Having Respect Even When You Disagree

Hatem al-Haj


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The The other problem that we sometimes fall in is to exaggerate in the negative consequences. Certainly if you believe in you know, if you believe in the Aqeedah according to the motocaddy moon or you believe in the Artega according to the authorities, for instance, you will need to be, you should be able to mention why you believe so, and you mentioned some of them consequences of the counter belief or the counter approach to the issues of our tea that is fine, but you should not exaggerate, exaggerate in the negative consequences of the counter approach. When you know, that you no matter how good you are, no matter how good your arqiva is, you're probably not going to be

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close in devotion and worship higher in ranking than an Imam and now you no matter how good of an effort you are.

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Also as a multicolumn, you will probably not be anywhere close to

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the devotion

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the ranking of Le mammals Irani's fabric powder, Rahimullah, no matter how good of a multicolumn you are, it's just not going to happen. So don't exaggerate in the dangers of the counter position because that will eventually lead to demonization of the bearers of the tradition. Hold to that counter position.