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The political and political climate in Turkey, West, and the US are discussed. The speakers touch on political and political climate in the US, including the strong support for the attacked party and the large number of pre-election candidates. They also discuss the potential risks of a political war and the political and cultural context of upcoming elections. The speakers emphasize the need to support a particular candidate and stop anyone who refuses to vote, while also discussing the influence of the Prophet sallahu Alayhi on politics and the potential for political Islam to be ruled by the "naughty guy" movement. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to their YouTube channel and share their own comments and views on the topic.

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I believe that it is Islamically obligatory to support the AK Party and Oh God, no Whoa, what

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we in the West have been given a very particular narrative and view of Turkey and its prison or the one strong man dictator, backwards, religious zealot, Salah, whatever. That's why many of us might be shocked to hear something like this. You know, there's one thing that's always stuck in my head. One of the perks of working for assumptions is often get put in situations that totally not qualified to be eavesdropping on conversations that scholars are having with each other. And one thing that shocked me a few years ago was when I overheard a few of the most senior scholars in the UK talking to each other. One Palestinian said to the other Bengali that the upcoming elections in

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Turkey in a few years time will be difficult and Adorne might not win. And he was like, oh my god in Avila when I realize your own Yeah, Salam Allah make it easy for the Ummah and I was like, What is a Palestinian and a Bengali in London, I care so much about the outcome of election in Turkey 2000 miles away. In recent days, browsing on Twitter, I actually found photos and public statements from loads of Islamic scholars from different countries, saying the same thing that Muslims need to support the AK Party in the Turkish elections this weekend. In fact, there was a statement by 50, plus leading scholars from across the world, representing massive numbers of scholars, from unions,

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to Islamic councils to universities and more throwing their support behind this man in this party. But seriously, I can get it if it's a few scholars within a particular country here and there. But what is going on here? Why do Islamic scholars from all over the place care so much about who wins an election in Turkey? Have the major scholars of the Almighty they just got too much time on their hands? Or is this something that we're not being told here? In the West? I tried to find out the answer. And I learned a lot. I spoke to a few activists on the ground in Turkey. To learn more about the domestic situation and the mood on the ground, as well as your faith. I'm going to her dad to

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learn more about what the international scholarly scene was saying about this election. And why if you stick around until the end, you'll see a cheeky little bonus, where I put some very blunt questions to the show that are on everyone's mind. Don't worry, we'll put timestamps in the description below inshallah. So my first issue automatically was, Is it really that black and white? All these quarterly statements are painting this out to be some kind of clear cut Islamic people versus secularists people? Is that really the case? Who are the main parties running for election, the brothers we spoke to give a good summary of the two major alliances vying for power in this

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presidential election. And they reportedly neck and neck every vote counts. There is two main groups in Turkey right now. The first one is a party is well known. And the second group is a coalition of six parties, they will have six they call it the second one is the C H P part of the coalition and this is also called Kemalist coalition. So one alliance is made up of other ones AK Party along with a few others. And the main opposition is a Kamal is circulars party called CHP, which is pronounced gehad pair something go through their presidential candidate is their own leader. Come out.

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Come out klh.org. Hello. Yeah, that one. Let's just call him come out for now, shall we? So who else is in their coalition? They have some other parties, namely the earth rule symbol party DEP Devoxx audit and future party led by Ahmed that would have to wait a minute, he was a former prime minister and leader of advanced AK Party was going on here. And so others is also an Islamic party. Uh huh. That's a gotcha moment. It's not a black and white thing. There are Islamic minded people in the alliance against other one too. So they're mystery solved. All the scholars around the world just made a mistake. Thanks for watching. See you next time. Just kidding. This is what I wanted to get

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to the bottom of so we put it to the Turkish brothers. So they say there are good people, like any dog below Alibaba, John saw that party. So don't give you it in a very simplistic way that although one is the Islamic one, and the other people are the secular anti Islam one. Do you agree on this comment or not? I think that comment is misguiding. I mean, we talked my respect, but the sad party and Alibaba John anecdotal is a very minor group. 95% of the votes comes from the cameras. They don't have wait.

