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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Hamelin kitty and even more Bala caffee why shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah wa shadow Nana, Vienna Mohammedan Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu Rahmatullah alameen Bashir on one of the mighty respected the brothers and sisters, welcome to a new episode of this show. The virtues of the first 10 days of the mighty respected the brothers and sisters. So far we've been discussing about the concept of a Bader and why Allah, Allah Allah put so much attention into specific a by that and the Lord Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah made them as the most virtuous activities such as Salah

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zeca or giving sadaqa such as cm and head and ally de la, Allah also put so much attention to some of some of these similar activities, such as the vehicle from La Jolla, and sadaqa dedeker dasara. The prayer that we do is mainly the remembrance of Allah, Allah Allah, but also there is the the general dhikr of Allah, Allah Allah remembering Allah, Allah, Allah, outside the Salah, Allah Allah Allah put so much attention on to liquor and made it one of the most virtuous activities as we will insha Allah mentioned, the question is why, why? And in the previous episode we say that because Allah Allah Allah considered those listed in that or those specifically buy that as his own right?

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No one should be

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no one should be partnering a live demo with those a buy that they are only to be done solely for a law gentle Allah Allah on Lee. Okay, that's why Allah Allah Allah we mentioned about heart and about Salah, even a large Allah Allah says we're anonymous, Allah He fella do la hija de massage it belongs to Allah Allah Allah don't associate someone beside Allah Allah Allah in your do

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okay. And again, the regarding fasting the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah Allah Allah Himself said each action of the son of Adam belongs to him except for fasting it belongs to me alone.

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Yes, okay. So, we say that Allah Allah put so much attention on those a by that why because the more we are attached online the learner through these data, the more we will be qualified or able to transfer the other activities to become what to become act of a data.

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Okay, that is the concept as simple as this. Now

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that helps us to understand why Allah Allah Allah chosen certain times, and Allah Allah encouraged us to be dedicated to be dedicated in those times to do more of the listed about that. Yes, for example, Allah Allah, Allah chose the month of Ramadan. And during the month of Ramadan, we need to fast we need to pray thoroughly, and we need to encode it, we need to increase our charity, so that in general, during the month of Ramadan, as Allah, Allah, Allah says, Allah dynamin quotevalet como se llama quotevalet dynamin kobelco Allah contact upon fasting was prescribed upon you, as it was prescribed upon previous nations. Then Allah Allah after that Allah Allah Allah says gerolamo

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guanella De Anza fee, no hidden Nina Shiva United minelute our for con for Manisha he Domingo Mashallah failures on the one who witnesses the amount of Ramadan he should fast the month of Ramadan in the beginning of the of the ayah Allah Allah Allah says Shahada, Ramadan and ready to put in the month of Ramadan, the Quran was revealed. Okay, so Allah Allah Allah selected the month of Ramadan

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As many scholars say, that Allah Allah, Allah chose the month of Ramadan out of the 12 months. Why? Allah Allah, Allah like the the month of Ramadan. And Elijah Allah Allah commanded us to act too fast that month of Ramadan obviously my dear brothers and sisters, when we fast we will we might become weaker. Yes. So, that dunia output, the dunya output the materialistic output might become might I'm not confirming because some, some people say no in the productivity should increase in the month of Ramadan leave this discussion, but there is a possibility that the productivity for human beings during the month of Ramadan goes down. Yes. Why Allah Allah Allah chose it like this.

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Obviously, Allah Allah Allah encouraged us to pray, emulate it during the month of Ramadan. As you know that the Prophet Allah Allah Allah wa sahbihi wa sallam said, Whoever establishes the Yama late during the month of Ramadan, out of belief, and and and seeking the forgiveness of Allah, Allah Allah He will have all his previous sins forgiven. So we will spend two or whatever number of hours to pray to emulate again, my our dunya activities or our junior productivity will become less. Yes. So why why? Okay, because as we said, Allah, Allah, Allah is our Creator.

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Allah Allah, Allah is what is our rub? Valley como la hora, bukem la? In Who? hollyhock Alicia, Allah is our Lord. Allah is the Creator of everything. Allah is our Lord Buddha who worship Him alone. Yes, he has right over us. He has right over us. We need to worship Him and we cannot question him gelar this is one thing. This is a very important concept. Yes. Now, so if Allah Allah Allah said do this, we have to do this we have to submit to this. Allah Allah Allah also says yeah, you have to Deena I know

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that a demo by Anya de la hora su de don't suggest whatever Allah Allah Allah says then do it. Or mcenery meaning what am Amina de como la hora, subrahmanya una familia Latina marry him documentary, it is not for a believing male or a believing woman to choose, they must do whatever they were commanded to do. So Allah Allah, Allah Himself, He likes to be worshipped, okay. And he selected certain places, certain times, certain month, certain activities, he selected them and gave them special, special attention, made them more virtuous than other places than other days than other months than other times than other activities. Allah Allah Allah says what a local nyesha

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Allah creates whatever he wants, and he chooses whatever he wants, it is not up to them to choose. Okay, so a lot Allah Allah selected the month of Ramadan and made it more virtuous than other months. Why? This is his right.

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Okay, this is one thing.

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But as we said previously, that when we become more attached to a law, the law Allah Allah, what will happen? We will be more attached to a larger law sorry, when we become more attached to Allah Allah Allah during the specific times of a Baghdad of a specific evader, we will be what we will be attached to avoid Allah Allah during our time in general. And once we are more attached to a larger lower Allah, in these specific times, we will be more attached to Allah, Allah Allah, generally speaking, and we will be able to transform all the general activities to become what acts of Ada

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okay? Not only that, my dear respected brothers and sisters, but when we do this, we will be what we will be able to follow the guidelines of Sharia in our life in general. So we will be people who will follow the guidelines of Allah Allah, Allah in all our matters in politics,

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In economy, in finance, in sociology in in any activity and hence, all of our activities will be a bother and all of our activities all of our life will be governed by the guidelines of a la jolla. Then we will meet this will insularity or no Suki Wilma here Yo mama Mati lillahi, Rabbil alameen we will establish it, my Salah, my sacrifice, my life, my death, all of it is for a la jolla and we will be following the guidelines of Allah, Allah Allah in all of our matters. how this happens, how can this happen? If we are so attached to Allah, Allah, Allah, during these specific times or during this specific event that we will be in sha Allah by the will of Allah, Allah, Allah, more attached

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to Allah, Allah, Allah in our general activities. That's why Allah Allah, Allah put so much attention into what into those is specific about that. And that's why Allah Allah, He chose five different times in a daily basis to become attached strongly to him. Allah Allah Allah selected the month of Ramadan to be a special special month during that month, we need to be more dedicated for this specific a Baba fasting Salah charity, a large Allah Allah also it shows the month of little hijack, which is the 12th lunar month that 12 month in the lunar calendar. Yes, to be more virtue to be virtuous as well. And to be and also Allah Allah Allah selected the first 10 days of this month

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of this little idea to be what to be among the most virtuous days in the whole years. So now we understand that in these 10 days, we need to be more dedicated in doing specific a bad and now we understand why we need to be more dedicated in doing more about that in these 10 days off the head. We will elaborate on this insha Allah in the coming episode Joseph Malala head on and see you then inshallah, Santa Monica