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The speakers discuss the issue of volume, permanent pounds, andoppression within the community, as well as the history of Islam and the importance of protecting the community. They emphasize the need to be careful and avoid harm to children, particularly when it comes to domestic violence. The speakers also touch on the use of leagues and the importance of maintaining justice, as well as the use of loopholes to maintain family members' privacy. They stress the need to maintain ties with relatives and avoid causing harm to their children.

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Yes, this is a very important question. And I have to address this issue, I cannot keep quiet about this issue, I cannot keep quiet about the volume, the injustice, that oppression that is taking place within our community, what is that oppression, that oppression takes place within the married people, the couples who are ending their marriages. One father or one parent is stopping the other parent from having access to the children from communicating with the children, and they are using the law against him or her. Or they are stopping the children from having communication with the father or with the mother. And unfortunately, and I have to say this, although you know that our you

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will receive a lot of criticism from many of our sisters, some of our sisters, they will understand this, but many of our sisters, they will criticize us and they will start you know, campaigning about this issue.

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I can now tell you about maybe six or seven cases, from the top of my head, where the volume the injustice was taking place, or is taking place by the mothers, our sisters, the wives against their husbands, I know a few cases where the womb the injustice is taken place by the fathers, but there they are very rare cases. Most of the cases, the mothers are stopping when they are ending their marriages. As I said, they stop their ex husbands or even their husbands, they are still their husbands from communicating with the children, and they are stopping their children from communicating with

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their fathers. And not only that, they are stopping them from communicating with the family of the the fathers.

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We have to speak about this issue and I appeal to all the speakers the issue of the Imams to address this issue. See, Allah, Allah Allah doesn't tolerate volume between people at all.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam in Hadith

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he said that the records with Allah, Allah Allah are free. Yeah.

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These are the records on the Day of Resurrection. One record is the sins Yeah, one record

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contains sins that Allah Allah, Allah does not forgive anything from them, which is shirk. Okay. And then because Allah, Allah, Allah says, and Allah, Allah, Allah flying, you should obey Allah, Allah, Allah does not forgive Sheikh and this is well known. The second record contains the sins between the person and Allah, Allah, Allah below shipped Allah, Allah, Allah doesn't care about it because our analysis in Allah young Pharaoh, well through Medina, dyadic, Allah, Allah, Allah can forgive all sins, except the shift. Even check out Allah Allah forgives it, when the person repents and comes back to Islam. And the third record brothers and sisters Be careful. Allah, Allah, Allah does

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not leave anything out to fit without accountability, which is the volume that takes place between human beings? Yeah. If I commit to one against any one, Allah, Allah Allah does not forgive that that person has to forgive me. Yeah, that person has to forgive me. That's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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mankind at low end Delphi Malema if you have committed any I will re re rephrase the Hadith because of time. If I have committed any injustice against anyone, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, try to reconcile with him before the reconciliation takes place by Hassan act and say you act on the Day of Resurrection, by good deeds and bad deeds on the Day of Resurrection, how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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that if the

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The oppressor will give his good deeds to the oppressed person on the Day of Resurrection. Once the oppressor runs out of good deeds, what will happen? Allah, Allah, Allah will take the sins of that oppressed person and put them on the shoulder of the oppressor. So he will run out of good deeds and he will be carrying more sins and then he will be thrown in the fire of thou may Allah and Allah Allah protect us from the fire of hell. And this hadith is authentic hadith in Sahih Hadith. Also, in another Hadith imagine, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Allah, Allah, Allah will reconcile between the mind he mean on the Day of Resurrection, even Allah deliver Allah will

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reconcile between the people of hellfire and the people of Jana, if there is a person of Jana oppressed a person who is who is among the people of hellfire, that person who deserves Jana before going to Jana. Yes, the reconciliation or the injustice will be resolved between him and the person who is among the people of hellfire. So, there is no excuse for anyone to commit a to commit any injustice against any one in the world. Again, there is no excuse for anyone to commit any kind of injustice, even if it is very small against any one in the world. Even if he is a disbeliever even if he is enemy II even whoever whatever he is, Okay, be careful of this. In fact, there is the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that there is a lady that she was admitted to hellfire by what by oppressing. And an animal, a cat. A cat? Yeah, she blocked that cat. She imprisoned did a cat and the cat was suffering because it cannot eat. And Allah, Allah, Allah put that lady in the fire of hell because of that. See? And there are so many, if I want to speak about the punishment of injustice, yeah, and the severity of injustice, then I will take ages to speak about it. Yes. So my dear respected brothers and sisters, be careful of committing injustice. Yeah, in this dunya be careful, be careful. I have so many stories of some people who committed injustice against other

