Haitham al-Haddad – From the bottom of my heart

Haitham al-Haddad
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As he says, Just a quick reminder

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everyone is tired, they're not that everyone is tired but this is any a quick reminder.

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I was reflecting on the fact that the word Allah Allah mentioned a number of times in numerous places and the time that Allah Allah Allah revealed it as an hour billion

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yes and so, like Youssef, in Anza lemma for an hour be in LA LA come talk to who also we had yesterday, some had a lot of it in sort of Kazuma what are the phenomena in naseeha therefore, it means mFl in

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Cologne, on an in our BMW.

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And on that somehow on that page, a wider law that says a law who knows is that an accident Elisa kita, Natasha behind Mustang duck sharing

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the DNA of

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Tony metallian, Angelou mokulua

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Danica DFTBA, Manisha

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in numerous places and modular Allah says about this or that it is a poor analogy. My brothers and sisters, were lucky if you learn

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and you will listen to the Imam when he resides and you will be living in a different world, you will be living in a different world. And while watching from the bottom of my heart, I feel sorry for those who do not understand. I really feel sorry for them, because they are not enjoying or they just enjoy to the listening of the brand. But the powerful meanings of the Quran are not there nothing.

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They just listen, listen, maybe if a man has a beautiful presentation, they will enjoy it. If there is no beautiful presentation, they will not enjoy it. And in of itself, is a very enjoyable speech. And once you start listening to it, especially in such a way, and you move from one server to another server, you are moving from one garden to another garden, you are picking different fruits from different places you are going through a journey from one subject to another subject, from taqwa to talking about the law to talk about what is happening is what will happen in the Day of Resurrection, what happened to previous nations, from the story of Abraham to the study of law to

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the study of law, in a very smooth way, in a very amazing, overwhelming way that you have no, you have no power to stand in that. And when you listen, you will just be overtaken by the power of the language of the opponent.

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Well, ah, he might get brothers. So that's why from the bottom of my heart, and advice to all of you, is to learn Arabic to know the basic meanings of the Quran in order to enjoy your Islam, those who have weak in yes, those who have weak a man, either for those who have weakened and they have weak connection with either they read it, they don't understand it or they do not read it in the first place. And found just by listening to the Quran. Yesterday, for example, we listened to Surah Kazuma. Zero will kick

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in and

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we also saw a different nature, different nature, as if it is a different speech. But it is the same speech saw the

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bunny lady in a cup cafaro via a second worship. When you read and you understand the basic meanings of Arabic, you just say Subhan Allah, this is a proof that Allah Allah is different from anyone. Well, you will see that oh, this column is so superior. That's why Allah is so superior. Allah is the Lord Allah cannot be compared with any of the created beings. Just by what? By listening to the color of Allah. Allah Allah, those words Subhana Allah when the ihram Allahu has set a heavy a challenge to Allah. power, power confidence Allah revealed the best of his speech. Can you challenge me? Let him come? Let him come

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into Elgin.

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Allahu Akbar. Really, it is

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Very powerful speech. It is over whelming and it is it is empowering anyone who believes in it. Anyone who endorses that something above the imagination above the imagination and will learn Hebrew others will why the most eloquent person who can give the best moment yes will not teach even to just a tiny level of the amount of donation of the Quran. When you read these bonuses Allah XML again, carbon with a sharp metallic texture should listen listen to the structure every woman who do Ludhiana

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for methylene blue moku boom.

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Yes, the skin will shiver.

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Those who feel that that is capable shiver when they weren't when they listen to what just the Dell column of Allah, Allah Allah, then as a result, the Shiva the skin will work will be soft and most importantly what? Baku the heart will be soft. That's why many of the seller says the statement. If you do not find your heart, when you listen to the Quran, you will have no heart.

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You have no hot colors. That is because it is something big, it is something big. That's why my dear brothers we can continue talking about it. Learn other big brothers learn out of it by the sisters. So you can really enjoy this column that is ID and one law.

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One law, if you just just a Ramadan if you listen to the entire program, moving from one subject to another subject talking about politics talking about

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about sociology, and most importantly, glorifying a law galala, glorifying exalting Allah, Allah, Allah you will be empowered and you will really be a person who is connected to Allah and you will not believe in anything other than the divine.

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May Allah, Allah give us the Baraka

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And may Allah Allah Allah make make, make us enjoy the beauty of the column of Allah Allah Allah, especially in this blessed month for Southern la Santa Monica.

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