Haifaa Younis – CoronaVirus Why is Allah allowing this to Happen

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a recent incident where a woman named Swati "time talks about her mother and her fear of God or Sunra. The speaker talks about how people are becoming more desperate and advises against touching people and getting into trouble. The conversation also touches on the topic of forgiveness and staying away from sins.
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This mean

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some of us will say why is this happening? Right? It's not not an illegitimate question. Answer isn't the

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will of God or Sunnah you know mommy milk publica and he's talking to her, Swati santosa. And he says to two nations before you send to them, messengers. For now we've tested them believe that sorry, what barah we tested them But sir, is that so is the trials, tough ones are Bara is diseases.

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And now you say Why?

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The answer is coming. La lomita wrong. So they will turn to a law with humility. Ba is humility. And asking Allah for forgiveness and your love, please I didn't mean it. I was weak. All these barah What did they do

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for Lola is that sooner tomorrow when it touched them? When the test the disease came? If they only submitted to me tomorrow, ask for my forgiveness, humbleness. But what did they do?

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When I can assert

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their hearts become even more harder?

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This is this is for all of us these days. This is what we need to learn. This is what we need to learn. You take all the precautions, wash your hands, but with alcohol, stay home Don't shake hands. Don't touch. Yes. But this will not work. Unless he wanted it to work. That's what I'm trying to share with everybody. And for him to work it's my job.

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I need to go back to him. Now allow me to look around and then what's happened

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well I can cossart Global their hearts are hardened was a yen Allahu shavon

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shavon beautify to them what they are doing what I'm doing nothing it's what I'm just looking at this I just said it I didn't don't mean it. And then Allah says, Allah monistrol module keuro v. They forgot this. They didn't do it. And in case Chopin comes to you and says yeah, but then we had source and then what away and nothing happened. Where our losses, blur monosyllabic QB, personally, him Ababa Cooley shade. We give them everything they want.

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They give them everything they want. And then no one will take them suddenly. They often Mobley suits. They're stunned. We don't want to get this. We don't want to get this. There's a lot of things happening in the last two or three weeks that most of us in this room. We've never seen it before. Never seen it before. Never. We will not allow to enter the home or get close to the tub. Right? There is a little as a sign for everybody. Even Christians, they are not allowed now. Forget it. They cannot even get to Italy.

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Right? And now in Palestine also this is everywhere. Everywhere what I should do, I was like, okay, hamdulillah there's only one case in St. Louis. I don't have to worry about it. No, because unless I don't want to be that the luck will take me suddenly.

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A long road turn back to Allah in your morning and evening in your sujood ask Allah for forgiveness and stay away from sins.

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