In Somalia a 112-year-old Muslim Man Married a 13-year-old Girl. Can Islam Allow such Marriages?

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Shalom. I'm Danny. I'm a student, I read Bible, studying more about the biblical manners understanding. And I do read Muslim books.

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Now, I'm not relating to all the question what Bible and Quran has. This is something related to my friend who is my best friend, his name is no want to take it sorry. Now he is married and due to some reason, he is planning to divorce his wife. And I find it out that that was a very small reason that you want to divorce his wife.

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And secondly, sad I was just reading this Mumbai Mirror and midday that 112 years old guy, Muhammad from Somali, he's getting married. Oh, sorry, get got married to this 13 year old girl, Sophia. And I was very disturbed to answer my friend, because I just asked one of my friends. And he told me, this is what we learn. And this is what we return. And this is what we follow. So I just went on to the internet, as is that this is the easiest way I see. Because I don't get a chance like zakia. Brother for you to ask question. So this, I'll just read it for you. If you give me a chance to read it from what I found it from the internet regarding this justification and the relationship which

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mom had had is either true, or you just helped me out to come out of this issue. And I can go to my friend and say that this is what exactly the Quran teaches. Already you want to read? Or do you want me to answer? I'll just read it first for you. What do you aren't satisfied with the answer? No.

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Whatever you may say hope I answered

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about it. Okay. If you are satisfied with the answer what you have in your hand, then that's sufficient, if not value the answer directly.

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This Let me read it.

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rather put it in just five sentences in precise form. Otherwise, don't read it. I'll do it. I'll do that for you. So this is actually let me just quote it from Sahih Bukhari volume seven, book number 62. Which

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bin Abdullah says,

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when he got married, Hazzard Muhammad says, what type of Lady Have you married? He replied, I'm married to a matron. He said, Muhammad, why don't you have a liking for a wardens? And for fondling them? jabil also said, Hazzard mama said why don't you marry a young girl? So that you might play with her? And she with you?

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Know, it's I was like, little bit disturb. This is the preference of the moment. Or after reading Bokhari volume number five,

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rather than the question you posed? Hallelujah.

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I just question, I give you the answer. You want to read the answer of somebody else? Because you want to go daddy, go directly? Because I get an answer from you. Also, if you have two plus two, I don't know the answer. I want to tell you what other people said. Why about that? I'll give you the answer directly for what other people said seven 810. Forget about it. And that's why I came over here. So that the reason why you ready somebody else's hands if you're not satisfied? Okay. Yeah, that means I'll have to comment on both on the question as well as the answer. Correct.

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Okay, I'll do both no problem.

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What is the near as important if you're near most to get the answer? Why mahama 112 years old? 130 years old, my 13 year old the answer I've given you. But he also wanted the answer of Prophet Muhammad, correct? Yes. Because directly, what do you have to say I'm not satisfied with the answer given on the internet given on the paper, directly ask the question on the Hadith rather than beating around the bush about the answers. Okay.

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Hope I'm satisfied with your answers to inshallah, inshallah, that depends upon you. If I say two plus equal to four is that no, it is five are unhappy. I will take it what you say. But I believe what I can believe it to assure you have to believe what you believe you can't believe what I believe until you believe what I believe. True, sir, because it's called law of contradiction. Sorry, please go ahead. But in order to say, please go ahead, because I want to know the answer. As far as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is concerned. Fine. I'll come to it later on. Regarding the man by the name of Muhammad. You said no. Yeah. Because it's from African Somalia, from Somalia.

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112 years old. He said, Yeah, my goal of 13 years old. Yes, sir. And it's a fifth marriage. Fifth marriage. If marriage, not five together, maybe money married and divorced. I said, the patch was a shoddy module. Cody was doing it was like then, at any given time, you can't have more than four. Now coming to the answer why? In Islam, you can marry a woman, the moment she gets matured. If he just puberty you can marry. That is Islam. Right. A woman too.

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Marriage for a man the moment reaches puberty till he dies.

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He can marry anyone choices is

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to marry a woman 15 year old or to you know, know your choice. But the prophet mama married his choice. Prophet mama that age of 25 married a woman has a cottage on Malibu visitor who was 40 years old.

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You will not marry, I will not tell you you have to marry your choice.

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Now he wanted to marry a woman 15 year old to her because she was pious. Who are we to object he's willing. And the woman is willing Jamia bV rally to catch up. Because Wait, wait, let me answer. Please don't interrupt. You pose a question. I said sorry, sir. Yes and accepted no problem.

