Do people runaway from you

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The speaker discusses the importance of being kind to people, especially when it comes to interactions. They stress the need to use appropriate language and speak quietly when engaging in conversations. The speaker also emphasizes the benefits of being kind to people, especially when it comes to engagement.

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When it comes to our interactions of people,

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and when it comes to us speaking to others, the Quran says, We're Kulu li Nasir Hasina, and speak kindly to people. Speak gently to people speak in a way that people are drawn to you. Speak in a way that you do not drive away people speak in a way that you do not hurt anybody. Speak in a way that you do not break anybody's heart. Take into account people's feelings, people's sentiments, the Prophet of Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam was so kind in his speech, and he would exhort people saying what we will cut that bring about good speech, when you are engaging with people, how often we see people staying away from us, just because how we speak to them, or how we make them feel when

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we are addressing them. So use appropriate language, use kind words, use a softer approach when speaking to people for this has a greater impact on people than using a harsh approach, as the Quran says, will call the nurse your host and speak kindly to people. May Allah bless us all and grant us a sweet, palatable approach in our engagement with people