Hadith #13 Sustenance with Intention, The Sacred Act of Providing for Family

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The importance of strong men and strong women in achieving spiritual health is emphasized, along with the need for strong women to achieve their beliefs. The Heridays of protecting families and being strong are crucial to achieving strong pride and resilience. Learning to be strong and resilient is also crucial to achieving goals. The importance of strong belief in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for strong desire to pursue the spiritual path.

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On the authority of Elon Musk, erode, Radi Allahu Anhu. And it's narrated in Muslim ahmed, it's Hassan Insha Allah, where there was a time where he was climbing a tree and the tree Subhanallah was a tree from Iraq, as he says, are the Allahu Anhu candidates 2020. So I can mean a rock, what can indicate a South pain and he was he was very had a frame that was fairly weak. It's very skinny

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for Jada Tillery, who took the flu. So the wind kind of blew in it kind of blew his garment upward to where his shin could be seen his Stephane for the HCA for the iCal comb. So the people started to laugh. The people around him started to laugh because they saw how, how light he was, how thin he was how skinny he was daresay how weak he was physically for calling us allies allies. So the minmetals Hacohen. He said, What are you laughing about? He asked him Salam, Salam follow, yeah to be Allah. If they said O Messenger of Allah, look, it is how thin he is that the peak means light. So how light how skinny how weak he looks.

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The prophets all sudden responded. He said, What are the Neff CBD Lahoma. Allah fill me Zanni men are heard Subhanallah he said, I swear by the one, that my soul is in his hands. They are heavier on the scales the day of judgment than 100 men, young men, check this out.

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let's not fall into the trap of thinking masculinity is something superficial. What we see with our eyes on social media, in the gym, outside of the gym, what we see from big arms, what we see from a big chest, what we see from someone screaming, roaring, what we see from fighting even, that is not the only sign of a man. Yes, that's a sign of a level of hard work that he took, which could be founded, and a principle of masculinity, which is discipline, hard work, resilience.

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But net Make no mistake. When we look at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said, Look, we know or we even hate on what I have, but in a lot, minute minute leave. If he couldn't hire and Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, they believe it. They believe the strong believer is better and more beloved in the sight of a lot than the weak believer and in both of them are good. It does not start at the physical characteristics in this hadith, it starts with the men. The most important characteristic in this regard is that of the men and men of Kogi, the man, the man is what is most important here. So the first point we want to capture

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is that the man it ties the hadith is the man is what's mostly important that the man is from the heart and that is connected with the belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala the belief in Allah, His names, his attributes to believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your adherence and compliance to that, how much of the Sunnah? Are you practicing? Are you studying the Sunnah? Are you studying the Quran? Are you trying your best to live your life in accordance to it? When you make a mistake? Not if do you rectify that, that's the responsibility for your soul. That is the most important responsibility. That's the most important right. So fulfilling the rights of Allah before

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anything else is what is most important, and that is a sign of strong II Men, strong men, and only that is what we're talking about. So here, the Prophet saw some set the record straight, that his legs on the Day of Judgment will be heavier than those who are if you have a chance to listen to the story of the conversion of Elon Musk, or the Aloha and even before he became a Muslim, he was an honorable man. He was an honorable man and he would not cheat people. As a story with him in Abu hemraj Abu Bakr and processen was with Abu Bakr and they encountered diplomacy route and the story is a beautiful story.

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Also, we look at Subhanallah the importance of having heart the importance of having heart and ambition, because the inequality no one can take that away. So when you have the man with Allah subhanho wa taala, that Imen is an action ultimately of the heart. It starts from the heart. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah, if you just did the Mughal Illa, solo hazzan how just to do Kulu we deficit the deficit there just do Kulu Allah, we're here and so the concept of belief in Allah, the belief, the six pillars of belief that we know, understanding who Allah is and trying your best to live your life according to his *ty i His Deen that is the ultimate purpose.

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That is what is transcendent and as we mentioned again, that is what brings you way beyond the red pill way beyond any concept of masculinity from other than Islam. It starts from your belief in Allah

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And that's why, even though even Masaru looked weak or the Allahu anhu, he was strong on the Day of Judgment, when all of those physical characteristics won't even matter, the big chest, the big arms, the deep voice,

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you know, all of that won't even matter because all that will be in the grave. What's most important is what was the motivation and attitude behind you getting a big chest for example, did you go to work out because it was a trust from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And you want to fulfill that amount in that trust that he's giving you by staying healthy and being strong in order to protect your family? Because that is a responsibility that you have as a man, that is the masculine approach to where all of that goes back to give back to what Allah has given you. So here with Elon Musk, ergo Vela, on who the province of Allah who it was sent him with, set the record straight, and letting him know

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letting all of us know. Don't rely on the tangible things, men. It is about your faith. First, your Eman first before everything else. And everything stems from that. Everything stems from that. And lastly, sight point that they laughed at Elon Musk earlier who I knew not to make fun of him. It was something they saw that it was funny to where you guys sometimes y'all roast and roast each other in the locker room at the match, and this is fine, as long as you know that it doesn't hurt the feelings of the other brother, or mess with his self esteem. You lift him up so if you joke with me, you got some skinny legs bro. Sorry, man doesn't matter as long as we praying or you have some

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skinny legs, I could take you to the gym, we can work on it. Don't make fun of him to be little him. But if you're making fun of him to lift him up, to test them to give him thick skin to where he can be resilient and deal with these aspects in life. As long as he knows that you care about him and you want good for your brother. That's what's most important. May Allah subhanaw taala make us people have strength and honor, resilience, mercy and Eman sinuata to learn but to get