Road to Return #18 – Good Actions With The Wrong Intention

Yahya Ibrahim


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wrong intentions for good actions. So Pamela, this element of cognitive dissonance is one of two transgressions that are really important for us to understand. See, you could say, Oh, you know, I'm doing good. But if you're doing it for the wrong reason, it's a little to no value. In fact, it can be countering to the value that you seek.

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Allah Subhana Allah is tidy up is the source of all good whenever you're coming to Alaska, and he only accepts that which is good, that which is sincere and that which is seeking Him with your intent, in worship, in love in fear and hope of him. Subhana Allah to Allah, it's not enough to do a good deed. If your heart is not targeting seeking yearning for a loss, pleasure fearing and hopeful to be escaping of a loss, punishment and wrath. And yes, as believers we speak of a loss or a Diwan, and also of a loss of a loss contentment and pleasure with us and of Allah's wrath and anger. We are a people who understand that there's a balance of doing good, seeking good for it and doing good,

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but we can be from those who want to escape evil as a consequence of it. And in between, that is where we seek to establish the good deed, but always with the right intention. See wrong intentions are of three important type. The first type is to be seen. Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us euro una Nast, you know, somebody might stand up to pray, they pray just a little bit better because others are observing them. Their prayer is there but it's hollow, at the end of it has received little to no reward the prophets I send them said rubato Julian, perhaps a person will stand up and pray and they will only get useful Hi, Roberto, how are SRA they only get half of its reward or a quarter or

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even a 10th because at the end of it, it wasn't for Allah on the inside, it was just done and the outside. Another important way that intentions can be done and has been polluted and done with the wrong intentions is that we are seeking to please Allah but we are seeking to please others more than Allah. So yes, you're worshipping Alon, you did your sada but it's more because you want your parents to acknowledge that you did it. It's you want your parents to reward you in one way or another. You want other people to know and make known that you have accomplished this or done this. And Allah warns us about this in the Quran, the prophets, Allah, Allah and he was sending warns us

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about scholars and rich, giving charitable people and about those who fought in defense of others, that it was a sin on their behalf. Because the scholar wanted people's praise. The rich person wants it to be acknowledged as charitable and that moja hate that person who fought to defend the truth wasn't for the truth, but for people to say they were courageous. The third false intent that you and I need to protect ourselves from, is that we started off with the right intent, but we ended off with the wrong intent, that at the end of it wasn't about Allah subhanho wa Taala more so than about political gain, or financial gain or being acknowledged or being, you know, rewarded in one way or

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another by other people. Don't ever assume that because you're doing something good that its reward is intact. If your intentions are not solely for Allah, any act of worship, any act that is targeting Allah Subhana Allah is pleasure must meet two simple conditions. It must be sincere, complete in its floss and the word of floss means freeing everything and everyone from it except a lot. And number two, that it must meet the tradition. The sooner the habit, the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it must be taught to us by him shown to us and its roots must be taken from his action. We don't invent things along the way, and claim that they will

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be accepted if there is an evidence from his life sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what a mirror truly an akuna a well, meaning I've been ordered to worship Allah booklets on nadeen Allah subhanaw taala commends the prophet to tell us to have a floss and to be from those who do it with submission to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, may Allah free our hearts of attachments to other than Him and allow us to continue doing good deeds that are seeking Him subhanho wa Taala