Out walking in Mittineague Park

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Haven't been to a park. And

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this shiny piece of

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grass that you're seeing actually, frost it is ice dew on the grass, which has

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frozen in the right.

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Eye hear it in the picture, it looks a bit yellowish. I don't know why it's certainly not yellow, it's white. I think it's something to do with the light anyway.

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So it's absolutely fascinating. Now, when you're out walking like this, in this weather, you have to be extremely careful, because there is ice everywhere. And you can easily it's called black ice because you can see the tarmac through the ice. And

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I don't think I need to describe what will happen if you step on it.

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It's like stepping on glass with wet shoes. That's the closest that I can get to it. It's instant death. It's

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not that certainly it's instant,

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coming to the earth.

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And that's what it is. But at the same time, you might say well, why am I not walking like this? First of all, because

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this is my discipline for myself, I walk six miles a day and I walk six miles a day, every day, no matter what. That's not quite literally true because I don't go out walking which raining. But or I don't go out walking if it has been snowing before I have left the house. But I have been caught out in the snow.

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Man left on the tail. So humbler it's not a big problem. But yes.

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Other than that, I have been trying to make sure that I walk my six miles and it's

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doing something very good for my arthritis as well. So

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those of you who are kind of always asked me about it,

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this is the trick is to keep your body moving. And the more you move, the better it is. Now I'm at this point, some of you might remember it from a previous episode of I was reminders where we had a pair of mallard ducks on this tree actually as for some funny reason, the oldest two males and a female

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so there is there will be three more right now this one is frozen completely.

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I don't know how solid is frozen, I have no idea I have no intention of checking it for you.

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To see how many how thick the ice is it probably is not very thick, but it is completely frozen. And you can I don't know if you can make that out in the picture or not including this bottle here, which is next to the bridge that I'm working on, which is also completely ice.

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This is not a breed this is a kind of walkway that they have made. So you can still walk through this slightly swampy kind of land. It's amazingly Soheila this whole forest is the way thanks to the where it is in the earth Northern Hemisphere in the US in what we call New England,

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there is a very distinct change of seasons very distinct. So, Spring Summer, Autumn Winter four seasons, you can see there is a very distinct and clear change of everything in the season of course that is most

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easily and best visible in the in nature. So this whole forest is absolutely brilliantly beautifully green.

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But before that, let me

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let me

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come to the spring which is the so called first season. So in spring, this is full of flowers. It's quite amazing how when spring comes

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every tree which can flower flowers,

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absolute burst of color, and obviously this is not being done to please you and me it's being done for

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reproductive purposes for bees to come and pollinate. And the more flowers you have as a tree, the more likely you are to have bees and insects and pollinators and shows us the importance of bees and other insects.

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And then of course, that results in situation so in spring for about two weeks, or if you're lucky three weeks, documenting in certain species. You will have this place completely filled with flowers.

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There's obviously a lot of pollen around in the air, which is for people who are not good news for people who are allergic to pollen to pollen. But otherwise, it's absolutely fantastically beautiful. And then we have the summer when the trees get to work and

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produce as much starch as they can,

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in anticipation preparation for winter. So you have the, everything's green, because they're maximizing the chlorophyll maximizing on sunlight, maximizing the rain, because they get rid also here in summer, and you have everything green. And then comes autumn, which is with the cold fall, here in America. And this can converse into the most incredibly colorful landscape

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that you can imagine, this time I missed a part of the autumn because I was down in Florida at that time, but I did get some of it. And those pictures are there on the Google album, which I think I've shared with practically everybody.

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And you can see the absolutely right of color. And then comes winter

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when all the leaf has fallen. And this is what you see.

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Now this looks like

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the end of the world this looks like it is never going to come back alive.

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But even here, if you see the beauty, the color of the sky, because of the absolutely beautifully clean atmosphere.

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You take a deep breath I swallow every day when I get out of my house in the morning. I thank a lot of that I'm able to breathe clean air as the people who are living in Delhi NCR, the value of cleaner.

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Yes, absolutely fabulous. Beautiful. So we get out here, up this beautiful, fresher. And now if you look at this, at the streets, it looks like they're dead. They're gone, finished. All this grass, you can, if you come here for the first time and you don't know botany whatsoever, you know, this is gone, it's finished. We never come back alive. And this is the thing about which I lost that I said you heal our Baba pneumonia. And I said he's the one who brings the earth back to life after it has died. And this is what we're seeing right now. We are seeing the

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in the state of death. Having said all that, there are other trees, which are the conifers, furs and other types of conifers.

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Which are here, if you see this, this is a grid. And they have these. The leaves are what we call needles, which I'm sure everybody knows what's the pine needle for needles. So these are points. And they have those needles, the needles literally

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like needles, and they don't fall they don't. But they also don't flower they have different kinds of system of seeding behind it have these cones, and the cones fall and the cones have things in them which

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birds and then distribute the body.

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So you have those and this is the beauty of, of the hundreds of others around

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the world. Allahu Allah. He's not as a creator, but he's a creator who constantly creates it's not just a one time creation done dusted. Now we've got no it's something we just on an ongoing, daily basis. And

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that's the fabulous

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part resulting as you've seen integrated this. To look at the forest in the middle of the deadwood you have this

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there's somebody often to walk with

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the dog breed new breed here called Doodle,

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which is I think it's a cross between a poodle and a Labrador. So it produces these very poorly. Dogs would like dogs, midsize, and with the most beautiful temperament because both of these breeds, the poodle in the Labradors have absolutely fabulous temperament. So they're very, very well tempered. Even tempered dogs are absolutely wonderful too.

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We will have dogs as pets, especially as we keep windows here.

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It is illegal to have your dog outdoors.

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I think unless it's a husky, who are allowed to be outdoors, but other than that, if you have your dog outdoors, it's illegal dog or cat and

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especially when we have

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have severe Warning Weather, severe weather warnings

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in the winter here, last year, the temperature went down to

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20 below zero Celsius. So anything outside dies simply.

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Now this part of the forest that I've showed you

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last time I was here I saw a family of deer. So but today of course, they don't seem to be there but

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as far as there are deer, there are bears. Right now at this hour, the other bears are probably hibernating.

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But black bears don't hibernate that

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deeply or, or that soundly. So once in a while you can come across a black bear out looking for some food because he woke up and he got hungry. They are not dangerous. Normally, the only time they are dangerous if you are unlucky enough to get caught with a mother her cubs and obviously the mother isn't going to be upset about that.

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So never, never try to touch the Cubs have the cutest things on the face of the earth but never go near them. Never try to touch them because their mother also thinks they're the cutest and she doesn't want you any money other

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than the last this is for today. And I hope you enjoyed this

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was Allah Allah will kill you while he was