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Okay, so that tallies up. According to English Wikipedia, who looked like raving fans of the opposition to everyone who by the way, they tried to portray in some kind of evil vampire. They said that they have a grand total of like one or two MPs. So their voice is reportedly negligible in policy, but because the race is so close, every percentage counts. But wait a minute, Schiff has made an interesting point to the brothers this can be an add to that or Dovan has not being faithful to his Islamic principles, and maybe muddled or hollow doesn't see any major difference between Ordo Han and the J hip

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party, okay.

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Or come?

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Cannot you doubt overload? So what is your comment about that?

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I am not maybe a big fan of the old one. But if we compare these groups or these parties, and to add on add on is the exactly so close to Islamic side that the Muslim side then the gender pay coalition. You say the one opinion check on it, they think that the jab and Dawn is the same Jana no difference between the JF and Artois? Yes. Unfortunately, many Muslim people or the main Islamic site, many Islamic people think like that. They say that the other one has a lot of corruption, or the one has a lot of the big problem. Yeah. And yes, we know that the gender pay gap tried to change their selves, their their opinion is like that. But

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according to me, it's not. It's not 100% True. Because we know the gender pay story or the gender pay coalition this story

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to happen needs the someone from inside the Muslim groups from inside the Muslim sites. And they have found that these guys and J have played that these guys like that job? It's my opinion. Exactly. So as some straight Do you really think that there's a credible risk that the clock could turn back and the landscape could change for Muslims and Turkey if everyone's party loses, and Islam and Islamic symbols can be on the decline in Tokyo? Or are these scare tactics used by a Diwan and his party to cling on to power? Many of our fathers or grandfathers mentioned about the past, in Turkey, there were really hard times for the Muslims about even if you want to recite Quran, it was

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really hard for the Muslims in the past.

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And I think by the change of the current situation, I mean, I think the Muslim people will have hard times in the future. Have they made that intention clear? Was that is that kind of, you know, something that's credibly could happen? Or is it something maybe that some tech party people are saying to scare people or vote for them, they may be intention. In the last years, I heard many times that someone in the Parliament said, I don't trust the police who we are headscarf, hijab, or I don't wear I don't trust someone

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who view the scarf as a lawyer or as a judge.

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Those people were in a jail happy most of the time. But for the last one or two years, they cut this this anti semitic Islamophobic speeches because it's obvious, they will not go they will not get any vote if they continue like that. But we don't know if they're doing taqueria or they're really changed. So you personally do feel that if the coalition against a dog one day when

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you feel that some of the progress that are doing an ag party have made in terms of

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freedom for Muslims in public to practice Islam, the symbols of Islam and public? Do you think that could be under threat? Personally, I personally believe it, it will not probably go 100 years back, like in the first times of Turkey, I don't think there will not be that much of them. But it's obvious like these people are not Islamic, like they don't have any Islamic agenda. So they don't work to make a standard. And this is myself will make Islamic

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turkeys activities in Turkey harder. But I don't believe that it will not end it. So we've had a lot of I'm not a big fan of Amazon. But over the years, since it's not everyone's cup of tea, but the point is usually the comparison to the alternatives who have a long history of vicious secularism and Islamophobia. But the plot thickens, there is one demographic that secularism is reportedly spreading amongst which is the young people which could be partly why there's a palpable sense of urgency in so many of those statements from many scholars. I think that the took it day by day get the Secretary and if you compare the the turkey the 10 years ago and are now to Turkey Day by day to

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get the secular especially the young generation, the acceptor yourself as the secular and the Western nice. The for that the many young Muslim men and Turkish youth, unfortunately, the support the camera coalitional role, and that and the bomb points, I emphasize the dimple this point, especially young generation does not like the DA is the reality and actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, Western media outlets are plastering the articles with trendy young rainbow face painted students that could be the future of Turkey. We discussed this for quite some time with others and predictable patterns emerged. Not only are young people bombarded by Western soft power and

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narratives on daily basis, but they said meme culture social mean