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people. And they were punished in this dunya. And they were looking for those whom they committed injustice against them to forgive them. Yeah, people. In some cases, people were on the deathbed. And they realize that they committed injustice against certain people by taking their money by maybe violating their honor by insulting them by degrading them. Any kind of injustice. Yeah. Let alone of course killing them. Yeah. Any kind of injustice against others, and they were looking for them to forgive them. Subhanallah so it is not any sin. And one of the Sofia nfld. I think he said, I prefer to meet Allah, Allah, Allah with 70 sins, rather than meeting him with one sin between me and human

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beings, that injustice or any injustice or oppression that takes place between me and another person. Yeah. Now, brothers and sisters, when you stop the other person, when you stop the other parent, from communicating with your children, you are committing three types of sins, minimum three, first of all, the sins relate between you and Allah, Allah Allah because you are violating the law of Allah, Allah Allah. Yeah. It is sin in the lowest form of sins. Yeah. Why I say this because, unfortunately, some parents including some sisters, they say, Well,

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yeah, I need a staff role. I cannot repeat to that. They say that they don't like that. Law. Stop for Allah Allah.

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Where the father has to have

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Access and communication with the children, she tries to justify that position. Be careful, this might take you out of the fold of Islam. Yeah, the second injustice, or the second sin is the injustice against your husband or ex husband, the father of your children, by stopping him from what? from accessing and communicating with his children. And the third column is tapping your children from having communication with their father, because they have arrived as well. Yeah. And it is not up for you, my dear sister, to stop them from communicating with the Father. And there might be another form of loom, which is what is stopping your children from communicating with their

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grandparents, and another form of wall which is stopping the grandparents from communicating with your children with their grandchildren. Imagine my dear brother who is doing this against his wife or against his ex wife, and my dear sisters, it is my job to protect you from hellfire. Yeah, it is my job to protect our community from the anger of Allah, Allah Allah, it is a responsibility upon me it is our responsibility upon every single Imam to speak loudly about this issue.

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The the when you imagine my dear sisters, that the grandparents when they are angry, because they are missing their children, and I have cases where the grandparents did not see their grandchildren for years, years Subhanallah because there is an injunction order or there is a non molestation order, or any kind of those orders against the communicating with the grandchildren. And unfortunately, our sisters are using or abusing the system, they are finding some loopholes, or manipulating the law or manipulating the solicitors to what to have the law in their side, the law is already taking place or the law is taking a lot of consideration for the feeling of women. Yeah.

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And some people see that the law is favoring women or wives or mothers over the fathers. And that's why there are now some groups and fathers for justice, etc. Yeah, this is another issue. We will not talk about it now. But unfortunately, some of our sisters are using those loopholes. And sometimes they lie in order to obtain injunction order against what? Against the parent against the grandparents of their children against their husbands or ex husbands to stop them from communicating with the children. Yeah, they are using this now. See, my dear sisters, if you do that, yeah, if you do that, uh, yeah. I was saying, imagine the elders, if they are at night, making dua against you.

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Yeah, making dua against you. I have some cases where and I told them, Please brother don't make dua he said no, well, Allah He, I will wake up in the middle of the night, because when I see my mother is crying because she cannot see her grandchildren, will Allah He, I will make your yes against my wife, and sometimes against the family of my wife, who helped her in this world. So be careful, the in laws, the family of the wives who are supporting them in this, they are supporting them in this world. And Allah Dillo Allah said that three people their Dawa will never be rejected, and one of them is the oppressed person against the oppressor. That's why my dear brothers and sisters, the

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person who stops the other parent from communicating with their children, yeah, it will turn against him sooner nor later. I you know, so many cases of sisters who stopped the very children Yeah, from communicating with

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the other side with the with the family of their fathers. And after some time, the child

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didn't run away from their mothers. So the mothers lost their children or SubhanAllah. What happened? Something happened and the social services or the authorities in other European countries?

