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You need to think about it. And by the way, this issue of closing the massage that many people are doing, in fact, I was astonished that so or some masajid were closed here in the UK, in London, and even they closed them and they did not allow people to come to pray Juma.

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I would like to say,

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a very important message to the committee's of the massage that this is not a matter to be taken lightly. This is a national matter. Actually, this is a matter related to the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, not necessarily in the UK or not in a particular country, but it belongs to the owner of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam however, as this might be difficult, etc, etc. At least, let us take the decision on a national wise on a national way in the UK, or at least the scholars in London should discuss this, but not the committee of MSE the particular minister to decide to close the masjid. What would be the impact of this on other masajid? What would be the impact of this on maybe

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the decision makers or the lawmakers they might say well, the Muslims are rushing to close their massage Cletus and close their massage. This is one thing it is a national decision, not a local decision. And I remember discussing a matter like this with a Mufti not from the UK from another country because some other countries also they closed them aside. And he said Jeff, at the end of the day, this is my honesty hat that they should not do Juma. I said to him, yeah, Habibi. If you are he had, that you don't pray Duma. You should not impose or encourage other people to do or to act upon your he had you yourself, don't you pray, this is between you and Allah, even you as a as a

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as a role model, you should take into consideration other aspects. But at least you don't say to others, okay? don't attend to Juma. You don't say to the masjid committee close to the masjid, let alone a Masjid committee without referring to scholars scholars. Again, as I says, as I said, it is a national decision, not a decision taken by or the decision taken by individual scholars. Please, please, my dear respected brothers and sisters, there are a number of issues here. First of all, prior itself and congregational prayer in is one of the Islamic symbols. As you know, we all know that Allah Allah, Allah did not allow us to abandon Gemma praying in congregation, even in the time

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of war, even in the time not in the time of war, actually, in the battlefield when we are combating the enemies. And you know, as Alexander Allah says, In the Quran,

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Allah masala and that's why the scholars where they took from this verse, how we should perform the seller of fear. And the scholar said that even under that circumstance, Allah Allah, Allah is not allowing us to pray individually, which shows the importance of the congregational prayer, let alone that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam said that he was about to punish those people who are not attending Jama a prayer in the masjid, let alone the reward that Allah Allah Allah put it for those who pray in congregation. But on the other side, my dear respected brothers and sisters, Salah in general, is a source of victory, a source of success, a source of protection

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from all types of diseases and and so on. So, are we abandoning Jama? Are we closing our masajid in order to protect ourselves?

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I am not giving a fatwa but I am saying we have to be very careful in giving a fatwa related to this I don't have the audacity to give a fact one to close down the massage to close down this symbol. Sherry a symbol which is the main Islamic shady symbol after La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah solo In fact, it includes the heat this congregation of sola Sala, I don't have the audacity to give any fatwa before we I just came in from abroad and I was discussing it with so many scholars there and till now, I'm not confident enough

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that this can be done. And we need to discuss it with scholars, local scholars from London from the UK before we come up with a decision like this. The other thing, they massage it My dear respected brothers and sisters, even if, if it might,

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attending congregational prayer might cause harm to some people, we can say we can find a way that those people should not attend, for example, the elders, those who might have this kind of fear. And, and by the way, technically brothers and sisters, these colors when they discuss the means that lead to harm, they were differentiating between three levels,

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mutawa unlikely to lead to the harm, middle 5050, that it might lead to the harm and likely to lead to the harm unlikely 5050. And likely, each one has its own ruling, we cannot abandon certain Islamic symbols because of unlikely yet, this is one thing and there is a difference between between a person who is afraid of having the disease or a person who is unlikely or who is afraid of passing this disease to others to harm others and abandoning Gemma. So we cannot use what scholars mentioned about the person who is afraid of passing this disease to others. And in closing the agenda, we can tell that those people who are maybe having those symptoms of Coronavirus or any other similar

