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Subhanallah I was affected by what happened

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to him and him de la salatu salam ala rasulillah. My dear brothers and sisters, this is a quick reminder Subhana Allah, I was affected by what happened today is the ninth of Ramadan, the ninth of Ramadan, nine days almost have finished from the month of Ramadan. So we just started last maybe last night, and everyone was talking about these long days that we are going too fast. And the nights are very short 18 degrees or whatever degrees? And is there any way to reduce the number of hours and it will be hot, and these children will be attending exams and all of these things, and to handle our lives. so far? All the people that I have been talking to all of them said that Oh, it

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went too fast. All of them confirmed that just very few people who maybe complained that they were bit long. In fact, the nonpracticing people themselves will lie Aladdin also confirmed this fact. SubhanAllah Don't you think that this is amazing? First of all, my dear brothers and sisters, let us remember that when Allah Allah, Allah commands us to do something, it is the easiest way for us. Let us also be confident that Allah Allah Allah is the one who said in the Quran, you read the law who become a new syrup. Well, are you ready to be Camilla Sarah, Allah desires is for you. Allah does not desire to put hardship on you. And in the other eye, Allah Allah Allah says, may you read aloud

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yet Allah Allah.

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Allah does not want to put hardship because of this Dean are new My dear brothers and sisters, this is one thing. The other thing it is amazing that Allah Allah Allah says was dying, you know we saw that he was Salah was that you know take help by what by doing sober and by doing Salah, the Ramadan is the month of summer so we have suburb naturally and we also pray a lot and because of these two things, so panela we find that Ramadan is easy although we have some difficulties in during the month of Ramadan. Another point that I would like all of you to reflect upon, which is when you are busy during the month of Ramadan, you will find that those days are moving very quickly. How if you

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are if you set targets for yourself, for example, if you put a target for yourself that every day you want to read five years of the will law here you will find that Oh there is no time for me there is no time Subhanallah now it is if thought and I have not read mine so you wish if the days will lie he were longer but if you do not have targets and you just wait for the end of the day, and you have plenty of time, you will see Subhanallah it is till six o'clock or it is still seven o'clock or two more hours for us to go or when you wake up in the morning and maybe you feel dry and all of us feel a bit dry. When we wake up early in the morning. You still say Oh wow. It is eight o'clock and

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I will break my fast and 915 or 920 Wow. 1213 more hours. So Gunilla, if you have this attitude, you will find that it is not imagine my dear brothers and sisters, if you enjoy that a vida, de vida will love you. Allah will love you and you will love that evader and they will be easy for you and you will attain this hadith or you will achieve the reward in this hadith man sama Ramadan, Eman and wacky cyber warfare Allahumma Taka Dima Mendham be the one who first the month of Ramadan because of two conditions a man believing that Allah Allah Allah commands him too fast. The second condition is what he Saba means he is looking forward for the reward of that date. deserve mala Hara, Salaam

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