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Yes, take over and took the children away from the mothers so the mothers lost them. Why? As Allah did Allah Allah said, or as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam said that there is no injustice, there is no sin, that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah bring forward the punishment of it. Yeah, like two things. Yeah, there is no more sin. Yeah, that is likely that Allah Allah Allah brings the punishment of it. In this dunya.

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Aside from what Allah, Allah, Allah kept as a punishment for those who committed those sins in the era, then what two types of sins loom

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and cutting the ties of kinship will

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actually, when you stop your children from communicating with their parents or with their fathers or their grandparents, you are committing both low and what? Cutting the ties of kinship. One, yeah. Because you are stopping the children from seeing their fathers, you are stopping the fathers from seeing their children, as I have said, and what you are actually, yeah, helping them in breaking the ties of kinship. And this is a great sin. This is one of the grave sins. One the Prophet sallallahu sallam said of Lumo Voluma tune Yama, Yama one brings darkness on the Day of Resurrection. Yeah, as I said, I can speak about volume for you know, ages. Allah, Allah Allah says, yeah, a baggie in me

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haram to Munna and NFC, oh my slaves. I made Rome Hallum upon me and I made it haram between yourselves, Allah, Allah, Allah says, Yeah, Allah Allah, Allah to Allah, Allah one in the curse of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah upon the oppressors. Anyway, I don't want to go back and speak about the gravity of God. But the gravity of breaking the ties of kinship is so huge. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Allah Allah, Allah, Allah created the creation, the maintaining the ties of kinship or the ties of kinship, they spoke to Allah, Allah Allah, and they said, Ya Allah, Ya Allah. Yeah, we seek refuge in You from the punishment of hellfire. So Allah

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Allah, Allah, Allah told the ties of kinship, Orion, yes.

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You wouldn't you be satisfied if I treat well, and I maintain ties with those who maintain the ties with their relay relatives or who maintain the ties of kinship and I will cease I will severe, the ones those who cut the ties with their relatives or cut the ties of kinship. Yeah. So by breaking those ties between your children and their fathers, and their grandparents, actually, you are the one who is causing this up Irvine and Allah de la Anna says hello I say you tune into our late on and if you do fill out we were to up the who are Hana con. Hola, kalorien. Allah animala for our summer homework. I was hard on those who cause facade injustice, loyal and breaking the ties of

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kinship on this earth. Allah Allah Allah, Allah will curse them. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will make them deaths and Allah, Allah, Allah will make them blind on the Day of Resurrection. So they will not see the path of Jana. According to one interpretation, this is a kind of punishment. So, my dear brothers and sisters, please, please be careful of this injustice that is taking place within our community. So after fracture, but what if somebody argues that the father or the mother even is unfit to look up to the kids?

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Yeah, I know. I know. Many of our sisters in particular or sisters are said that some brothers they do this against their wives or ex wives, but it is mostly done by our sisters. Unfortunately, their mothers. What do they say? They say that? Well, the Court

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issued an order against my husband or my ex husband, or the court ruled in my favor. Yeah. First of all, sister who went to the court. Yeah. Who may be twisted some facts in order for the court to rule in her favor. Yeah. Who did that? And we know, I know, that some sisters went to some solicitors and they say to them, yeah, my husband is abusive. He is he is violent. He is this, um, that he is controlling. They know the language that will allow under solicitors, of course, they know that the language better yeah, that they will put it forward. These are winning statements or winning, you know, I call them winning COD's, yeah, abusive, controlling domestic violence, etc. And

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the court because the court doesn't want to receive any criticism that they are allowing this kind of domestic violence to take place, et cetera, and they are risking the safety of the children and all of these winning courts, and then the court will immediately issue an injunction order or non molestation order against the father. And then the father has to fight the case. And minimum, it will take six months. And then sometimes the sisters don't attend the court case, in order to be given another appointment after three months. And during all these three months or six months, you are committing sins every single second

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year, let alone if the grandparents are making do against us system

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is not a joke, is not a joke. Yeah. And if you don't want to be held accountable, you should defend your husband in front of the court. You have this agreement with him, you want to have divorce, etc. This is something but the ties of kinship between your children and his father, the rights of your children and the right of the Father, the right of the grandparents should be maintained. Don't be that who is breaking those ties, and don't be that person who is committing that volume. Yeah. Now, you might say well, my husband is abusive and my

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and I

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you will justify this by so many ways. Yeah. A man came to the Prophet sallallahu send them just I remember this A man came to the Prophet Cyrus LM and he said, I only have two slaves, slaves. Imagine. He said, they lie on me. They cheat on me. Yeah.

