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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala and he was widely agreed. This is Surah Lanka Bucha

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uncovered is the spider and it is a murky surah and after the power scene we started with Ali flamming so we have certain ankle boots Alif Lam me a husky the natural interlock

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and then followed by

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after ankle boot room and if their name only by Tarun followed by

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lock man. Yes, and if they're mean Can Can I attend kita will Hakeem and followed by

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I say yes I live lamingtons he will get up though. So for surahs Alif Lam Meem and in the beginning of the Quran, we have Fatiha

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and Bukhara and if they are me and Annie online so in total we have how many surah in the Quran that start with elephantine six surah and two in the beginning and four together, okay in this place, which shows us we said that the order of the sutras is came from Allah, Allah. Anyway Surah 10 Angkor Wat they said it is the only surah in the Quran that started with a proof Kappa Alpha mean, but not followed with any statement that refers to what to the Quran? Yeah Surah Al Baqarah Alif learning delicate cavalry Buffy Surah

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Emmeline Alif Lam Meem Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, Heyoka UMSL la cantidad that will help them definitely my brain ad and so on even sort of after sort of

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the power thing that we read, okay. Previously again, the book was mentioned except what the only surah the book was not mentioned after the cauliflower meme or the hoof Macaca at the beginning of the surah is Surah Al Angkor Wat why this why is this Allah Allah, but this is the amazement of the Quran Now Surah tell Anka, what is the only Surah that has what? The word Alenka Bucha the spider Metallo Larina. Eli Oh yeah, can I tell uncle booty tougher that beta? We're in our 100 we will have at it okay.

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Now, what is the topic of the of Surah telang caribou? As you can see the first few ayat of surah Telangana both talked about what

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tests and if la meme in mediately a hashey burners are on your Roku, Hulu Armineh wahome Live Kanoon Welaka dissertationen Levine and accommodation for the Ironman Allahu Allah you know so that when they are a mineral caffeine, yeah, it talks about what the test and or testing or fitna, yeah, even after a few women are nasty, many women are nasty. Maniapoto

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messika Billa. Again, it talks about what testing that's why some scholars considered the theme of Soraka Lanka boot as what fitna or testing I have a reservation about that I think maybe yes testing partially. But if you notice sort of the length of wood and what is the link why Allah Allah Allah all of a sudden mentioned methodology and

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cannot tell the anchor booty Takada beta and Allah Allah Allah call this Surah Al Anka woot. Yeah, the spider. Okay. And the titles of the sutras are really amazing. We see we see names, targets for the sutras, okay.

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The, the names of the Gambia and sometimes some of the creation and sometimes the, the natural phenomena as the unnatural, odd Yeah and what is happening founder and so on.

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Elaine Abraha, and so on. Variety, variety of titles for the sutras, why they sought out was Elijah Allah chose for it Alenka Would ya? Allah Allah in my view, there is a link between the title of the surah and the topic of the surah. Once we talk about Allah Angkor Wat once we remember Allah and caribou and what Allah Allah Allah, Allah mentioned about Alenka Bucha, the spider in the Surah is linked, which is what? Methanol, Medina, Allah here, when any one becomes attached to other than Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He is what he is as if he is attaching or hanging himself or or grabbing what

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are the spider.

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What is it called Web? Yeah, the spider

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The Web

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will he be able to hold anything? No, he will just say it is the spider web. You can if you blow in it, it will just it will be damaged. And this is exactly the situation of a ship. Yeah. Hey King partners with and being lengthened attached to them. Now, see, Allah, Allah Allah also wants to tell us that even if you test it if you are tested, don't become attached. Yeah. And don't take drop in something other than Allah.

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So maybe that is the link between fitna and work and the spider web. And and the shift, okay, fitting up just fitting that alone. I don't think so. Because fitting that was mentioned in the first few ayat, but not in the other aisle. Now the first or the second idea is a very, very powerful Ayaan

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Hirsi been NASWA Utako

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Yeah, the meaning is so powerful and it states a very important divine rule divine concept. Have people thought or ever thought that they will just declare that they are believers and they will not be tested? And then Allah Allah Allah confirms that he tested all previous people. Yeah. So it is a simple fact that with EMA comes what

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tests Yeah, don't think that you will just claim that you are a believer, and you will not be tested. And Allah Allah Allah confirm this reality. Yes, this divine law. A number of verses in the Quran actually in so many verses in the Quran will enable one element Mujahideen Amin Masada you know and we will test you until we know then we are ready and we know this already. While I never won a combi che in mental health you will you will not submit an M while you will unfussy with Tamara to Hana. Allah, Allah. Allah Allah will. He said we will test you by all types of tests? Yeah. Hunger, lack of food.

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Maybe death? Yeah.

