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Just before the question my brother asked me before, he said, Do you have any comments about what is happening in Egypt? Yeah, as you know that they are now there is sort of uprising against the Egyptian system against

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Morsi, the president of Egypt. And some people asked me, What do you think about this, and I said that this uprising against,

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against Morsi is carried out by, okay, one of two things, as I have seen it when I was in Egypt three weeks ago, either by the enemies of Islam, mainly supported by the enemies of Fantasyland by the,

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in fact, by the Americans, okay, and, or by ignorant people. Yeah, it is not supported by any sane person who is who likes Islam and Muslims. It cannot happen by any sane person who likes Islam and Muslims, either he is ignorant, and he is fooled by the media. And in Egypt, there are 12 channels, that all of them are fighting the president and fighting Islamic people. Two days or three days ago, the main lawyer of the opposition repented and he announced that he was he was in fact cheated by the opposition. And he said it clearly that he thought that the opposition are opposing mercy and the Egyptian system because they did not do any good for the country. And then he said, I realize

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that they hate Islam and Muslims because in some of their private meetings, they say that after 30th of June, which is two days ago, there will be no job and there will be no bearded people industry. So, this person, this lawyer said that I thought of my mother and my wife, both of them are hijabi Ladies and I thought of my father who has a beard and who does not belong to any group, I said after 30th of June the my mother will be what will happen to her she will leave a job or she will be forced to take off a job my daughter will or my sister will be forced to take off the job my brother or my father will be forced to shave his beard. Then he said that he realized that this is a war

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against Islam and Muslim Okay, so what is happening now in Egypt is a clear war against Islam and Muslims, those who do not those who are not against Islam and Muslims, they are completely ignorant. Unfortunately, they have been brainwashed by 12 channels and they are not listening to the common sense. I asked many of them I said to them, imagine that mercy okay was kicked out who will come after mercy? Do you have any proposal they don't know? Okay, I said to them after mercy one of two people will come either a good person like mercy, then again same thing will happen, you will say that he did not do anything and they will kick him or kick him out or another person like mobarak

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America will support him, others will support him and you will be happy with him. And which means that he will you will be happy with him despite the fact that he will stop you from having freedom to practice your religion having freedom to do that or having freedom to do so many other things, which means that you are supporting a shape on and that will be shaped on their enemies Oh fellas Ilan just before because you have some power cuts and shortage in water and shortage in some food supply just because of this. So I said to them, Do you have any proposal for what may come after mercy? What may come after mercy Just think about it either a good person or an evil person a good

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person he will repeat or the what happened to mercy will be repeated and evil Merson an evil person, he will be like Mubarak, which one do you like? Okay, they said the third person a third person who is one half even have good, okay, this will never happen. Yes. So we really need to make dua for them that a lot in Nevada, support them and allow them to Allah Eonni help them and and because the the success of the Egyptian Revolution and the success of Morsi and the current system in Egypt will be success for all Muslims.

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All over the world. And I make it clear, I made it clear and I will make it clear. No one has an element of a man of a man should wish, okay that the mercy system or the system, the current system in Egypt now to collapse or to be replaced by another system, we should make sure that this is what we feel and we should make sure that we support them as much as we can.