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They lie on me, they cheat on me, and they betray me. Okay. As a result, I insult them and I beat them up.

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Yeah. So he said, What will happen to me on the Day of Resurrection look, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Look at this, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said on the Day of Resurrection,

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what you have done to them and what they have done to you will be I'm rephrasing now, will be put on the scale. If what

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you have done to them and what they have done, do do you is equal then you will go nothing for you. Nothing against you. But even they were You were slaves. Imagine slaves. Yeah. But if what you have done to them is bigger than what they have done to you. There has an Earth will be taken from you and given to them.

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The guy he could not believe that. Yeah. And he said what? Yeah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Don't you read what Allah Allah says in the Quran? When Allah Allah was in this thought Leo will clear fella cooler Munna che. When can and if God had the demon hardening at

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Hey, in Bihar what Katha Bina has to be Subhanallah we establish the scales of justice on the Day of Resurrection. No one will be oppressed anything, even if it is so small. Yeah, very, very tiny element of injustice. Yeah, we will bring it and we will establish justice. And it is enough for us to be those who take care or take account of what is taking place. Subhanallah the man left and he was what? Crying?

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Yeah. So my dear sisters don't use any justification. Don't say yeah, that my husband even this is another is a execuse Yeah, that oh, they say my husband is not fit to look after them. And sometimes she doesn't go to the court, but she stopped him and she knows that if he tries to access them, then he will be in trouble. Yeah. And she said yeah, because he is not fit to look after them. My dear sister, you cannot be as they say the judge the juror and executor.

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Yes, you have to go to an independent person who is acting upon Sharia. Yeah. And he knows what he is talking about. He cannot be manipulated easily. Yeah, in order to work in order to rule between both of you another execuse, which is many sisters, they use the law of the land. My dear sisters, the law of the land wants to maintain justice, yeah. According to certain values and according to certain philosophy, we all know that, unfortunately, yes. The law of the land can be abused in many cases. Yeah. And many sisters, they know how to abuse or many solicitors they know the loopholes. And so, the sisters they use those loopholes or they abused the system, whatever, in order to for

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the law of the land to be in their favor, let alone that there is a criticism by many judges, I know a judge Yeah. Okay. non Muslim judge, he agreed that well, there is kind of injustice that takes place. Yeah.

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Many, many solicitors many organizations as I have said, yeah, that they are talking taking place talking floor hours, they are talking that there is an element or some elements of injustice that are that can take place. In many cases. Yeah.

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Anyway, it is being said, I don't want to come up with a conclusion about this. This is another discussion. Yeah.

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But any system in the world AMI system in the world can be manipulated. Even the Islamic system can be manipulated. That's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Be careful. Yeah, that's why see any system, any system in the world can be manipulated. With our system here in the UK, or the in Europe. Even the Islamic system can be manipulated. Okay, when the person lies.

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That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if I ruled in favor of anyone, unjustly and he knows that I ruled on his favor. Yeah, not because it's not for Allah, that the Prophet sallallahu sallam was unjust. No, no, no, no, because that person manipulated the facts and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam rules according to the facts, so that some person manipulated the facts and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam could not find the facts. The Cronshaw Selim wants to be realistic. Yeah. And he wants to set examples. And the prophets I seldom never did that. Just to be careful. I don't want someone just to pick up this point and say, Oh, look, the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam ruled unjustly Yeah, be careful. It's not for Allah. I think Be careful. So what I'm saying but the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said if I ruled in favor of someone, not because the prophets Allah has enemies ruling in his favor, unjustly? Yeah. Oh, the prophesy. Selim favors that person. No, because that person manipulated the fact

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that it is not allowed for that person who knows that this is not his right to take it. Yeah.

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In the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu Selim says, if you take anything unjustly from anyone, by swearing by your oath, yeah, which is likely to happen in front of the court, you will meet Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah is angry at you. Yeah. Okay. Or in the other narration, Allah Allah Allah Allah will turn away from you out of the anger of Allah, Allah Allah. Now, the one of the companions said Yes Will Allah even if it is a minor thing the Prophet SAW Selim said, where it is my tooth miswak the prophesy salem said even if it is a toothpick, yeah, and it's wack even if it is something that is completely insignificant.

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So I hope that it is in sha Allah at this point is clear, desert mafia