Have Muslim MPs denounced Islam by voting for same-sex marriage

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The speaker discusses the rejection of Islam by Muslims and the need for acceptance of it. They suggest that anyone who refuses to admit their the rule is not a recognized Islam person and that anyone who refuses to admit their own the rule is not a recognized Islam person. The speaker also mentions the importance of acceptance of Islam in the context of the birth of the first born child.

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As we are talking about this,

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we need to say that it

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I think many Muslims, for most of the Muslims were hurted when they heard that our so called Muslim MPs voted for the same sex marriage for the gay marriage.

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And some of them had certain excuses.

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And unfortunately, some of them said that, well, we have nothing to do with the people on what they do and their bedrooms, or some of them use the same language that is used by non Muslims, to people loving each other. They want to spend their time together, they want to have commitment to towards each other. They want to spend their whole life together, they love each other. So what is your problem with them? Yeah. So Hannah, like I think, this is exactly rejecting what Allah, Allah Allah, and His messenger is saying, exactly, in fact, not rejecting it. But even opposing it. Start with federal law as if they are saying, Yeah, Allah, you say something, and we say the opposite.

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Which is something very, very dangerous. I, as I'm writing, I have received so many emails, the questions from different people who say that are those people, those MPs is still considered as Muslims? Do we still consider them as Muslims, because they clearly rejected a confirmed established ruling that established that is established in the Koran and in the sooner all the Muslims agreed upon that, if they reject it openly, clearly, willingly. And they even they are supporting their views, and they are even defending their positions. Yeah, they don't feel ashamed of it. It means that they are clearly rejecting what Allah Allah Allah has revealed. So if they rejected like this,

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do we still consider them as Muslim or not? And some of them? I don't know whether you know, or not, some of them already rejected Islam.

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Yeah, they're already they already said that.

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Well, Islam or non Islam is same, is almost the same. So this is a clear rejection of Islam, to say that Islam or non Islam, they are the same. This is clearly a clear rejection of Islam.

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those people, they should be really advised that they should think about the matter again, because if they are insisting on this, it means that they have rejected Islam, rejection, Islam, rejecting Islam in this way, it means cover.

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And they should see, and I advise them, or I advise them to go on to sit before a reputable buddy, to judge whether they are still Muslims or not. This is a serious matter. And if they have left the fall to fall Islam, then they need to repent to Allah, Allah, Allah and they need to enter a listen and again, if they are insisting on whatever they have decided, and then proper Islamic body should decide whether they are still Muslims or not. If they have rejected al Islam, it is up to them. Yeah, Allah Allah Allah says in Edina, amen tomato tomahto Mercado de Macedo from landok. Manitoba, to whom?

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the Hellfire is waiting for anyone who is rejecting Allah and His messenger is up to them, we can't do anything about it. Moreover, therefore, families will be harmful to them. If it has been established that they have left the fold of Islam. They cannot be considered as Muslims, their families if their families are considering them as Muslims if their spouses are considering themselves sorry as Muslims, then they should not continue having any kind of relationship with them. Because it is haram to have a relationship with a person who denounced

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His Dean is religion denounced Islam. Moreover,

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they should clarify to us because if one of them died

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on this, and he rejected that Islam, he should not be buried in the graveyard of Muslims, he should be buried somewhere else. And no one should say, Oh ALLAH forgive so and so. Because Allah Allah, Allah says to Mohammed salatu salam, what? Well, I hadn't been home.

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Yeah, volatile stocks alone, don't even seek forgiveness for them, don't pray on them. So we should not pray janazah on them, we should not make history out of them on them if it was confirmed that they have rejected Alicia,

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the matter is serious, because no one should, from now on, we should really take a stance and no show no one claims that he is a Muslim and proud to have the name of Mohammed or whatever name

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and attribute himself in to Al Islam. And then he messes around with Alicia. He rejects le Salaam, he mocks Allah and His Messenger he rejects certain Islamic well Islamic established principles and so on. No one can do this. Yeah. And it is not in my hand to announce conferred upon them. Allah, Allah Allah is the one who designs

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and he gave the judges the proper judges or the proper scholars or scholars have authority, he gave them the authority to announce what he decided

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this is the matter okay. It is not that

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I decided that this person is a Catholic or this person is a Manasa or this person is so on. So, no, no one has this right to decide. Okay.

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But a proper buddy is authorized by Allah to give rulings. And these are the people of knowledge. Allah authorize them first. Hello, what? Hello Vickery. So they have what? authority? So it can no one can say no one can take me out of the folder. felisha. Yeah, no, that is not true. This is not true. This is a deception. My dear respected brothers and sisters. If a person omit commit something, reject something from Alice law. He should be checked with a proper Islamic body and that body has the right to what to announce before upon him or her. So the matter is serious. And no one can say no, no, no one can

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judge on me. Yeah, no, no, this is a deception. Islamic bodies can judge on certain cases, Islamic authorities, or Islamic

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scholars can decide on something can judge on certain people. Okay.

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So anyway, I wanted to mention this.

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Because the whole surah is based on this, the whole of Islam is based on this to say Santa Ana Aparna. Yes, there are certain exceptions, but those exceptions are very limited exceptions, and you cannot deny or reject Islam willingly. Open openly. And not only that, but to be proud of it. Some hand a lot to be proud of it not to be even ashamed or not to put excuses or not to say No, I meant this or that or I wore I was called Earth or so on. So no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I took this decision and I'm supporting it. I believe in it. So Hannah, Allah This is even worse. So

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as you can see that this opposes the intrinsic nature of Islam, which is what which is built on cendana wattana.