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So the husband and wife object, that woman wants to cover a head user, don't go with it.

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But she wants to cover the head. And the President of France that woman should not cover that Why? He wants to enjoy the woman you can go on the Miami Beach. Why did you want to do it in France? Now that makes sense. subjugating that woman doesn't feel subjugated. He feels subjugated Why? He's feeling subjugated. Because if you don't enjoy a woman, you can enjoy the lust. The problem is in him, not in the woman covering the head. But the man is 112 years old. Medical science tells us even a man of 112 years can procreate can give birth to a child true? Yes, sir. Yes, I'm a medical doctor. Now he wants to marry a 13 year old girl who has reached puberty. What is your problem? You

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don't give your daughter to him? Who don't give? Am I telling you? Am I telling your sister to marry him? No, no, if the parents also agreed, and the girl agreed, she may be liking that man. 112 years what a pious man reminds me of the Sahaba I sacrifice everything. Because our beloved prophet masala Salam said that if you marry a spouse, you look for four things, virtue, nobility, wealth, and beauty. The best among this is virtue. And if a woman are 13 years old, finds the virtuous man of 112 years I would prefer if I know is virtuous, if I know not a doctor kanheri

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I would not man give you my daughter. If I know that he's a virtuous man. And we'll see to it that he takes my daughter to Jana. I would not mind. But after verifying, he says a virtuous man remind me of the Saba the calibre of Hazzard Omar. How does how does this man Hatherley man lobby people the mall?

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Why not? But today we see more beauty more for wealth. I'm not saying that the man of Somalia watches I don't know.

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I don't know. But can it be possible? Yes, chances are less can be possible. Yes. Chances are less. Why not? If the girl is willing, therefore I said in my talk, the marriage can only Solomon I if if the man and woman agree. That does not mean tomorrow man even 50 years come then ask my daughter I will not give if I said he's as virtuous as as the whole for Russia. Dean. I cannot find a better match. I cannot find. I cannot find a better match. What you have to realize that maybe that girl found that man to be virtuous maybe? I don't know. I haven't interviewed her. I haven't interviewed him. Maybe that man found that girl virtuous? I don't know. So if the man and the woman agree, who

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are you and me to interfere? Why are we trying to interfere there right? Now you may have married a girl I don't know. Good or bad. You message is beautiful. Someone may say she's ugly.

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And someone says Why have you made sorry I'm not getting personal advice. Maybe beautiful. Mashallah. But someone comes in objects. Why have you made ugly woman who will say what is bothering you? I find it to be beautiful. Who are you doing? Did you get angry or not? Will you get angry or not? Beauty is subjective. Someone comes and tells you Oh brother, whatever your name is.

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You know, your wife. You mind your business? That's my wife. Why are you interfering? If somebody comes and criticizes your wife, that is your choice.

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So as far as that 112 year Somali man is concerned, and the 13 year girl is concerned, Johns's is very negligible point. 00 1% but if both of you to interfere, come into the answer of Prophet masala seldom that why don't you marry a younger woman, Virgin woman, the profit maybe know how that soubise

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the person who came and said that while I'm fasting, can I give my wife the profit that yes, you can and then the tobacco

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Can I give my wife? The Prophet said no. So the Sabbath said, first one, you said yes. Second one, we said no. Why? Because he knew that the first man could control his desire, while fasting, even after giving the advice, he will not go beyond that. The second person, one thing is his advice, he will make it fast. He will go beyond that Prophet knew you don't know I don't know. Similarly as a prophet, maybe knowing that if he married the matron, maybe yet he will go after beauty. The Prophet advises him, but what is the Prophet do? The first woman he married? Was 15 years older to him 15 years with you like doing? You just told me that correct? Yes, to the Prophet. He knows, because he

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found piety in other Khadija mela be pivotal. Therefore, she's one of the four paths woman in the world. So the Prophet knows, like I being a doctor, I'm making one medicine to one person, second person second medicine, you revive I change the medicine because I'm a doctor. I know. You're a doctor. So the Prophet gives different advice to different people, depending upon the situation. You don't know what prophet knows. And duty what the prophet that is wrong, is right. Some people may like younger some people may like older girl.

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So what you have to realize that it did nothing wrong. It is the advice given by the prophet. Did he say something which is wrong? No, perfectly right. But see his lifestyle. All the woman he married? Except for one. Only one was virgin. All of them. They were either divorcees or they won't be dude.

