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The Spiritual Ladder – Islaam Through The Eyes Of A Revert

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Sulaiman Moola

Channel: Sulaiman Moola


Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad amongst the passions that I have is to engage and interact with reverts. And with the grace of the Almighty, I had the opportunity of interacting with many reverts locally and abroad. And the thing that intrigues me and fascinates me within with a revert is to listen to the amazing tale and journey into Islam. And each one's journey is unique and it makes us appreciate the beauty of Islam from the I have a suppose that outsider who sees Islam in a very unique and amazing way, I often say we don't need to refine or refurbish or give any facelift to this beautiful day in its pure its pristine.

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Yes, we need to undo the stains that we have put on Islam and the blotches we have put by the evil character that we display. They can be nothing that drives people away from this beautiful Deen more other than the inconsistency in our character and our text. So the Quran and the Sunnah advocate something and unfortunately, we blatantly contradict that. That being said, I share with you a very amazing incident which half is agnihotra Rahim Allah has captured in his famous book and he saw the feet amuses Sahaba feedthrough. Giamatti, Sahabi jelly, l jolanda. manycore. A man in the biography of the great Sahaba jolenta the Allahu anhu, the king of Oman. So he himself says Lapa, Deline.

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Allah has an Ambien on me, and the hula Yoruba hiren illa can even be Hey, what are you gonna answer when Illa can an attorney can know who the thing that convinced me on the veracity of the message of this unlettered Prophet was law your moral behavior in in law can even be whenever he advocated virtue? He was the first to implement it. What are you gonna answer when Ella can Oh well, Atari can Lahore and whenever he prohibited advice, he was the furthest away from it. Well, I know who he is the labour fella. Yeah, but Allah Subhana Allah. Whenever he overpowered a nation in battle or campaign or expedition, then he would not display any pride or arrogance. When the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam entered as the conqueror of Mecca, with Dr. knew who Allah rahila de he had humbled himself to such an extent that his blessing chin was flush on the back of the conveyance, what and the who you love that fella you Gil ala yaku L, Toby Hamad Al column, and in in battle, if he is overpowered by someone that he does not become abusive. He doesn't utter anything that is reprehensible or repugnant or obscene or unpleasant, when the who efe belongs to the one who efe bill. At the end, he honors His word, and he fulfills his promise as shadow and has been no amount of negative propaganda will will poison my mind against this man. When I looked at the execution,

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and the implementation of his values which he advocates to others, it was in absolute harmony. I am convinced this is a prophet, and I accept the faith at his hands. So behind Allah, the message is quite simple. My brother I know personally of a man in in Paris who I met after taking the Shahada. He says for 25 years, I displayed character to my mum at the age of 93. before passing away, she said, Oh my son, give me your hands. I want to die with your faith. So love the legacy and display the character that is the greatest catalyst to the beauty of Islam.