Why you must teach your kids martial arts

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of martial arts and how it can lead to losing confidence and anger. He talks about the teachings of martial arts, including the use of anger and the need to control oneself. He also mentions the use of bullying in schools and how it can lead to mental health issues.
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And then May Allah help us. So you're talking about punching the face in the face. Yeah. So So these brothers

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on the

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on the podcast, and it was one that we talked about in the lecture last night about you know, controlling oneself the guy who's looking at the airport, especially when you start to know more Shut up. But the beautiful thing about martial arts, the more you know, the more any more you understand about martial arts, the more you know about defeating your opponents, the more confidence you get, actually, the less you want to fight. It's always the one who doesn't know how to fight who wants to fight.

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And they come with a haymakers and they come with this and you just sit back and get in your stance maintain the distance and that's anywheres out and then Bismillah you go on you take him down you know it's very easy because he doesn't know how to fight we do not condone violence central tendency is Villa and the thing that could be next article by the way is Milan my first time to take someone that's taken down you start to learn that you can do it and the confidence that you can believe in no one piece that's it live in Pisa. So the confidence that you can do it actually helps you not to do it. Stay out of the fight. If you know I can smash this guy. Yeah. You don't feel you have

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something to prove yet. So it's always the ones who have something to prove. And he but I mean, if someone attacks you, then you have to wait. You have to defend yourself. We mentioned the lecture last night about the guy in the airport he was staring me in the eye and I said like I come from a giant Lea background you know, we're we're funny you stare at someone people would get shot where I didn't you know, always to hang out anyways, when I was a non Muslim when it's in the DC area, Washington DC area. I'm from the Virginia side of the border, but DC is like right next to us. So people will get shot for looking at people there. They use quite gridding on him. So that was our

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turn back in the day. Someone gritstone looks at you like this. That's war right there. So this guy is looking at me and airport like this. And I'm like this guy, man, you know, and he kept doing it. And I was just like, really testing me. But then I remembered like, I'm gonna

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knock him out.

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Then you get this guy was it was it was a non Muslim, you could see and he was just looking at me. And then you have the thing like he looking at you as a Muslim. Look at your wife as a hijab. Yes. You have to control yourself. What is the teachings? What is the teaching of our beloved prophet Sallallahu sallam? He said Lisa, should he do the sorority? He said the one who was strong is not the one who can wrestle people down when NEMA should either lithium nickname so and the other that the one is the strong one is the one who controlled himself at the time of anger. That's one of the things that martial arts teaches you as well. You know, you can beat someone down so you have

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nothing to prove and coming to try to do it. So then hamdulillah when it comes back to hitting the face back to the podcast, we're getting a bit of you punched him. I know how I control myself. I was listening. I'm Dylan just looked away. I mean, I just walked away Alhamdulillah and that's my story. I'm sticking to it. And let's say

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so when I'm when I walked around, actually introduced or having my YouTube channel, about the Muslim scholar who knocked out three racist jokes. Go back in history is very beautiful. You know, the Schecter? Was there on the train. Yeah, he might not have heard this. Yeah. The funny thing was, she had called me and he said, I'm preparing my bag to travel. I'm listening to stories, someone sent me on WhatsApp. And it's you telling the story about him knocking

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people now, three or one machines, he was translating, you know, to defend himself and defend his family. So if you need to use it, obviously, in the gym, we train in Ireland, our coach, he taught us and he teaches my son who trains with him teachers and I trained with him and in private lessons as well. He teaches the kids he said the other these other schools, you know about, you know, certain, you know, I don't want to talk about a negative on a martial arts but certain martial arts and say, only use in the gym, don't never use it in the street. He said because it doesn't work. They don't want to be exposed that it doesn't work. But he said we want our kids if they're bullied

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if they're there, to protect themselves to use what they've learned in the gym. We had one kid he was he was a Polish kid who trains my son. I know he had he had some, you know, with his glasses, maybe a bit, you know, it was a cute looking boy, maybe somebody would pick on him. But we looked you know, he looked a bit miskeen how he can't handle himself but he was training with them as well. So this big bully was always you know, picking on him for over a year. And after one year of training, MMA and BJJ he grabbed the kid did a hip toss put him on the ground made that made the bully cry, the bully kind of thought, you know, he got lucky came back two weeks later, try his luck

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again, same throw, same put down, same result. So what happened our coach came in, he said, I want to applaud him and he came and he rewarded him bought him a gift and applauded him in front of all of the other students. If you're bullied then use it but you don't let Marshall teach you not to be the transgressor but if somebody comes to to harm us is better than you know the kid buckling up and then becoming some mass shooter. It could it could have some it could we could record routing for the rest of his life, man and that's what bullying does. That's that's the sad thing about about bullying, even some who have committed suicide Subhanallah think that the the kind of the controlled

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and mediated use of violence in a very controlled and measured way I think it's not as bad as that. That's one of the things we talk about learning martial arts for our kids. One of the good things about BJJ is that you can actually take someone down and you can control them until an adult comes until they calm down to they calm down and they decide they said they're gonna, you know, calm down, and you could submit them if you need to back to the unknown

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