Omar Suleiman – Why Me #13 Will I Ever Find True Love

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The concept of love is not fully within one's control and is based on one's destiny and personal attributes. It can lead to physical and character beauty, family, and a desire for sex. religion and character are important drivers of love, and men are attracted to them. It is crucial to love a desire to be a part of one's story and to have a clear idea of who truly is meant for oneself.
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Is there such a thing as love at first sight? What about true love?

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A lot of us grew up reading fairy tales with magical encounters and happy endings.

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But are those things written to come true for you in this life?

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And if you don't find that relationship here,

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what does that say about your divine decree?

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Is there such a thing as soulmates in Islam? Remember that hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said an Ottawa Junoon with Jana, that souls are like conscripted soldiers. There's actually a really beautiful story behind that. I said, well, the alongside Anna says that there was this woman in Mecca that used to make everybody lives so she was the jokester of every gathering. And then when they made his rock from Mecca to Medina, she meets a woman in Medina that's

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exactly like her that makes everybody laugh and Medina and the people were stunned at how similar they were. And when they mentioned that to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Ottawa Junoon maganda souls are like conscripted soldiers, they inclined towards one another based upon this natural affinity. So is there a romantic manifestation of that? Well, there's a scholar that said to his wife once that isn't it amazing that 50,000 years before Allah introduced the heavens

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and the earth, He put your name down next to mine, woman IRT and halacha Coleman unfussy come as Raja the testicle elaida which Allah vena cava Tamarama in the Phaedo, Adicolor, IRT Nicole media tuffa Chrome, and of His Signs is that he created for you mates from amongst yourselves that you can dwell with and tranquility. And he placed love and mercy between you and in that is a sign for people who reflect and when you meet someone, you can be so sure that that's the one. And there are

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multiple ways that love starts and multiple layers to love.

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And it can certainly start with what seems like an organic spark.

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Any moment hasn't Rahimullah said I'll have a word who who has learned what our hero who Jad that loves starts off as something very playful, and then it proceeds to something very serious.

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He goes on to say that its meanings are too profound to be described.

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It's reality can only be understood by experience.

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And he says love is not blameworthy in our religion, nor is it forbidden because every heart is in Allah's hands. So love itself is a test. And it's not fully in your control, especially the falling in love Park. It's something that Allah subhanaw taala decrees in your heart, and as long as you don't transgress the boundaries, and you pursue it in a wholesome and halal way, then you can enjoy the blessing of this decree within the sanctity of marriage in Nephi Donica the ayat and he call me

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as alpha Quran indeed in that are Signs for people who reflect and the scholar has mentioned that there are signs of Allah's names and attributes that don't exist anywhere in this world like they do between two spouses. There are unique signs of Allah's love as He is and would do the most loving and unique signs of Allah as Rama has mercy as he is a man that exist within the capacity of a marriage. Now when you look at the seal of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you have

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multiple love stories. Some of them are beautiful, others are tragic, and many of them are complicated. You have the story of Mohammed Ahmed case, this man who makes his era from Mecca to Medina, not out of seeking Allah's love are trying to escape persecution, but all because he wanted to marry a woman and that literally becomes his name, the man who migrated for own place. Now you'll notice that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't condemn Him for that. But he simply says

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that you can't claim the reward of Hijra if you did this for marriage. And then you have other stories you have the story of burrito about the Allahu Tada Anna, a woman that was freed from slavery by De Soto the Allahu Allah. And when she was freed from slavery, she chose to free herself from her husband who was unbelievable the hola Juan. And in Medina, you had the scene of multileaf going behind Variera begging her not to leave him and it was painful for people to watch to the

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point that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his mercy feel so sorry for movies and he

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says to his uncle Abbas, Isn't it astonishing? How much more he loves her and how much better era hates him? And the prophets lie. Some felt so bad for him that he goes to video and says, Will you not take him back? And she said he also Allah, are you commanding me to do so? Or are you simply interceding and the prophets lie? Some said, No, I'm just interceding. And she says, I have no need for him. Eolis little. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had so much sympathy from elite,

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but he didn't want to force them together. Just because Malik really loved her. He was going through heartbreak, and the solution was simply for him to move on, because they weren't meant to be.

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As much as love is based on your desire, it's also based on your destiny.

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Your love story was written by Allah in the heavens before you both even came to this world. Allah created your love and created the means for your love. And he rather than hasn't Rahimullah outlines over 15 reasons why people fall in love.

