Haitham al-Haddad – Making up Missed Fasts – Ramadan Q and A

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting during the month of carrier. They mention that if a sister has been breastfeeding a child for longer than a year, they should make up the missed fast. They also discuss the negative impact of missing fasts on individuals, including breastfeeding children for longer than a year.
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What should you do if you have a number of missed fasts to make up but you haven't been able to make those up from last Ramadan before this Ramadan starts? Yeah. And if what happens then another kind of link question What happens if you don't remember how many you exactly? Yeah, these are common questions, very common questions, I hope that the brothers and sisters stopped asking them or not because of the we don't want them to seek knowledge and understand the answers for such questions because I think the answers are common and well known. Okay. And it because these are basic things, Muslims should know them. Yeah. Anyway, okay. If they miss number of fasts, and they are able to

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fast then as Allah, Allah Allah says, Woman can me committee Allah know Allah seven, in fact that to me, I am and FM Academy commerial know Allah is everything to me. dominium you know, whoever was, Maria means ill or LSF or aura in a journey. Yeah. Then they should make those days up to minima. They should make them up. No other solution. Yeah. The as this caller said, Yeah, even the companion said, breastfeeding ladies. pregnant ladies are equal to ill people, when they are able to fast they must trust. I hope that the sisters hear this. Because I don't know. Why did they get this idea that you just pay the figure? And that's it? No,

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no, this is wrong. Okay. You have to make them up. This is what the Quran says. This is what all almost all the scholars have confirmed as an explanation for this Quran. And this was the practice of the companions, etc. Yeah. Now, if the person can't make them up because he or she has permanent illnesses, okay, or illness, then they pay video because they come too fast. Where if the sister has been breastfeeding a child for longer than a year? Yeah. So what we say is that it is very unfortunate. We came across this question number of times, some sisters, they didn't first for the last five years. I said to them, sisters, come on. What about winter? Yeah, the winter and the day

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comes in winter are very short. But what if they had like a one baby after another year? Today? What I am saying is that they should put maximum effort to fast during the month of Ramadan if not, during at least winter. Because even if you delay them for 10 years, yeah, you have 10 babies. You have to make 10 Ramadan's. Yeah, yeah, this is

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a man. Yes, they accumulate. You can just pay exactly. That just know this is a big mistake.

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