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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, Allahumma livanova, Ferran and finally marlington I was in el mal Gitelman Alladhina semi I want to call it to be all that said. Welcome to another episode of prophetic Chronicles. We share stories that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his companions tonight's story is a very short story, but it's really has a lot of depth to it. And it's something that I hope inshallah to Allah, something that we can all relate to, and it will hopefully it will touch all of us, and maybe something that we we should, we should practice more of it if we are already practicing it. Now, if I may ask you what is

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what's the greatest love?

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Yanni that a person in this life should pursue?

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The ultimate love,

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the love of Allah, the love of Allah, loving Allah and being loved by Allah azza wa jal right, in the process, Hanuman Hadees tells us that one of the ways Allah Subhana Allah says one can actually attain the love of Allah being being you becoming loved by Allah to be loved by Allah subhanaw taala is trying to please Allah subhanaw taala through doing extra voluntary work, extra voluntary acts of worship. Well, my salah

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the question that follows is what is in it for you? We know that the prophesy Selim taught us to beg Allah azza wa jal Allahu minea Celica buck, oh, Allah asked for your love. Right? So what is in it for you? When Allah Subhana Allah loves you? When Allah Subhana Allah loves you, one of the benefits of this love, right besides being saved and being blessed, and all of that

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is what the heavy was the process that I mentioned in the Hadith, where he said Allah azza wa jal, the Almighty says come to some holiday Yes, Matt will be here or basato lady syrupy,

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where the hula TFC shall be original Hola, tmcp. Allah subhanaw taala has basically says, I become In other words, I guide and I bless his faculties.

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Right his hearing with which he hears his sight with with which he sees right.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is going to be with you guiding you guidance is what we beg Allah subhanaw taala for So when Allah subhanaw taala loves someone, right, that person is guided, that person is protected. Right is the ultimate love.

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This hadith or this particular story which was collected which is in the authentic collection of Imam Muslim actually tells us a story of what how one man was able to achieve that

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through some very simple

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simple practice. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the companions

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and Julian

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Zahra Allah Who created okra

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the process I'm told them about a man

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that lives at some point

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that one day decided

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to go and visit

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a friend of his or someone who is his brother in faith.

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Not his relative not his in laws not that there is anything wrong with this. No we shouldn't. But what I'm saying is someone that he just knows

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by virtue of being a believer

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so he decided to basically go and visit this believer this friend of his who's also his brother and faith

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the out of Saudi Allahu Allahu Allah Marathi, he Malacca for also the Allahu Allahu Allah Metrojet Melaka Melaka Allah subhanaw taala sent, you know, an angel, that was a waiting for him on his path on his way to visit that person.

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So imagine someone and and getting it, right. So an angel basically flags this person or an angel basically is, is waiting for this individual in a form of human dilemma at Allah He, when this man passed by this person who was an angel, when we did he didn't know good angels come in the form to be visible and to interact with human beings. They take human form.

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So when he passed by him,

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that angel,

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you know, in the form of a man said to him, I, you know, to read, where are you going?

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What's your destination? Where are you headed? He said, What do you do? Leave he had a career. He said, I'm going to this village

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where I am, where I intend to visit a brother of mine

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meaning brother and faith, not his own blood brother.

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Allah halacha Allah him in netmeds interroll Buddha

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halacha Allah him and Nemours into Aruba is there like a favor

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that you're going to be asking him or is there some some special interest? Why are you spending the effort and the time and the energy to go and visit this person? What's what's bodalla He said no. Absolutely night? Absolutely not. Leila and the whole Villa he said the only reason I'm going to visit him is because I love him for the sake of Allah I miss him I just want to say that

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it's an act of what

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it's an act of love and we know that love can be expressed you know in the great work of what's his name

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you Gary Chapman, the five the five languages of love right there are five different ways he says you know love can be expressed people say I love you to each other.

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I hope I hope you master

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you know, you know them or you know some of them or at least Kenny speak one of the muscular right so five different ways people express love, right or say I love you.

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Anyone knows knows him

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gifts giving gifts, acts of service, right? Words of affirmation.

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saying basically positive things or even telling the person that you actually love them. Right quality time. And

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was the fifth one? Call me sir.

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Physical touches aka physical affection, shaking hands, hugging the person or more like physical touch, just like a lover. So these are the five ways people express how they feel about a person. This man actually went on a journey to spend quality time and attend to this person. Right? So he said I love him for the sake of Allah. Because some people think that love is only just for the sake of dunya no love for the sake of Allah. This is

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Allah, the man the angel man or the angel in the form of a man

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said to him for in the Rasul Allah He Lekha I am the messenger of Allah to you, God sent me because Allah subhanaw taala messengers are either human beings whom Allah azza wa jal to speaks to, and sends a message to or angels that Allah subhanaw taala sends with a specific message. So he said, I am God's messenger to you.

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Allah sent him an angel to deliver this message. Be and Allah has a hub back

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to inform you that Allah azza wa jal has loved you

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come out of the hook for loving this person for the sake of Allah.

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So Allah Subhana Allah sent this individual who took the time, right and the effort to go and visit someone for the sake of Allah. Right? Not because it's nice scenic place, and he just want you know,

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some free accommodation or Atlanta, just for the sake of Allah, I love this person. So I'm driving three hours to Nashville or I'm driving seven hours to Dallas to say salaam aleikum, I live with for the sake of Allah. How are you? How's the family?

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Right? It could be even nowadays with hamdulillah much simpler than that. Some people don't even take the time or make the effort to actually do that spend time unless they saw my Soejima and nowadays, if you call someone for no reason other than just to check on them, and to let them know that you are thinking about them, right? They will say, Is there something I can do for you?

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Very strange. No, nothing. You just wanted to check on it.

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And see how you're doing. I'm gonna say I was thinking about you. They're going to think that it's very weird, or they may be touched by right. And speaking of the five languages of love, by the way they we find them in the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah listen. The part of him told him man, why don't you tell him? You know that you love him? Right? And the prophets I send them also told us few things I will just give to if I may I do I have two minutes just to give two recommendations of things that we can do that will increase the love, the love that we have for one another for the sake of Allah. One of them was allowed to look him Allah Shane either failed to move to have to the

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process and I've said he said that you won't enter Jannah until you love one another. right until you believe you won't believe until he won you love one another. And he said should I not tell you about something that if you were to do you will start loving one another or the love that you have for each other will increase? F Xu salaam abena calm

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spread an increase the greeting of peace amongst you check on each other Salam aleikum.

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Right Salam Alikum whenever you get a chance, it could be it could be a message. It could be a text. It could be a phone call. Right? It could be a salaam salaam Urbina comm only use each other Salam aleikum, how are you that's, that will increase love when he check when we check on each other number two to have do the hub exchange gifts. Remember the five languages of love. There was also some said exchange gifts for the sake of Allah and you will your love for one another will increase. Right?

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Because, you know, when you share your gifts, you're you're you're actually it's a great exercise you're expressing, you're expressing not only gratitude, you're also showing your generosity. And one of the greatest ways to touch people's hearts is to show them you know, grace and generosity. May Allah subhanaw taala bless our community members, I have to tell you that hamdulillah I'm so proud of many of our community members here. You know, I see some how a genuine, genuine love and connection that people and care and concern that people have for one another so may Allah Subhana Allah bless you for that. May Allah azza wa jal spread this love that we have for his sake, may

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Allah subhanaw taala love us for loving each other for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Speaking of which, it has been a while that since I've told you when was the last time I told you that I love you for the sake of Allah. I think it was last year right around this time. So Shaolin Hamdulillah. Now there are more people that I love for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, right, like how is it Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah He left to right was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.