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He talks about physical beauty and temperaments and character and wealth and family and all sorts of things.

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But then, he says the most noble love is Mohabbat in Malta has been a Fila love for the sake of Allah. And he specifically says that it could be leached he had in filamin, because of a similar passion for righteous work that two people are both engaged in, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lemna Rollingwood to have been Mr. Mica that I know nothing better for two people that love each other than to get married. And he also said people get married for various reasons. But

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look for religion and character. Those are the intangible forms of beauty that will keep a couple together for all of eternity. Now, that doesn't mean that other factors aren't important and in fact, even part of love, but they can't form the foundation of it, and will lead up in a short battle the Allahu Anhu said, I asked a woman in marriage and also the la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to me, hello, Nevada to la ha, did you go look at her. And when I said I had not the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said funboard, La Jolla for in the hoo ha and you them obey nakoma Then go look at her because it is better that there should be love between you. But with all of that being said, two people can seem like a perfect fit, and can have all the same passions and want to do everything right. But for some reason, Allah subhanaw taala just didn't want it to happen in this dunya and being attached to a person, or the idea of a person can be incredibly intoxicating, or

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debilitating. Romance is just like this. It's not something everyone is going to have in this dunya and we are to be content with what Allah has decreed. Even if that means I have to wait for my spouse in Jannah, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lisa Phil Jannetty Aza no one is going to be single and gender. But if it hasn't been decreed for you in this dunya that doesn't make your worth any less asiyah It has set up a perfect woman was married to the worst human being

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that ever walked the face of the earth that her own money MIT has Salam, the greatest woman of her time and all time, never even got married. And there are many scholars in our Ummah, the forerunners of our OMA who never got married, and they use their time and their focus to become the legends of their time. In fact, the late of the Fatah Buddha Rahim Allah wrote this amazing book called an enema. Reserve Allah the earth ruler. In other words, the scholars who were single that preferred

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their knowledge to marriage and he lists 20 scholars in Islamic history who never got married the likes of any mama toady Rahim Allah and Imam and Noah we Rahim Allah Ibn Taymiyyah as the mercury or even the famous Robbie either we may Allah be pleased with them all. Now these scholars, were not avoiding marriage. But they understood that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada did not decree that for them. And many scholars said that the reason why they were able to achieve what they achieve is perhaps

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because they didn't have those families and instead, they left behind their books as their children. And look what happened. All of their students became their kin to the sacred chain of knowledge. Now, that doesn't mean it's either knowledge or marriage or it's either worship or marriage or it's either charity or marriage or it's either volunteering or marriage. That means that just like other forms of risk, if Allah Subhana Allah Allah has delayed it or denied it. It still opens you up to

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other forms of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala and other chapters to your amazing story of divine decree. And it might be that that soulmate is still out there in this world. At one moment, I will Hodeidah all the Allahu Tada and who couldn't get married due to his poverty.

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And he comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam complaining, and the prophets lie some was silent as he repeated his complaint three times. Then the Prophet slice that I'm said, Yeah, Abba Herrera. Jeff fell Kalam, Bina Antilla. O Herrera, the pen has dried with what you are going to find. And eventually Allah subhanaw taala to open that path for Allah Hodeidah years later, but on his time, so when is our time only Allah knows, you know, Subhan Allah some of the narrations

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mentioned that eSATA has set up Jesus Peace Be Upon Him will get married after he descends again to this earth. So it would have taken him 1000s of years to have his soulmate in this life. Whereas yours here or there, you don't know. But just know that Allah will do it hasn't forgotten. A lot leaf is subtle and has a site on your perfect match. Number one in fi caca lotfy and Kadoorie. He felt that he could equal so in other he whoever supposes that his loving kindness is separate from

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his ordaining decree does so out of his own short sightedness.

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Sometimes we don't make it any easier on ourselves.

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We let our minds fantasize and imagine a life that may or may not come true.

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But we start to build an emotional connection to this idea in our head.

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Having our minds filled with endless fantasies can only make us fall that much harder.

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When our actual color reveals itself to us in a way we didn't wish

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things don't always work out the way that we imagined for ourselves.

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Our heart could longing for something or someone that wasn't meant for us. And they were meant to still be a part of your story. But perhaps not in the way you'd hoped. Allah has more for you stored up in a future that you haven't yet even anticipated

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will name sleep and

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eat love content law hula Anna one Oh, Lana

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