Majed Mahmoud – Stories Narrated By The Prophet #02 The Man Who Met Ad-Dajjal

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © A woman tells a story of a man who gathered her for goods and gave her a Pledge of Allegiance. She describes him as a woman who gathered her for goods and gave her a story of the man's story. They go on smaller boats to buy animal hairy fruits and eventually get into a garden. They ask about the weather and receive false news about a false messiah. They discuss various questions and statements from different people on a journey to Mecca, including Palm trees, a river, a horse, an angel, and a beast.
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Salam o alaikum with a big smile. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the following story after he finished his Salah in the masjid, he got on the pulpit and he said, Everyone stay seated where you prayed, stay seated. Then he said, Do you know why I gathered you unwanted you to stay? So they replied, Allah and His Messenger know best meaning they don't know why. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I did not to Allah, He gathered you to provide you with some goods or warn you from some alarming news. However, I gathered you because Tamim a daddy, there's a person his name is Teddy mean, he was a Christian man. And he came and gave the Pledge of Allegiance and converted to

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Islam, Allahu Akbar. And to me, he shared with me a story with information, which matches the information I gave you about and mercy had the jungle, the false one eyed Messiah. He told me told me that and now the story starts. He told me that he sailed on a ship with 13 men from the tribes of Latham and drew them and they faced storms that tossed them around for a whole entire month lost in the ocean. Then they brought their ship they saw an island and they parked their ship near the island. Then they went on several smaller boats, because you know, the ship is on a distance you get on a smaller boat, then you sail to the island, then they entered the island, then they were met by

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some living being not like an animal or human being something strange. It was so hairy for how hairy it was, they could not distinguish the front from the back of that living being. So they said well, what are you what is this? Then that thing spoke and said I am pleasure Sasa they said what in the world is just Sasa? It said, Listen, you guys go to this man, this human being located in the monastery, go there. He is so eager to know more about you and get information from you. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Tamim said once a told us go to the human being we got so scared that it might be a devil. Like, why would it say go to human being like if if the thing

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speaking was a human being it would not say go to a human being. So they got so worried. And they said, Oh, we ran so fast until we entered the monastery. And once they entered, they saw the most interesting sized person they have ever seen. And the most chained and tight person ever. His hands were tied to his neck, between his knees to his ankles, it was all shackled with steel. So we said, oh, who are you? He said, I will tell you who I am. But first, tell me who you are. And what brought you here. They said, We are a group from the Arab who were riding a ship the whole story. I'll summarize it based on the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam way of delivering, and we experienced

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such waves in the sea, to the point that it kept tossing us around for a whole month. Then we arrived at this island of yours. And then we went on several smaller boats. And we entered the island. We were meant to buy an animal it was very hairy. We could not tell the front from the back. And we said whoa, who are you? What is this? It said I am just as we asked it was just Sasa that it told us listen, you guys go to this man, that human being located in the monastery. He is so eager to know more about you and get information from you. So we rushed to you so fast. And we were scared of it, that it might be some sort of a devil. So the man in the chain said,

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Tell me about the palm trees of bison.

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Palm trees of bison, by the way by Sun is an area around a Shem. So they asked What about it? Do you want to know? He said I'm asking about the palm trees? Do they produce fruits? They said yes. But he said soon it will no longer produce fruits. Then he asked his second question. Tell me about the Lake of Tabari. Yeah. So they said what about it? Do you want to know? Is there water in it? They said yes, it has a lot of water. He said soon its water will be gone and it will become dry. Then he asked a third question. Tell me about the spring of Zohar. They said what about it? Do you want to know he replied, is there water from that spring? And do its people use its water to irrigate to

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their lands? They said Tim Yes, it has a lot of water and its people do irrigate their lands from it. Then he asked a fourth and last question. Tell me about the unlettered prophet. Do you know of him? Has he come out? He said yes, he appeared. And he left mica and moved to yesterday meaning Medina. He said the data of go to war against him. They said yes, they did. And what were the results? They told him he has been winning and much of the autobarn now following him. He said Are you serious? Is that right? They said yes.

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indeed it is good for them to obey Him love and mercy I had the Chinese saying that know that people do not know as mercy had the job, okay? So he said it's good that they obey Him. May Allah make us obey the prophets, Allah Allah Azza wa sallam. Then he said, Now I'm going to tell you about me. I am the Messiah. And he stopped. He did not say that Jad the false messiah. He said, I am the Messiah. And very soon I'll be given permission to leave. If you wonder why have my hand like this because his hands were tied to his neck. May Allah protect us. And very soon are they given permission to leave, and I will leave and I will travel around Earth, leaving no village except that

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I will enter all within 14 Nights except Makkah and Medina. They both are prohibited for me to enter every time I want to enter one of them. I am met with an angel who is holding a sword, confronting me and blocking me from entering it. And there are angels guarding every path to Mecca and Medina. Brothers and sisters. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this part of the story, he struck the member with a stick and he said ha the fiber have he tell you about this is fiber meaning this is Medina. He's happy he's proud. Then he tells us a Hobbit The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Did I not tell you they're not not telling you regarding the journey not being able to come

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to Medina. They said yes, they are also Allah. Yes, you did. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, don't forget to say Salalah alayhi wa sallam. He said, I really liked the story of Tamim and how it matched what I have told you and about Medina and Mecca. That false messiah and mercy had the jewel is either in the sea of a sham or the sea of Yemen. While he was saying it, he said, No, no, he's in the east. He's in the east. He's in the east and he just started with his hand pointing to the east Allahu Akbar. This was a story which is filled with lessons and reflections. Feel free to share one may Allah bless you and grant region and protect you from an messy head that

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Jang Salaam Alaikum

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