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disease, we should tell them that don't attend the masajid Yes, but to close down their massage just out of fear especially there are no legal requirements especially It was not confirmed that this kind of congregation will lead to these illnesses yesterday I came from abroad and as you know I use public transportation and I was saying that okay, how can we stop this hundreds or 1000s of people using the public transportation once that is stopped then let us take the the local The closer of the massage it into account. But to have this measure before other measures have been taken. I think this might be exaggerated or not have been studied well. And you know Santa enough itself is a cure

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brothers and sisters. It is a cure. It is a larger law legislation legislated Salah for our success in the Atilla and in the dunya. I want to know Allah says what more Allah Salatu was Salam. ala curries are the Salah is a source of what is the source of prison provision. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he is sick and tired of something can either have a fuzzy lasala when he is

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struck by something, he will jump into the Salah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to be LAN used to say to Milan,

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Milan, give us comfort and security and etc, by what by establishing sada so that the very foundation of Islam the second pillar of Islam, which is Salah, and congregational Salah, in particular that Allah Allah, Allah commanded upon us. Unlike, you know, Anna wouldn't make this as a source of grief as a source of distress as a source of illnesses. It is very unlikely again, as I said, and I've been saying, I'm not giving fatwa I don't have the audacity at the moment to give a direction here or there. But I am saying we have to be very, very careful. The other point I would like to say is that brothers and sisters, Masjid committees in moms show you this colors. Yeah,

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don't take a decision.

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In a way you want to prove that Islam is caring about others or Islam is caring about the life of others. without a shadow of a doubt, Islam is caring for others, but don't be influenced by that when you take such decisions. Another point, brothers and sisters, Mashallah scholars throughout Muslim communities, Imams, their masajid should be a source of security, not a source of panicking. When you close them aside, you are making people to panic. You are causing panicking among people, so be careful.

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Another message I would like to say as I mentioned this, you know, we have seen those clips of some people Muslims shopping, and they are stalking, you know lies. I don't know how many bags of rice certain individuals were stalking Subhan Allah, brothers and sisters, we should rely on a larger level.

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Yes. Are we going to run away from the father of Allah Jalla don't use this Hadith, in how we can tie it, tie your camel and move on. First of all, this idea is not that very, very authentic. This is one thing, but anyway, yes, we are commanded to take precautions, but not to those precautions that show that we are afraid of other things more than we are afraid of Allah, Allah Allah don't do this brothers and sisters, what kind of message are you sending it to non Muslims, we as Muslims should be source of establishing security, feel of sense of security among people not sense of panicking. Yeah. Those people who are stalking this kind of food, it is it is enough for maybe a

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year. So how long? This is I think it is taken out of

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out of proportion. Remember brothers and sisters, our gender IRA is testing us. Well anybody wanna condition MNL healthy? Well, do you want up to a minute and why don't you want to see what am I locked? Well that should assign it in a levena either a Saba Tomasi button call you in Nigeria on your own, give black tidings to Sabine saw that in on those calamities that might be for them. They have confidence in what Allah Allah Allah decreed for them. Hold on. You see, when I Ilana catalana say that there is nothing that will harm us except what Allah Allah Allah decreed. And those savarin they will say in Allahu Allah, Allah have on your own, we belong to Allah, Allah, Allah and we are

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going to return to Allah. And Allah Allah Allah says, fell at the half Omaha funi Don't be afraid of them and be afraid of me. There is a difference between natural fear. Yeah, that has limits, but to take that fear to another level, as if Allah Allah is not there. If you are fearful of other than Allah, Allah Allah more than what you are or how you are fearful of Allah, Allah Allah and the remember Allah Allah Allah told us about in the Battle of beddit when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the companions to go in order to fight the enemies. They said some when I 15 or some people say to some believers don't go Yes, and Medina Island a homeowner so in the NASA Jenna

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they told no don't go because people are gathering or will gather against you. Yes. I let the nicoleta homeowners

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be afraid of them. Fuck show home for your husband, a la jolla Milwaukee where is this discourse to say we are relying on Allah Jalla Allah and Allah Allah Allah is sufficing us some kind of because they had their trust in Allah Allah Allah from Allah subhana wa he will probably lamium says from so they came back with an AMA with bounties of Allah Allah Allah without being touched by anything that is harmful. This is the reality we cannot run away from the other of Allah. As if regard to the other person