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Before the Hijra of the Prophet Muhammad SAW THE LAW and he was headed to Medina. The Muslims were scattered

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in Mecca, they had to learn about Islam secretly. The places that they had for instruction for Islamic learning, and even for Islamic worship, were either their own homes, or places that would be best described as hideouts.

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They were places of secrecy. Not everyone knew what was going on there.

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When people came to Mecca from outside and they wanted to find out about his snap, it was all done in secret. One such person came to Mecca and hung around the Kaaba until it was nightfall.

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It really a loved one who came and noticed this man waiting around and asked him, Are you okay? You have a place to stay.

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That man did not know that I leave or the Allahu Anhu was a Muslim. And so he did not tell him why he had really come.

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The next night came around the same thing, I'll be able to do a whole radical coverage to that job that he sees the same man sitting there. Are you okay? Do you need some place to say, I'm fine. Finally, this has happened on the third night. And I asked him why are you really here? And the man says, I've come to find this man who says that he's a prophet. And then he tells him to follow him to Darla.

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But do it in secret make sure that nobody is following you.

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It was all a secret.

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Recall the conversion story around of Lebanon for Pablo de la Rambo. He left his home with a sword in his hand ready to kill the profit of 80. So that was

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but someone on the road and who was secretly a Muslim. He told him that his sister Fatima is already a Muslim, and then our model should deal with her first.

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He rushes to Valentino's place and what are they doing? They're studying the Koran in secret in their homes.

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Their teacher literally hides when Ahmad bursts into the house. This is how a sound was. It did not have a focal point. It did not have a central facility, or a place to organize things, or people.

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As the American period went on, things only got worse. political persecution started violence and torture happened. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam gave people the permission to leave, they were refugees.

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They were not leaving for economic opportunity. They were not leaving for their careers or their education, they had to go.

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They took with not only the things that they could carry, some went to Ethiopia. And eventually the rest went to Medina as refugees.

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As a true leader, the Prophet Mohammed a baby so that was Saddam was the last to leave. He made sure everyone else had gone before him. Imagine for a second, the Muslim ummah at that time, they're scattered all over the place. They're disorganized. Some of them are in Ethiopia, some of them are in Medina, they don't have any way to communicate with each other. There's no WhatsApp. They don't have any way to receive guidance from their leader. They don't have any infrastructure, any facilities.

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Even in Medina, they don't have a centralized place to plan or pray. While they wait for the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam took off.

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And then finally, Allah's Messenger ie selecto Salaam is commanded to leave Mecca. For Medina with Mo vaca. There's a bounty on his head.

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They're giving a reward for anyone who will find him or bring him back dead or alive. And so the prophets of Allah Wa, Salam and Abu Bakr, they go into hiding three days, they have to deploy trickery and deception in order to escape Mecca with their lives. They leave behind their possessions and their wealth, everything they own everything that they hold, dear. They're refugees.

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They travel through the desert mountains for two weeks. They are tired, they're hungry. They're dirty. They don't know where their enemies are. There's no GPS. For all they know they could be right behind them every night along the way. It could be

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There are last.

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Imagine being a Muslim in Medina at this point. You've already made your hijra, you're waiting for your profit. There is no live feed, there's no date up to date notifications. You don't know if he's captured or killed or what

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everyone is waiting.

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And everyone's holding their breath.

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And the profits of the loved one he was suddenly

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he must know that they're waiting. He must know that they fear for his life. But what does he do? Does he go right to the city center to receive his grand welcome.

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Now he stops in Cuba. On the outskirts of Medina, why is he stopped there?

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What was the first thing that he did? Really? So that was?

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What was his first priority.

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He builds a message.

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He built a messaging that still stands today.

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The first messaging in the history of a snap messaging,

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messaging were two rakaats. There is equivalent to an ombre

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First things first, he built a messaging.

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He stayed in Cuba for a few days. And then he went to Medina, that people welcomed him. Everybody was singing, everyone was begging the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, come stay with me. No, stay with me. Finally the trip was over. Finally they reached safety. Now they could relax. Now they could start over now they could begin to build their lives back once again. What was the first thing the Messenger of Allah alayhi salatu salam did

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before seeing to his own needs before building a house for himself before even figuring out where to stay the night.

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He waited until his council stopped and he saw Atlas around and he said, here's where the mystery will be. Let's build the messaging.

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Allah subhana wa Taala is clean. And he gives us what we need.

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The last two years or more have not been easy for anyone. That pandemic claimed the lives of many people that we loved. It closed businesses, it closed schools, it caused us to lose our jobs that caused us to change careers.

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The messaging itself was changed. There were masked mandates and social distancing. That was reduced programming and reduced hours. Our Sunday school was online for an entire year.

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We had to rely on the hospitality of our brothers down in Court Street to whole Joomla at all. Then on top of that, the old Masjid had to be demolished before this new machine could be completed. At first we thought that this would take two weeks

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and then allows the creek took over. And that turned into three months.

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The programs that we were doing the Sunday school, the women's book club, the women's core and study the youth group, everything stopped.