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Sir, actually, it's not liking or unliking getting married to one another. You asked me the question I give the reply. I'm asking the question someone objects that but how does Quran relate to this people? Will question which people, these people those are getting married in this particular they're liking or not liking. They'd like to say do not interrupt woman against a vicious Surah Nisa chapter four, verse 19. But the woman wants and the man wants, who are you and I to prevent?

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Who are you and to prevent what is bothering you? I'm asking the question. If he finds piety in that young lady, and that young lady finds piety in that elderly man, what is bothering you and me tell me that even unmedicated. No.

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Can they procreate? Yes. What is the problem? Imagine someone comes and tells you why have you made a black woman? Why have you made a vitamin? I mean, your choice in Islam of woman becoming black or white does not make a superior inferior? What the Prophet said the best is virtue. Now why did the man of Somalia the age of 112, married 13? I don't know. I'm really bothered to know. Is it logical? Yes, chances are very less possible. Same the what the prophet advise. So I'm asking you the question, if the girl and the boy agree, why are you interfering with the choice is my question? Do you have a right to interfere with my question? I'm asking your question. Do you have a right to

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interfere when the husband and wife are doing something with the like it's not going against the Quran? It is not even jeopardizing your rights some answer? Yes, sir. Again, is that liking or not liking? I'm not interfering in them. They may like 112 years old, old man or 13 years but my thing is how this Quran words related to this people like they are doing it while they're doing it.

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The reason for criteria to get married is you should reach puberty when they reach puberty or not. Can a 13 year old girl reach puberty? Yes or no? Do you know the answer? No. Can she reach puberty? 13 years? You don't know how your doctors are? Please tell me in India? Yes sir. In Delhi, the report came if a girl reaches puberty by the age of 10, nothing to be worried about.

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Age of 10 also is very common. Many girls hundreds of girls were less than 13 and they have reached puberty. Many it's not common. So once you reach puberty finish, you may have a preference okay. The Indian law says 18 years Indian law, Indian law. If he was an Indian, it would have been illegal according to the Indian law. America say 16 years. Who's right America India must mean the question 16 years 18 years who is right? According to the law.

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according to the Quranic law

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is that when America says 16 you have no problem

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when garante 13 What is your problem? I didn't say no problem, you guys. No problem. Thank you done. You got the answer. good answers as long as they agree there is no problem in Texas. In Texas.

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The American law says a woman should be minimum 16 years old. In India if a 16 year old girl got married illegal haram privated in Texas

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Because the Texan they married at the early age, there's a special law of woman of Texas. At the age of 14, they can get married.

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Now, what's the answer? Do you agree with a woman a 14th in Texas to get married right around? Again? I said, so is that their law? Their law? Correct. Who are you to object? I think I'm asking you a question in America. If 115 year old man marries a 14 year old girl, is it allowed or not in Texas? Allow? So when Texas allows, so why can the Quran allow? It may not go down your throat? No problem you don't marry? I don't know why they left London 12 years old. And no I don't want to be. But even if

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you don't want to marry, it's your choice. It is the choice of an individual. This is the right word Islam has given which you want to take away from man and woman. Islam has given that right they have the right to choose whether the peace of Jesus Christ be with you So, brother,

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as far as if you say me, Jesus guys, be with me. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. You say shalom Allah commits a verse of the Bible from the Gospel of Luke, chapter number 24, Shalom, Shalom Shalom Allah commits not shalom Peace be with you. So inshallah mala commits, same it is Shalom Shalom Allah means it's not only Shalom, I'm giving you the reference Bible, Gospel of Luke, chapter number 24, verse number 36. It is shalom.

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Salaam Alaikum. Salaam Alaikum in Hebrew, and Arabic Assalamu alaikum. May, Allah Yes. But when you said that may Jesus be with me in what in teaching, or in what? As far as teaching the concern, Jesus guys peace be upon him said in the Gospel of john f number 16 was the material to 14 I have many things to send to you, but he cannot buy them now. For even the spirit of two shall come. He shall guide you into all truth. For he shall notify me he shall tell you things to come. Prophet Jesus peace be upon himself. There is another messenger to come, and his name will be Muhammad peace be upon him. So I'm following the teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. That is the reason

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I'm following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. If you don't want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. It is your problem you can refer to my video has said similarities between Islam and Christianity. You will get more information for any question you can go beyond the q&a