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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of being blessings from Allah and the potential for children to become leaders. They also touch on the importance of giving children a culture of "beek haven't you" and avoiding disappointment. Later, a woman named Subhanipsie refuses to give her child a child and expresses her desire to have children. She also describes a distraction between Subhan Copy and his children, which can be a reason for distraction and distraction.
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How about children? Children mentioned in the Quran? Yes, in many ways for us to remember and then number one, that they are blessings from Allah and they all from Allah. Allahu John Allah Coleman and fusi calm as well. Which I look human as well as your company or Halford or acuminata You bet. A fair bit about the New York Winona. I've been here materiality warming up for Salesforce and nothing the BS 16 and the IRS 72. So number one, children are blessings, a waffle Jai Loco and alpha SQL as well as image from you for among you, spouses and Jai Lachman as well the company no half a day, and from the spouses he gave you, children and grandchildren, right? Everybody felt that a human would

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be in Yama today homework photo, and do they believe in the falsehood and the blessings of Allah they reject or they are ungrateful, meaning children absolutely is in Yama. We always have to remember this regardless how much they are, or they will give us hard time or they are not what we want them to be a Sunday I'm a former mosque pantalla even when they give us a hard time, the reason they are still enamored, because our way of dealing with them and our patience with them, they will be rewarded. So that's number one, that they are a blessing. Second thing Allah remind us that this dunya is beautiful. And there is two main components in the beauty of this dunya to Allah said Surah

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told cow and man Weyburn owner Xena to hire to dunya whereby fair to salejaw to Pharaoh under all because our but why when Mr. Wells and children are the adornment of this life of this world and the ever lasting hirundo become much better with your laws, hydro and drum because awaba Even the reward orbit is war, why own umbrella and it is much more better for us for the future. So what is a math telling us? Telling us it is beautiful we can say children are not beautiful, it's beauty. It's part of this dunya is good to harm them. Allah said about children in the Quran, they are source of joy.

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Even prophets asked a loss pion returned for children and when Allah gave them they were very happy O'Meara to call him out and further cricket conditionalities happen when mela is held by our called Allah said this also attuned his wife, which is st ne Brahim salah, standing, serving them, she laughed at the good news of she is going to have a child and even she said Ellie do want to add us I am going to have a child and I'm very old Subhanallah but she was very happy to the fact that Allah is giving out of child says in chapter hood is a dua the prophets may say there's a career asked Allah to give him a child was a career Nadal rob from billeted me from the one to higher quality

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when he cried out to his Lord cried out to his Lord, saying, My Lord, don't leave me without an heir without a son to inherit from me. And you are the best of inheritors, and the one that endures after all of your creation has perished. Subhanallah so asking Allah for children, absolutely is recommended that he is the only one who's gonna give you we're not better than the MBR Allah mentioned them in the Quran in this form, we always make dua for that Allah give us righteous children are living their Quran BANA hablan Iman as Virgina was already attina Hola to Jana, with duckling named mama. They say Oh Lord, grant us from our spouses and our offsprings joyful sight for

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our eyes so that we see them obedient to you and make us leaders are the righteous people. Allah says this in Surah 241 When he was describing a battle rough man, the real servants of rough man, sing the Ibrahimi the dua for a child from Be humble him in Asana hate, so not only you will make a dua that Allah gives me children but give me a righteous child, you're one give me a righteous child is nothing wrong with that and it is in the Quran.

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Now, having said that, they also can be a test for us, and many will feel this and Allah said this while many and NEMA and while you will have a computer or an ally in the hotel and having no that's your worldly goods and white wealth, well we'll add a comma and your trader or a trial and that I'm lost pantile I have an

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Rate three words. So no, your wealth

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and or money and your children are trial for you. Why is that? Subhanallah something we all ask for what for combat coolness of our eyes, we love them, but they can be a trial because they've can be a distraction from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Or, and unfortunately, if this has happened, will happen that because of the children, we actually disobey Allah subhanahu ATOD they can be a reason for us to not only disobey Allah's content, it was sometimes Subhanallah even leave us down completely. So the basic issue here is not to make any human being, even if they are the closest to us, even if they were the answer of our dua, to take us away from Allah subhanaw taala why the children our

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tests are trials for us. They are the coolness of our eyes, we make dua to Allah, Allah give us because they can be a huge distraction for us. And Anwar said it also in the Quran, you go hand in hand and you have to see come on one coin out we allowed to command the Korea Oh my Yes, I'll daddy fought with a kamikaze little Oh, believer. Don't let your wealth and children distract you from the remember us or from wash Panama Tyler And whosoever does that. They are absolute losers. You have to be very much aware that we're not lost power tied. Bless us with the blessings and definitely children, they should not be a reason to distract us from him. Subhana this happened to one of the

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companions. Some scholars said this is why this was actually this verse was revealed, and he had children and he loved them. And every time he wanted to go to an expedition with other soiree saw to a sinner, beings to stand in front of him start crying and his heart soften and he doesn't leave doesn't go without or Swanee, soft or snap and disperse was the ordeal Subhanallah you want to

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be known as logical? Why would I be? How do we know for sure? When tough waters for Whoa, what Toshiro saying hola hola for all believers, this is you and me, indeed, among your wives and children, a monk not one of our enemies for you. So beware of done, beware of obeying them in neglecting the performance of good deeds

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in them and as logic more radical Maha downhome. Be aware of that. And why is that because this verse was revealed also one of the companions who stayed away from the obedience of Allah to praise the family. Now one thing we have to remember as we are going through the Quran, when we say the reason for a voice to be revealed, that doesn't mean to only apply to that instance, it means it is for us also. So this waters when almost fine, Tara said they can be your enemy is because of a Sahabi who is family prevented him from migrating with other Swati Assad to a sinner and this was a real ask for that time. True. But that also mean it applies to us. We really have to be careful that

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when we read the Quran, the first question we always have to ask ourselves is this is me is my child, my children she or he take on what it is taking me away from Allah subhanho wa Taala or have to be very honest, it's very difficult because children are very nice deals to us, they have parts of us Subhanallah so if that's the case, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy, let them not to be an obstacle between us and Allah subhanaw taala we should be the other way around. We should be the reason why our children get close to Allah come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. Some of us will be tested say then what was tested with his son Subhan Allah two sons, one was absolute believer and

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obedient to his father, and the second one was loved and died as a kappa. Yes, they can be test, they can be a challenge. They can be even in enemy. At the same time. They are blessing from Allah spank dad, and they are calling us of the eyes and most of the time be ignorant that they can be a reason to bring you closer to Allah. May Allah bless all the children may Allah Subhana Allah make them all or every child make them make him or her a cornice to their parents and also make them a reason for L continuous charity for their parents after they pass away. Me

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