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We became like that first community of Muslims scattered without a central place of worship of our own to gather in. But Allah azza wa jal give us these situations, as an opportunity. The Avila will compel you

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to see who is the best. Indeed, when the Prophet Muhammad Ali he sought to Salam reached Medina and his camel stopped and he said, This is the vocation of the message, you get a message he just appeared out of thin air

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did a message descend from the sky?

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Was the government's going to issue a grants for the machine and he put a point that email? No.

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The Muslims had to work for it.

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They had to work for themselves. They cut down that the palm trees, they baked the bricks of mud and every single person helped out. They built that messaging brick by brick and plank by plank until it was complete. They had something action.

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And every time an obstacle appeared, every time a new challenge presented itself. The Companions rose to that challenge. They saw it for the opportunity that it was Abu Bakar gave everything he owned or Omar gave half of what he owned Earth man bought the whole well and plantation and gave it away to the Muslims. Time and time again. They rose to the challenge. They helped a lot was cause in whatever way they could Yeah, you end up in Amazon, you know tons of Allah. In SoCal, are you finished

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stuck with them. Oh you who have believed. If you support Allah, Allah will support you and establish you firmly if you support what Allah the companion supported Allah by building the masjid and making it the center of their city and the center of their hearts. They support it Allah azza wa jal by building the prophets, messaging for everyone, the refugees and the natives, the Arabs and the Africans, the Persians and the Romans, the free and the slave, the men and the women and the old and the young.

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Today, we stand in this machine.

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And we witnessed with our own eyes, all the sacrifice, and hard work work that it took to get here.

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Everyone who contributed, whether it was money, whether it was time for skills, or advice or prayers, you rose to the challenge, just like the Companions rose to the challenge, we had women giving away their jewelry to build this message.

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We had children empty out their coin banks to build this mystery.

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We had people working around the clock, laying the foundation, tiling the bathrooms, putting the sheetrock sanding the walls, wiring, plumbing, everything you could imagine.

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We had people meeting with the contractors morning, noon and night fundraising running the checks, everyone helps to make the dream of a new match to come true.

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And we had to be patient.

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Every single one of us had to be patient. There were setbacks. There were things we did not foreseen. There were things that were beyond our control. We're in the middle of a pandemic,

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prices for materials and shipping kept going up and up and up every week, every month. But we didn't give up. We were patient. And we tried to find solutions. And just like the Companions, we built this misdeed for everyone,

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men and women, young and old, rich and poor. This is the unit commission.

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If you say no in law, Mohammad Rasool Allah this is your rescue.

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If you submit to a last court and in the Sunnah of the last Prophet alayhi, salaatu, WA salaam, this is your question.

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It does not matter what language you speak. It does not matter what land you came from, it does not matter the color of your skin.

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This is your machine.

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Because of the sincerity of the companions, because they were doing it for a law, a law made the results come to life. It's not an automatic process. You can't just raise the money and then the mission gets built.

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If Allah wants to, he will intervene, he can stop it. He can delay it.

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Something can happen with the ground underneath the foundation. The city might make it difficult. Communities can become divided and change their minds. Anything can happen. But Allah as Elijah decided to make it happen for us in a way that was fairly smooth and fairly quick.

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Well, Allah I mean, I have been in communities that have taken 10 years to do what this machine has done into.

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This can only come from Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, and we hope every single one of those hopes that the reason Allah azza wa jal facilitated this mystery for us in shadow is because we are sincere, because we have ethnos because we want to do the right thing. We're not perfect. We make mistakes, but we are united in sha Allah to Allah. And we'd ask Allah to accept this from us. Allah azza wa jal says getting awash

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in Allah hashtag Amina Momineen and fossa whom what Amara when we enter laminal Jana for statue,

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steps you will be the formulary they are to be well then we can hold Fosun Ali indeed Allah azza wa jal has purchased from the people of faith their lives and their properties in exchange for Paradise.

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So Rejoice, rejoice in your transaction that you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainments I follow call we have watched out for a while the welcome visa it was a meaningful event in a lawful way.

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150 Muntean anyone should have a

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work of luxury company Manisha Why should abandon the Vienna was at that moment in October

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20. So I think he was having me think about it when I was studying with a seaman cathedral.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Koran, what it means to have a masjid

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in the mayor, honorable masajid Allah He may have been left. Well, you're welcome on a Salah.

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One me to share in the law,

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in your corner minimum to leave the masks of Allah eyes of agenda are only to be established by those who believe in a law and the last day and who established the prayer and who give this a cat and who do not fear anything except a law. It is expected that those will be guided. Who should establish domestic law says three things. The people who believe number one believe in what I believe in a law that says tell Heath

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that's gratitude. The verse tells us we believe in the resurrection in the afterlife. That's accountability, who should establish the message tmes and number one was the people who believe number two is action. establish the prayer. There's gratitude again. Give us a cat. That's justice. Third, and the last is not fearing anything except the loss of China. The prices kept rising. The construction kept getting delayed. Did we run to the bank and take out a loan with interest?

