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How to Handle hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah rasool Allah. This is a message to congratulate the Pakistanis. Imran Han, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the President of Pakistan. If Allah we, and in particular, the Senate of Pakistan, for approving the compulsory teaching of Arabic Language Bill 2020, which makes the teaching of Arabic language mandatory on primary and secondary schools in Islamabad, and maybe as I understood it, in number of the federal schools in Pakistan, congratulation for this great achievement. It might be a turning point in the life of this great country, Pakistan, and I believe that Pakistan should be one of their super powers in the world. And

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Pakistan, the Pakistanis, they can do that. My I myself, I like Pakistan, so much more J. Puck, Stan, whoa, what are Cha, locket? Hey, I hope that I'm pronouncing it correctly. Hi, myself. I'm trying to learn Urdu. But I think learning Arabic language for you is more important may or do seek Rahu I think it is more important than me learning to congratulation again for this achievement. Why do we consider this as an achievement because once you learn Arabic language, you are actually learning the language of the book of what the book that Allah, Allah, Allah sent it as the final message to humanity and Quran and carry the book of the Divine values that will build civilizations.

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The book of Justice, the book of mercy, the book of perfection for the entire humanity, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah chose this book to be revealed to us in Arabic language in unzila, half an hour of the year. And Allah, Allah Allah says, Billy sang in our A, B and Moby, this is the will of Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah, Allah Allah knows that the Arabic language is the best language to carry the heavy and comprehensive messages of the poor and also the Arabic language is the language of our Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the language of the statements, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, pass them to us. And Allah, Allah, Allah chose Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to be an Arabic speaking

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person. So he can convey that message that can be interpreted and translated to all universal languages to all languages in the world, but to carry this universal message of Islam. So congratulation for this achievement, again, and I would like to appeal to

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all countries such as Malaysia, most importantly, Turkey, and Indonesia, maybe Iran and other non Arabic speaking countries, non Arabic speaking Muslim countries to learn Arabic language, so they have direct access to the empowerment book, the book of empowerment of people, and so they have direct access to the messages uttered, why the tongue of the Prophet sallallahu SLM the role model of the entire humanity, congratulation for this achievement. And I would like to say, My dear Pakistani brothers and sisters, Pakistan should be one of the super powers, and you are the trustees. Pakistan is a trust in your hands, please preserve it, please build it, we will cooperate

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with you. We will call all Muslims to cooperate with you to build this great civilization, this great Islamic civilization in Pakistan that will disseminate justice every word, justice, prosperity and all divine values to the entire international

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community now like hello Allah preserve you may Allah Allah Allah, Allah give you more success. And may Allah, Allah Allah, may Allah Allah Allah help humanity to go through this pandemic. And in sha Allah. I will be visiting you soon and preparing myself because as I told you, may we

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do seek raha hoon and I'm preparing myself and you prepare yourself to speak to me not in English to speak to me in Arabic and I will in sha Allah in sha Allah that will be soon when I visit you a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa.

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