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It is dominated by short, simplistic slogans that naturally favor secularism and Western pop culture. So there's a big Gen Z generational gap. There's also the fact that this entire generation of children grew up not knowing what it was like before the country's development under the AK Party, but that's a significant number of people. Reportedly 5 million kids are now old enough to vote for the first time in this election. Of course there's also the natural problem of the incumbent people in power normally get blamed for anything negative that people don't like so the longer have parties in power naturally the less populated expect them to get Add to this the Muslim

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youngster dimension maybe naturally sometimes want to rebel a bit from their families and the elders and anyone new represents change. So if they're discontent about anything, they don't like the economy, foreign policy, housing, whatever it may be, instead of asking which party is good for the wider Muslim or Islamic scene? Naturally, many people just want to have a better standard of life. This also made me think about Muslims over here in the West to he's very easy for us young people. I'm so young to to have that. What have the Romans done for us anyway, kind of attitude about that elders, many obnoxiously might say, all they did was build mosques and madrasas. Why do they vote

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for Labour all the time? That's so silly. Why are they so obsessed with halal meat certification, the chicken shops everywhere, these are easy memes and slogans and blurt out, but to realize why they're actually really dumb things to say, requires reflecting on our context back in the day, which many of us simply aren't privy to. So it's easy for us to poopoo what the elder generations did. And without respect for the sacrifices and wisdom or our elders, any generation is doomed. And they're a bit of a tangent. So that was a situation in the country of Turkey. But that doesn't necessarily explain why so many scholars all over the world are so stressed out about this. So I

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asked your faith. What is the impact of this election on the geopolitical and automatic scene? explained the mood of the International Scholars? Okay. Bismillah Haman hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Apart from the mood of the internationalist scholars, let us first of all understand

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a little bit about the dupatta politics of Turkey and the AK Party and our dog.

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See, I mentioned a number of times that we have four important Muslim countries, two Arabs and two non Arabs, the Arabs are Saudi Arabia, of course, the Haramain, et cetera. And the second one is Egypt. And then the non Arabs are Turkey and Pakistan. There Alhamdulillah. Today, Pakistan, the High Court

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gave the decision that the arrest of Imran Khan was illegal, okay. And we ask Allah, Allah Allah, to protect the people of Pakistan. And and let me use this platform to send the message to Pakistan and the Pakistanis to protect their country and whatever division they have, that should not lead to the destruction of their country, let alone

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shedding the blood of people, they're

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killing each other or destroying their country and maybe in sha Allah, maybe one time, we can talk about this in more details. But back to the four countries, we said two Arab countries and two non Arab countries, Pakistan is one of them. The second one is Turkey. Turkey is a central country, it is the main inheritors of the Ottoman Khilafah we have to remember that, or the Ottoman Empire, call it whatever you want to call it. And

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it is.

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A it is, as we said, it is a central country. It has influence over so many countries that maybe share the same ethnicity or the same background. The Korea, the ex Russian countries, all the way to Russia, that eyes we know that the illegals are talking, they talk the Turkish and they have a Turkish background. And now with the leadership of AK Party, Turkey became

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a very central if not the main country in the Middle East. Okay, now

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because it joined the club of the G 20. As you know, and they started to it is the only advanced

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it is the only advanced

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country besides Iran, okay, in the Middle East that manufacture airplanes, drones, and even other types of weapons, let alone other other industries.

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Tell turkey for example.

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We see okay, just because of time that you know in the recent Sudan is

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To crisis.

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We have heard from many sources, and it has been confirmed that

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he made key. Yeah, who revolted against the army. He went to he or maybe some other Arab countries, they asked after in Libya, to use aircraft to destroy the Sudan the army or to attack the literacy to attack the Cydonia army. And it is only when Turkey intervene. And they stopped after and they said if you do anything, we will immediately interfere and we will, okay destroy you.

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Look at so look out the role of Turkey in Sudan. Although in the beginning Sudan, many Sudanese were against Turkey, but now so many Sudanese are supportive of Turkey and AK Party, or Doha. Look at what they done in Somalia. I remember a person in Somalia who is high

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and who is involved in the politics of Somalia, he told me, she, if Erdogan were to visit Somalia, the Somalis will go to greet him more than they will go to greet their own president in Somalia. Okay. Look at their role even in Qatar, okay, supporting Qatar when it was okay.