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Did we start selling alcohol or build a casino? No. We don't fear anything except Allah azza wa jal if we do those things, if we take care of our side, Eliza John says that He will guide us no matter what issue comes up. No matter what obstacle stands in our way if we take care of our responsibility, Allah azza wa jal will guide us and protect us.

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What else does Allah Subhana Allah say about the MSG fever utin and in a rough way mmm so far? Well you've got a fee fee has moved way yourself with with a whole fee and a bill builder we saw regem last to Lee him TJ out I told him

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what his problem is so that but Eater is a cow. Yes, all formula young men to the common level fee Uber will ever saw in masks which Allah azza wa jal has ordered to be raised, and that his name be mentioned there in exalting him Subhana there in in the morning and in the evenings are who are men who neither commerce nor sale distracts them from the remembrance of Allah. And it does not distract them from the performance of prayer or from givings a calf they fear a Day in which the hearts and eyes will turn about in fear. Allah azza wa jal reminds us that he commanded us to build MSG, this is our duty, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala permits this success he let SIP happen, why, for what

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purpose? Why do we need the Masjid? Why can't we just pray and make vicar at home? Allah azza wa jal says so that Allah's name is remembered. And so that Allah subhanho wa Taala is exalted. The message is built for the remembrance of Allah seeing Jean Deb sujood prostration face on the floor message it is so McCann, the place where you prostrate. Can you pray at home? Yes. Is your home built exclusively for prayer? No, no, it's not. Did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tell us to honor our homes by praying in them? Yes, he did. Is that the same as honoring the prayer by building a house specifically for that purpose? No, it's not. By building a machine and we are showing our

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priorities. We are showing that our number one priority is Allah is with him and what he loves. We are bringing honor to Allah as Dean by building a ministry to dedicate

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Due to the remembrance of Allah subhana and his prayer,

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who will do this work?

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Who will sacrifice the money who will sacrifice the time who will sacrifice the energy to make the masjid a reality? Allah Subhanallah tells us in the verse, people, men and women, but it's an obligation upon the men who are not distracted from the dunya not distracted by this worldly life, their job does not distract them. Their possessions do not distract them, their success does not distract them. Entertainment does not distract them. From their number one priority, the remembrance of the loss of common, the salah does occur. Everything else comes number two.

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Gee, that sounds nice.

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Maybe I'm not so sure if that describes me are not. Maybe my priorities are not straight. How can I get there? How can I have those priorities? Allah subhanaw taala tells us the universe by fear in the data of resurrection,

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eternal consequences from a perfect God. That's the foundation of righteousness. That's the foundation of belief. If we are those people, if we managed to pull it off, what will we get? What's in store for us? What can we wait for Allah subhanaw taala continues Leotta Zerbo Allah who asked me to wait as either hooking me the following one Oh, you're so cool, man. The show will be really good so that our allies will reward them according to the best thing that they did.

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The best thing that you've ever done

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and Allah will increase them and bounty and a lot of us provisions of whom He wills without accounts. Without keeping track. Allah azza wa jal will reward us in the afterlife according to the very best things that we did. Not the worst.

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All your mistakes, all your sins, all your habits, all your addictions, yes, that's there.

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But you have to build a message you

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then build a machine on the line.

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Then Allahu Allahu Vatan filled Jana, whoever builds a mercy for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him and a house in paradise.

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Well, what do you think? If this machine is an anonymous society?

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What do you think of this machine is in the middle of a pandemic, when times are tough when prices are rising, and no one's sure what's going to happen next.

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But there's more.

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Allah subhanaw taala Tala will not just give us eternal bliss after we die and are resurrected. He said in the verse that on top of that, he will give us abundance follow, even in this life, more abundance than we can imagine.

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Don't you see that this is true.

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When you are one of these people of faith that Allah azza wa jal describes when you have the right priorities.

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When you are a regular part of the MSG, your life will be better, you will be enriched. If the world outside is cold and harsh, the best you can be or refuse. The best you can be in a place where you get away from it all when you shut out the negativity in your life.

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The messaging can be a place where you are understood, where there's brotherhood, and sisterhood.

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Where people ask how are you doing and pick you up when you're feeling down? Isn't that abundance? Isn't that our rich life?

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The best you can be a place where you raise your children.

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The message can be a place where you meet your future spouse. The messy can be a place where you find a job. No messy it can be a place where you find a law where you renew your faith, where you turn your life around.

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And that she can be the place where you've obtained Jenna.

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Isn't that abundance? Isn't that a rich life?

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala here and now to bless this machine. We ask Allah azza wa jal to bless the people who helped establish this machine. We ask Allah azza wa jal to bless every single person who benefits from this mischief. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make the construction of this machine and to maintain the maintenance of this masjid and the management of this machine, the most sincere action of our lives. The action that gets us into gentlemen, we ask Allah azza wa jal to renew our faith inside this message. We ask Allah azza wa jal to give our children below

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Help for this messaging and help them grow into strong believers inside this messaging. We ask a lot to make this message a beacon of guidance and lights that unites the Muslims upon the truth and invites them on the non Muslims to the truth. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make this machine a source of benefit and a source of reform for ourselves, for our descendants for this neighborhood for this city for the entire Mohawk Valley and beyond.

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