves. The Muslim countries, they don't represent Islam. It is very unfortunate. All of them, or most of them, most of these powerful Muslim countries, they are corrupted, and they do not act upon Islam, they are not setting good examples for other people, for non Muslims. Anyway, that's why we as Muslims, we as drought, we are trying to bring people to

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Islam, so they understand Islam. So they act upon Islam, those powerful Muslim countries to behave in an Islamic way as early Muslims behave. And then when they have a superpower, they will never abuse the power, because they believe that there is a super power above them that will keep them in control. It will keep them in all and they will never commit any injustice. If they commit any injustice or any element of the law enforcement bodies within those Muslim setups, then those people will be punished. Yeah, they will receive severe punishment in Islam due to abuse of power. This is what Islam says about the abuse of super power of power. It is very unfortunate that most of the

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discussion now is taking place around the

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Racism and what racism in the world and what Islam says about racism? Many people forget about forget about abuse of super power. I hope that this is clear. Inshallah we will talk about Islam and racism in another. In another episode

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Quran summarized the abuse of power in one verse or two verses. Yeah, among the very first verses to be revealed to humanity. Yeah, actually, the first chapter that was revealed to humanity is Surah escala. It is an amazing chapter. I encourage all of you to read Quran, and I encourage all of you to read this particular chapter.

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Chapter Eight rock. Yeah.

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What does it say? Bismillah pika lady Hala Kola Peninsula mean Allah.

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Karim, Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah lemon in Santa Ana Mia. Cal, in in sanella your pillow out? Who's governor? I'm just commenting on those two verses. Allah, Allah, Allah, the Creator of human beings, the creator of every one. He says that human beings will transgress.

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If they feel that they are self sufficient, which means that if they feel that they have, they have power, and they don't need any other power, they don't need anyone, which means that they become like a superpower. If they don't feel that there is a super ideal superpower above them, they will transgress that's why there is no solution for the abuse of power except to surrender yourself to the real superpower. Allah

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