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Jumuah Khutba, Perth.


Is the one who other Muslims are safe from his tongue and safe from his hands.
We can fast a lot, pray a lot and give a lot in charity but if our brothers and sisters in Islam are not safe from our tongue and our hands then there is nothing good on us.


Is the one who comes on the day of قيامة with thousands and thousands of good deeds but he spoke ill about others, he slandered and as a result, all of his good deeds will be taken away from him. If his good deeds run out before justice is fulfilled, then their sins will be cast upon him and he will be thrown into the hell-fire.


The Messenger ﷺ said a person who utters a word without thinking about it being good or not, will fall into the fire of hell deeper than the distance between the east and the west.


He was a companion of the Messenger  ﷺ and he committed zina. Every son of Adam (AS) is a sinner and the best among of them are those who repent. (Hadith)
After ماعز committed zina he came to the Messenger ﷺ and said, Oh! the Messenger ﷺ , purify me. ماعز  testified against himself even though nobody knew about the sin he committed in the darkness of the night, but ماعز wanted to resolve the matter in this world, not in the hereafter.
Today we are more concerned about being judged by people. When we are alone, we do not fear Allah, but when we are in public we are concerned about what people will think of us.


Two companions were speaking ill about ماعز . When the Messenger ﷺ overheard this, He told them to go and eat from a dead carcass but they refused because it was smelling, it was decomposing. The Messenger ﷺ said to them,  speaking bad about ماعز is worse than both of you eating from a dead carcass.

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