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From the moment we get married to the moment we actually go into the grave there's something called Baraka

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Baraka it. What is that? Baraka? Baraka is something Allah puts inside something, something which I can't do something which you can't do. So let me give you an example. Allah says the Holy Quran Wah Ma Tei to meet the well Lear abou Fe M word in Nassif Allah you have a war in Allah. Allah says all the dealings of usury and interest in riba that you've got, you think that your wealth is increasing to me follow your war and Allah does this does not increase in the sight of Allah. What does that mean? The man who had 100,000 pounds, he put it in the bank, the interest rate is 3%. So he's gonna get now 3000 pounds from that 100,000 pounds, he put the 3000 pounds extra. Now he keeps hitting it,

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the interest rate goes up to let's say, 5%, okay, he's gonna get more return on this. Every year, he keeps the money in there, there's more and more money accumulating inside in his bank account to him. Now after a few years, it's now 125,000 pounds, he just left it there it is left in the bank, the interest rate automatically gives him money every single year. So he's thinking I'm not 25,000 pounds in the plus Allah says that 25,000 is no plus.

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In fact, your 100,000 is also in the minus now because you dealt with riba you dealt with interest. Allah says, Why am I added to means the QA team

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does the cut that to give to 2.5% of my wealth, a man has got 100,000 pounds, and now he's he's got 100,000 pounds just sitting there. Now at the end of the year, he has to give 2.5% with two and a half 1000 pounds he has to give to the car. Next year comes the money still sitting there, he has to give 2.5% of that as well. So he's given almost another two and a half 1000 less than that, but almost another two and a half 1000 pounds out every year he has to give that zakat money out by another four or five years he's given like 10,000 pounds away now his capital is 90,000 pounds there. So this man is saying that I have got 10,000 pounds less Allah says the whole Quran wama

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attitude means Academy today do not watch Allah for Allah Erica Hoon muda iPhone, Allah says not only am I going to increase your capital because you gave the car I'm going to increase you.

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I'm gonna put Baraka in you follow like all of you. The man gives zakat Allah says Baraka in your wife Baraka in you Baraka in your children Baraka in your household Baraka in all of you, I'm going to put Baraka in there, how does it work? How it works very strange me and you can't calculate that. The man who dealt with rebar with us to deal with interest, he's got 125,000 pounds sitting in there. But Allah says Allah and Allah there is no Baraka day this is nothing then increase the you know what happens? What happens is one way or another, that money doesn't seem to be enough.

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So let me give you an example. Sometimes Allah gives you some money. And honestly if Allah was Baraka inside it, you can see how well that money lasts you. So example. Allah gives you a simple salary. There are certain members here in this community Allah has given you Baraka in your household. You have at the end of the month, you have like 1500 pounds coming into your house. If you did a proper calculation, you need like 2000 pounds to run this house. You don't even know how Allah just makes all the bills get paid. You don't know how Allah makes things last because you know the milk that you bring inside the house, that milk Subhan Allah for the person who has got Baraka

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in his house. The milk lasts two days longer than a person who's got no Baraka in the house. Your shoes that you're wearing, Allah will make it last. You wear it for five years, 10 years, your shoes are lasting. Whereas the person who's does doesn't have Baraka, one year, two years, choose a god. You're your machine that you've got the different machines you've got inside the house, the actual car, you've got a lamppost Baraka inside, it's going to last longer, you don't even know how your household repairs only happens now and again, whereas the person who's got no Barkada a lot of repairs that need to be done that your own family members are happy with the little that they have

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Alhamdulillah that is baraka, the man who has no Baraka in his house, they want to go on holiday here they want holiday there they want a wedding come for example wedding comes, if you really follow the system of Baraka, you're gonna make a wedding very simple. You're gonna make it with and I'm telling this from the Hadith of the Prophet of Allah Islam, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, The walima that you do that has got the most out of them who have gotten the most Baraka the most blessings from Allah in it is a sadhu haram nuttin is the one that you spent the least amount of money and you get the volume