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During the AIDS crisis,

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look at so many in Libya, yeah, and so many other places. So Turkey now is not just turkey for itself. Turkey is a country for the Muslim ummah. Now, that's why the Muslim scholars are making dua for or Dovan, making dua for aka party making dua for Turkey. Okay. So, and look, just again, because of time, I don't want to mention what they are doing. Look now, who is the main enemy of the West?

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Yeah. Is it come out collect data overload and the J Party? Or it is the AK Party and autobahn? Yeah, I try to go through some of the news, the BBC Germany news, etc. The English speaking good news. You can see CNN whatever quickly. You can see that their agenda aunty or Doha? That's why some of the Islamic brothers who are saying that, Oh, no, don't take it. It is not a very simple equation or Dovan Islamic versus Kelechi doubt ovolo anti Islamic, it's not like this. No, there are some Islamic people on the other side. We are saying look, where is the devil?

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What is the devil? On which side? Yeah, no, seriously. Okay, because some brothers, they are trying to come across as if they are sophisticated. And this reminds me of the time of Mercy Rahima Hola. And Assisi. And some people tried to be more sophisticated and say no, no, no, it is not as simple as this. Morsi did this and that and this and that. And this and that. Okay, so the ramifications Exactly. Look at the macro picture. Don't look at the micro picture. And don't try to come as if you are a very sophisticated person and try to support the other side because you just want to come across as an intellectual person. Yeah. Look at the macro picture. That where is the devil? Yeah.

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All Western anti Islamic countries. Yeah, they are all against Erdogan. They wish to see him collapsing and losing the elections, because they know that Turkey now would increase to this level. Yeah. That is speaking to all Western countries. Turkey is speaking to America, head to head now. And America, although they hate or Dovan they hate Turkey, but they cannot get rid of them became because they became geo politically a very major player in the area. Yeah, they want them. They hate them. They want them. Now this position who made Turkey in this position? It is the AK Party and a dog that was doesn't want that. Why? They don't want to see. Yeah, let us be more specific the anti

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Islamic quest. Yeah, because someone might say Well, there are some good Western countries. Okay.

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A little say that, okay. The anti Islamic quest, they hated the one because he built our Muslim country or later say, a Muslim majority country to be a strong country. Yeah, that is he speaking to them head to head. We have seen recently when Finland and and

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Austria, they want to join the NATO. Yeah. And Erdogan has put his conditions.

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Okay lay down his conditions for them to join.

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So he is playing a role from a very powerful position, the anti Islamic West, they don't want a Muslim person who is heading a Muslim majority country to do this. Okay. So this is from one perspective, of course, the Islamic activities that are taking place in Turkey. He provided asylum for many Islamic scholars who were, you know, kicked out of their own country, etc. This is something of course, it is a huge advantage. Yeah, but I'm looking at the global issue and the macro picture. Now.

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Some people say, Well, the other party, the gay party, the coalition, led by Kemal kinergy Doubt, although

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they are not anti Islam.

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Yeah. How did you come up with that conclusion? Is it because we don't know and

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saw that party and I developed with John joint? Yeah, no, not necessarily. Because as the brother said, this is just a very small, tiny, they don't have that impact. But the gay party is in need of them to polish his, his image and to attract more voters and to confuse Muslims. Okay. But we know the the history of the gay party and how they were, you know, how they run Turkey, even from economy perspective. When you say that Erdogan and the AKP party is the reason of all these problems. Okay, look at it in a microwave 20 years ago, how much the dollar was versus the lira? Okay. Istanbul used to be considered one of the most dirty places in the world. Yeah.

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Dirty and I mean, Capitals in the World, okay. 22 or 25 years ago. Okay. Now Turkey is one of the D 20.

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Go to Turkey, the roads, most of the roads. They were reconstructed by Otto Von D bridges by Erdogan, the social system as improved after a party and autobahn.

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The healthcare system improved after Earthdawn. And as the brother said, because the young people, many of them, they were born during the time of the autobahn, so they don't you know, what was the situation socially politically before the turn of dawn? So they are also they are not deep enough to look at the situation and to analyze it. Yeah. Who is the alternative of all Gohan? What is their history? What they have done? And that coalition? What is the main agenda for them? Okay. And once they understand this, then they can have a better picture or a better decision, but just because they hate or don't they want to vote for the the anyone the opposition? Yeah.

