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The conversation is about giving car donations to charities in the UK and abroad. The speakers discuss the importance of giving people locality and avoiding transfers to other countries. They also touch on the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and the need for people to buy basic food and medicine to save their eyesight.

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Okay, when it comes to the car given as a car broad, is it better to give to charities here in the UK? Or to give to charities abroad as a general question? Yeah, general question. See? Yeah.

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Now Zika yeah Zika

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam Salam said to me about the Allahu Taala and who, when he was instructing him, Okay, how to give zakat when they traveled to Yemen, he said,

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he said,

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invite them to believe in Allah if they if they accepted that invite them to perform the saliva they accepted that invite them to give there's a cat, there's a cat it is an amount of charity taken from their poor people. Sorry, taken from their rich people to be given to their poor people. That's why Okay, so the scholars said it is better to give you a Zakah Okay, where do you live? Yeah. Where do you live doesn't mean in your political country by national boundaries? Yeah. I don't mean by I don't mean by national boundaries, I mean, the people around you locally, okay. So, for example, if you are living in London, give it in London, if you are living in Manchester give it in Manchester,

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if you are living in France, in Paris, give it to Paris, okay to people there if you are living in Egypt, in Cairo, giving it to the people in Cairo and so on, this is a general thing that is better. However, all of them I agree that if you if you transfer these account to another country, because of a valid reason, then that is better, there is no problem with that whatsoever, all the scholars agreed to that for example, they said that if you have some far relatives living abroad, yeah. Okay. Then it might be better that you give it to your foreign relatives, who are living abroad. Now, this scholars also said that if there is a famine, okay, yeah, in another country or a desperate

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situation in another country, and if your country that famine is not there or that desperate situation is not there, then maybe consider it to give it to what to other countries, sometimes you must be obliged to transfer your Zika how how, if in your country, okay. People generally speaking, are you know, surviving. Yeah. But in other countries, people are dying, you know, dying, because they do not find the basics. Yeah. Then no, in this case, you must help the other people who are dying in other countries, even if you need to transfer your Zika. Okay. And, and to be honest with you, this is the situation now, I believe that generally speaking people in Europe,

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people in Britain, for example, Muslims in Britain, they are okay. Maybe there are some poor people, but they are still they are able to find the shelter above their heads. They are able to find some food, they are able to find some clothes, etc.

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But we all know. Yeah. The situation in Syria. Yeah.

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People in in Syria in some countries, in some cities in Syria. They were eating dead flesh. Yeah.

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They're I don't know whether this is still happening. But they were dying. literally dying because they could not find food. Last year. I don't know about this year more Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Yeah. They said, every day, I feel people die because of lack of food, or medicine in my family or move next to Damascus. This year. They described the situation in

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Iraq to be really terrible. Okay. Forget about Syria. And now, rasa is under siege. Yeah. And people in Gaza, they are really suffering. And there are reports from us and people that they are unable to find enough sustenance enough medication. Okay. Leave us. Yeah, there are some areas in Okay. Leave all of this. What about Yemen? They say people now they report the worst humanitarian crisis. Exactly. Yeah, they said this is the worst humanitarian crisis that the world have seen. In the last I don't know. 3040 years. This is a car. That's why see from another perspective. Okay. Take the following example.

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They said, Okay, you have two people. One person is literally dying if you do not buy him or her food from you is

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literally dying. And there is another person who is not surviving. Yes, but he is weak.

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Are we surviving? So we have two people, one is dying, and another person is surviving, but he's weak. Which one you give the car to? The one is just going to die the one who's right there want why? Because they may pass away the most in need basically. Exactly. Are we allowed to give the weak person? Yeah, and to let the other person die?

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Impossible. No one would say this. Why? Because we are allowed a person to die. Why we could have saved him. We allowed the Muslim to die while we could have saved him. Okay, imagine another scenario. We have a situation like the Sahara Desert. Yeah. People, young people are losing their eyesight. They that the tablet? Okay. The tablet is, they said is just temping. Okay. Yeah, it might save their eyesight. And on the other side,

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we have their people have some clothes, but not suitable clothes.

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They're not close. Well, well suitable. They very poor, just about just about covering their hour or even forget about covering their hour. They don't have clothes to cover their hour, but those children will lose their eyesight.

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Yeah, they need they need to buy just one pound to to buy the basic not food, but medicine to save their eyesight. And the other people they need money to close them themselves. Which one is deserving this occur or is more deserving this occur?

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To one child, the child, the child who is losing his eyesight? If this is not an emotional discussion, this is a rational discussion based on Quran and Sunnah. Because yeah,

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Allah Allah Allah. First of all, Elijah Hala listed that those who are eligible to Zika based on what the level of that need, that's why Elijah Allah Allah started with what and for Allah, followed by the Messiah key because alpha Kava is in more need than that. My sec. Okay, so I think we've done a lot of questions on the car. Yeah, I've got some more later on, but we're trying to move on. Okay. Yeah, just tackle ahead.