Zakir Naik – Other Books of Saheeh Hadeeth

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and meaning behind books and their meaning. They mention that only two books are authentic, but the third book is a mix of Muslim and Arabic. The speakers also discuss the importance of the book's title and its significance to the audience.
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There are other books of

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the other books

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that we know that Buhari and Muslim are only two books which are 100% authentic and scholar women say that Imam, Mata Malik also. So for the layman, if he wants to know, he cannot do research, if that is the hiring a Muslim or Mr. Mata Malik safely can say the Hadith they say otherwise, he has to check whether or not there were other books of Hadith compiled by scholars saying it's completely safe. But the scholars don't agree everything you say, after Bukhari and Muslim there is a compilation of say, Nicolas Emma, according to cu T. Save Nakashima, after Bukhari Muslim, there are some details which scholars say do not say, but it comes to third level, the fourth, if they've

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never been

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there, then there is the fifth book.

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It's muster, that I'll have him he also claimed everything you say, but the scholars differ and they say that everything in there so he so these three books, compile everything you say he, most of them almost all I say but not everything in the other. The four books minimum download, when he compiled his main objective wasn't to compile only say Howdy. His objective was to compile a deed which falls matter of Salah or of Voodoo, or of other aspects. Same with the other morphine. Mom, no, say mom tirmidhi or mommy play magia de purpose wasn't to compile a majority essay. So that is the reason they themselves mentioned in the collection that they did this, I've never done that. But for a

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layman. For him to know how to say if it says it's ohare or Muslim, it is safe to call it say he or if it's a hadith which is there in Mamata, Malik the safe to be say any other Hadith, he has to go and check up what have the Moses instead. And then he can decipher whether or not the fourth in brief what I mentioned, it is just scratching the surface.

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It is just scratching the surface on the science of it. It's a huge science. Because of this we know today a humble Illa all the minute details of the last and final messenger, our beloved prophet masala Salah, there is no human being on the face of the earth whose life has been preserved. We saw my new detail. It is all because of the Hadith that we have. And when Allah says in the Quran, in Surah chapter 15 verse number nine that we have revealed the Quran and we shall guide from corruption. The word used Vicar. It surely means the Quran and many of the positive scholar says it also includes the say Hadith that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the Quran given the car and also the

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say howdy and he received word that he protects it

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