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This is the situation I believe, I strongly believe that it is an Islamic obligation now to support the AK Party and autobahn. I believe that it is Islamically obligatory,

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to vote for Ardon in this election, 2023 and to vote for the AK Party. Why? Because the loss of Erdogan the loss of the AK Party is a loss for the entire Muslim Ummah. Not only Turkey, and it is a victory. Yeah. For as I said, What is the devil it is a victory for the devil. It is that victory. It is a victory for those who oppose the Islamic project for those who oppose Islam, for those who oppose

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Seeing Muslim country or a Muslim majority country as an independent is strong country, there, it is a victory for them. And that's why as the scholar said Malay, Tamil wajib in their behavior, watch what leads to obligation is also obligatory. So we cannot achieve that obligation which is the victory of Islam and and the continuation of building Turkey and other Muslim country as a strong independent and Muslim countries, except with this, therefore,

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and also also protecting the achievements that Islamic achievements the AK Party and Autobahn has achieved. Okay, on a micro level, like the issue of hijab, like the issue of

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freedom of religion, true freedom of Islam, and the major things like it's topping certain non Islamic Western agendas, okay, regarding the family and regarding

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the social fabric of the society, also on a macro level regarding political issues and political support that Turkey, political military support that Turkey is giving to legitimate Muslim countries. So because of this, yeah, we must support a party we must support or the one Muslims in Turkey must

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vote for or the one they must vote for the AK Party. And I'm afraid really, I am afraid that if they vote for the other party, they might be sinful. If they keep quiet as well, if they abstain from voting in this particular election. It is very likely that they are very sinful. And they should remember that Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, yah, yah, Hallelujah, Amen Kuno Wamena Bill Christie, shahada and Illa yah, you are living in Morocco nakawa Nina lillahi shahada all you who believe is stand for justice, the word is justice in this election is stand with justice for justice, otherwise, you will be sinful and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam said

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Mara I mean c'mon Karan, Tallulah year will be a deep and let me establish the design department let me stop let me call the whoever sees a monkey he should change it by his hand. If he cannot then by his tongue, if he cannot by his by his heart and voting and election is the effective way now to a change any Munkar and to stand against any amonkar and to stand for any help, we should look at it from this perspective. And

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there are so many incidents in Sierra where it was not true. It was not clear. Yeah, where is the hub? 100 person flies for the Companions Yeah, but the prophets of Allah they Why do you also have your cell number clarified? For them? Like the incident of Davia? Yeah, many of the Sahaba they could not see including governmental power of the Allah Allah and who did it could not see what is the best choice? Yeah. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told them and that's why the scholar said that the apple and the Fatima The wise person is the one who can easily see the best of the worst. Okay. And the worst of the best. And they say that the Sharia is based on job accident.

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Hi, we're deaf actor show. So definitely we are not saying that, or the or the AK Party or the Khalifa of the Muslims. He's acting Islamically Okay, from all angles. Allahu Allah. This is Jani. I'm not saying that he is not odd. He is okay. But at least Okay, let me let me put it like this. He is the most Islamic among Gaul. No one can argue about that. Yeah, he is the most Islamic. This is from an Islamic perspective. And the second thing even from benefits, he is the most benefiting from all the other parties for Turkey and for the Muslim ummah all over the world. And if someone was to argue about that, look at the history of Otto Hahn and look at the history of the opposition.

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Circular fracture if I remember, you know, you said we were discussing this

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A few years ago about one and you were saying that he's he's introduced his trailblaze, like a new a method in politics in Muslim majority countries where, for the first time in many decades produce a viable, you know, Islamic kind of alternative to what the status quo was. And you and you said that he's doing a form a type of tax deed, and he's, it may be a type of Mujaddid in that spirit very specific sense. Definitely. Still, it still I stand because some people did ask me, Have you changed your views? And I said, No, no, I haven't been changing my view because before the time of our Dovan we were thinking, Yeah, okay, the activist and the people who are involved in any political Islam as

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they say, okay, they were thinking if a good Muslim Yeah, were to rule our country not to even like Target like Egypt like whatever, how is he going to run it?