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All types of tests. Okay, what, what best shade is slavery and give glad tidings to who to that Savini

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the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam Subhanallah look at this brothers. You know, the other day we visited

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one of the Messiah who had Allah He was fine the brothers said let us go and visit so and so. And I said who is so and so this if you know him if you see you, so we went Charing Cross Hospital. Okay. And he was fine. All of a sudden, he felt pain in his head. And then they found an advanced stage of cancer. Just behind his eye. Yeah. And either they when they treat him, okay, they were thinking if we treat them we'll take that touch to your mouth, then maybe we need to take the eye and so on. Just like this all of a sudden, now if the person does not realize that this is from Allah, He will just collapse Yeah, he just couldn't why me? Why okay, I was what is the point of this just like

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this? What's the point? The prophets Allah Allah Allah has sent them said in El Amin desert Subhan Allah in a woman Jessa Maria one mil Bella Allah

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Yeah, the greatest very Ward is with what with the greatest the trial is

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the greatest the trial Yeah, this means what the reward will become what bigger for the person. And then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Salman Rushdie, a fella who Rila woman Sufi perfetta, who saw a governor who accept that Allah will what will be satisfied with him will be happy with him will be pleased with him and the one who showed this satisfaction, anger and

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not accepting this. What is he going to do? The masiva will remain there but he will lose the war. That's why also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a shell do and NASCI Bella and Bo. So Mel M felafel MPhil Allahu Akbar the

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Biggest in trials and tribulations are what the hardest in trials and tribulations the hardest people and trials and tribulations are who? The prophets you tell a model or Allah fidelity the person who will be tested according to his, what the. The promises are seldom said if his deen is strong, the trial will be what will be strong because his deen is what is historic and he can handle this. And Allah, Allah Allah wants what to elevate his status. If his deen is soft, then his trial what will be soft? And in one narration the prophesy Salam said had yum she

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will not

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Subhanallah until he walks, he is tested, tested, tested, he walks on Earth. Yes, his sins were wiped out because of those tests, until he walks on Earth with no sin. Subhan Allah. In another Hadith, the prophet Allah wa salam says, the people who are test tested in dunya, when they see the reward of tests in the era, they would, yeah, this is Indiana, they would love if they were tested more and more because of the reward of test SubhanAllah. And my view brothers, normally when the person accepts the test, Allah Allah Allah, Allah will what Allah didn't know and will will help him. Of course, there are some other if that were really very powerful if for example, yeah. Just to

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quickly the Prophet. There is one of the eyes that we read. Well, Latina M and one, you know, for the hurt. Look at this. Yeah. Subhanallah and when will I read this please? Every time you hear because maybe I am just ready to comment. So I listen tentatively carefully. And sometimes I feel that I'm listening to it for the first time. Well, I love it. Yeah, this is the power and the beauty of Quran. Yeah, Quran is a very enjoyable, very enjoyable speech. Very enjoyable, very, very entertaining. Yeah. And those who do not know Quran they are deprived of this entertainment. Yeah, one of the sellers. They were talking to him that Oh, palaver l he doesn't he doesn't memorize the

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Quran. He said how he does he entertain himself be my f&m. Yeah, the people when you know when they walk, they just sing or something. And the person who has the Quran he will not read the Quran he would just enjoy entertain himself by what? By the speech by the Divine speech the best of his feet. The ayah the Imam bread dissolve. Oh, yeah, well, Medina, Samuel Sadie Hardy, then you can

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say to him, when a net is en Nahum.

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Allahu Akbar. Those who did good deeds. Yes. Look at this, then. Okay, fair. And home say yeah, we will work.

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Those who did those who believed and did good deeds, we will work we will wipe their sins off. So it means that the believers have what have sins.

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Yeah. I was not expecting from the believers to have no sins. He's saying well, Latina and saleha. We will make the fear we will wipe off their sins which means that they committed sins, but because of Iman and the good deeds, they have Allah, Allah Allah will wipe of all their sins Subhanallah this international for La Jolla, one of the powerful iron Bacala Latina Cameroonian Latina among with Toby OSA de la No, I will not come well now whom they have.

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Yeah, the kuffaar out of their arrogance, they will always mock take mockery of the believers. They said, Listen, are you worried about now hellfire? Yeah. Are you worried about your sins? Don't worry about it. Follow our way. And we'll we'll work yeah, we will carry you since. Yeah, look at this. They are unable to handle their on sins, let alone to handle work the sins of others. But this is, you know, this is the level of arrogance. Anyway, that I have spoke about also briefly the story of North and then the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam. The end of the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam

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Carla and I have been doing Ilahi within our database in

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the UK for Obama couldn't be bah,

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bah, bah, Allahu Akbar. This is again linked to that's why I said the topic of the surah is, don't hang yourself don't become attached except to who? To Allah, then Allah Allah, especially at the time of trials and tribulations Don't be connected with anything. That Rahim is telling him, his people, you know, you have taken some idols and you were attached to them. You linked yourself to them, seeking you from them maybe helps

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to help you either in the dunya or in the Hereafter on the Day of Resurrection they will be the first people to abandon you. And not only that, they will curse you. Yeah. Therefore, you should just okay become a you should attach yourself to Allah. Allah Allah

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