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We did not have a clue they did not have a clue. Let them be honest. Yeah, let all Islamic, your art etcetera involved in Islamic that will be honest. No one had a clue. So Earthdawn came and he gave us a model. So from that perspective, he is a Mujaddid. And why we said that he is and we get data from that perspective, because he did at each time. Yeah. differs, okay, because of their needs. So, for example, Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz, his test did he is the first agreed upon Majid. Yeah. His tragedy it was what it is he was not in. Not in Hadith. Okay. But he says did was in politics and justice.

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Okay. So, as Shafi came to handle it He died to undid it and for

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our Abdulaziz does 100 Or one one a one pager? Of course, a shelter a dye to hand it over here? Yep. So in the beginning of the abassi period, at that time, Justice was to a very good level was established, and the abassi density was so huge. Yeah. But at that time, so many people entered Islam. And there was a need, there was no clarity regarding the Hadith, how to understand the Hadith. There was I mean, not there was a clarity, but I mean, it was not crystallized in a form of discipline. So Mr. Musharraf, he came with Elmo, Solon.

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And that was a novel. At that time, it was something new novel. Yeah. So that's why he is the second agreed upon Mujaddid. So that takes the difference from one situation to another situation. I am not saying that we are divine Islam, we just did have the OMA from all perspectives. But from the political perspective, he introduced something that no one had a clue before.

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About viable a viable model means some people they feel that if you say my dad did, it means like, he's some kind of man do some kind of profit

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will look at him. He's doing this. He's shaking his hand. He's doing those things that, you know, politicians, unfortunately, or fortunately, whatever it depends of opinion, have to do, you know, they have to rub shoulders with evil people have certain relations with certain types of people and so forth on a kind of diplomatic level and stuff. But my question is,

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we're having this conversation again, four years later, five years later, seven years later, and it's about 31. ACT Party again, is this not a kind of single point failure then? So like, if we're relying on this is one

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very good. This is a very good question. Very good question. And, you know, I was looking for an answer for this question. I had kind of an idea. And one of the academics, Dr. outta here. I'm glad he lives in Turkey now. Okay.

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He's originally Egyptian. And he wrote about Islamic politics a lot. And he said something really very interesting. He said, We wish and also wish, okay, to see a real opposition that has no foreign agenda, working for the benefit of Turkey, in order for that opposition to enrich the political process in Turkey in a very just way. So people will see really to Islamic options or to options that they are working for the benefits of Turkey.

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If and when we have more than one option, okay in the, as a ruling party, then those parties, they will compete for the betterment of the country. Yeah, and this is really something we wish to see. But to see a party that is for Islam, and a party that is anti Islam, and as I have seen, explain before, look at it from a macro perspective, you will see what we have seen and look where the devil is, look where the anti Islamic Western people, where are they? What did they want, and then you can easily identify who is for the salon and who is anti Islam. While there you have it, brothers and sisters, I have to be honest, when you hear the soundbite, it's obligatory to support x, then the

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automatic reaction is indeed surprised but when you say the principles and also that is based upon, and particularly the breadth and the width of the scholars behind the AKP party in this election, it becomes tough to argue against personally, unless of course, one is wedded to a particular theory or school of thought for change, which is fine anyway, it's important as ever, to realize that these are matters of HDI. And if people have different opinions to you, as long as they're based on people of knowledge, doing the actual detail for to a process and then Alhamdulillah that enriches our discussion as an ummah, and we shouldn't take it as a means for disunity. May Allah subhanaw taala

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protect the Muslims of Turkey, the whole Ummah, and even the non Muslims of the world who are suffering due to a lack of Muslim unity and leadership. Then us know in the comments below what your views are, and any interesting points you'd like to share, give this video like and share. If you found it beneficial, we probably need it because the chances are, we're going to be drowned out by the meme culture that we mentioned earlier that serves the surveillance capitalism that these platforms are built upon. But anyway, that's another video for another day. Click the subscribe button and hit the bell notification to be at the front of the queue when you drop my next video

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