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Allah so kind of what the other room reminds us time and time again in the Quran. That money and power in this world does not necessarily mean that Allah is happy with what you're doing. And solar Tober Allah azza wa jal speaks directly to the corporation Maccha can let me in early on properly who can do a shutdown in acampo? What and what?

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What Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal in the habit of mellow home with Daniela Fila hula egovernment Farsi room. He says you disbelievers are just like those before you they were stronger than you in power. They were more abundance in wealth and in children. They enjoy their portion of worldly enjoyment and you have enjoyed your portion as those before you did. And you have engaged in things just slightly they have engaged in it as those people whose deeds have become worthless in this world and in the Hereafter, and it is a who are the losers, wealth and power do not prove that Allah azza wa jal is happy with you. Not necessarily, but it also does not prove that Allah is Allah gel

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is angry with you. Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes rewards the believers with success in this dunya in fact, Allah azza wa jal addresses some of the Christians and Jews and sorrows and matita who were afraid that if they accepted Islam, or if they fully follow the revelation they had been given that it would take away their wealth as well just says one oh n number Nakamoto. Also when Gina one mountains either delayed him and brought him the ACA LUMION felt became one year in tech to Judaism. And if only they upheld the law of the Torah, and the law of the Nazrul and what has been revealed to them from their Lord, they would have provision from above that and from beneath their

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feet. Allah Subhan Allah was Allah is saying that he would have continued to reward them with prosperity in the dunya If only they had upheld the revelation that he gave them.

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As Muslims, we can take pride in the fact that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam founded one of the wealthiest, most powerful civilizations in human history. After the death of the prophets, Allah Lovelady, the seven, things were never perfect, so that would be impossible. And yet the general impact that Assange had on the world was to bring justice was to bring stability was to bring securities of all people under Muslim rule for hundreds and hundreds of years. If you go into the history books, you find people outside of Muslim territory, writing in all of the Muslim lands when they visited for trade or diplomacy. They were surprised by the cleanliness by the organization

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by the high standards and more out of it, that was the norm in Muslim civilization. In contrast, when Muslim travelers left Muslim territory, they were often shocked and dismayed by the filth, and the meanness of life elsewhere. Again, there were plenty of exceptions. But this was the general trend. The historical record shows that Muslim lands have hospitals before other people. We had universities before anyone else. We have functioning orphanages, we had psychiatric care, we had soup kitchens, we have libraries, we have parks and gardens. Everything you could imagine, that makes life pleasant and tranquil. This was the norm, whether you work in Muslim Spain or Muslim

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Africa, where shanann or Asia everywhere. And there is one particular tool that Allah azza wa jal gave us as part of our Shaddai that enable all of this to happen, and that is the wealth.

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A wealth is an Islamic endowment. So here is how it works. You take an assets, like a house, or land and you freeze it

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except from ever being sold, given away for inheritance, instead, you use that assets to generate income. And you take that income and you dedicate it to one particular cause. This one is for the poor. This wealth is for the orphans. This one is for the mestu. At the height of the Muslim power, most public goods were financed by the law. There were four specifically dedicated to run hospitals, others to run schools, others to care for the orphans, others the paved roads, others that house travelers and manage parks and fountains, every public good that you can think of, including the message. It was financed by a walk.

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In one accounts, there was a servant walking down the streets of the mesh of Damascus, and he was carrying food on a plate. The plate slipped from his hand, it fell to the ground and broke. One of the shopkeepers nearby saw what happened and he said, Hey, go over there. There's a wealth, specifically to replace broken plates.

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Why is this so significant? Why is this so revolutionary? I will tell you,

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the Leq is so significant, because it is much more effective than normal charity. Normal charity is best suited for an immediate need, because when normal charity, whatever you give is spent right away. The Catholic faith, we just gave it at the end of Ramadan. We gave them money, it was distributed,

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it's gone. It can only be used once, and you only get your reward once. With a walk. With an Islamic endowment, you give your money to help establish it. Or you add your donation to an existing endowment and your money stays there and keeps making more money. Maybe the luck is an apartment building your money goes to buy the apartment building or maintain it and then the apartment building brings in rents money. The rents on a is that used for whatever purpose that the lungfish is established for every single time that that endowment gives money to its target population, guess what? You get rewarded in the afterlife you gave just once. But your donation keeps getting counted

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as a good deed again and again. And again.

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The superiority of this model should be obvious to anyone where you like your donation to be sent and gone. Or would you like it to last until the day of judgments? The Prophet Muhammad Ali stiletto salaam sell either Matson in Salem operando is in

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Illinois in solidarity in Julia, I really mean you interpret away. Oh, well in solid here, you know, as the Bukhari the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Whenever someone dies, their deeds are cut off, except for three. The first one perpetual charity sadaqa jariya charity that keeps on benefiting people after you pass away. The easiest way to achieve this is by putting your money into a look for

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that history of the left foot goes all the way back to the Companions and their time in Medina, a drought had hit Medina and water was very scarce. The crops and the animals were starting to suffer. The only good source of water was a weld that was owned by a man who was not a Muslim.

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As people were driven by necessity to buy water from this man, he took advantage of the situation. He charged very, very high prices. You think the pandemic was bad, this inflation was even worse. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam knew the situation his community was in and he informed them that who ever bought this Weddell and helped them the Muslims would be in paradise.

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Earth men Rhodiola for animal jumps at this often. At first, he offered the owner of the wealth of direct buyouts of the owner of the well was making far too much money to accept that. So he refused. Earth man brought the loved one who, however, was very, very clever. He offered to buy half of the web. And since you can't physically divide a web, you divide the use of the web. Each of them would have the rights to use the well on all

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Certain days, the man agreed Earth man was a famous businessman and very popular. The owner of the well probably thought he was going to build his brand and attract more customers by becoming partners with men. But our friend wrote the article was not doing business in the dunya. He was doing business for the afterlife. When it was his day, and he got to control the water, he did something his new business or never would have expected, he gave away all the water for free. And I must suppose rejoice. Now people only came to the well on Earth man's day, and they would take enough water with them until last two days, until it wasn't a man's turn again.

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This ruin the business of the other men, Earth man then offered to buy him out and own the world completely, which some men have no choice but to accept. But if man wasn't finished there, he wasn't done. He took the well and the surrounding lands, and he made it into a trust into an Islamic endowment. He put it into a walk

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today that well and the land around it still exists, you can visit it, the deed to the property is still an earth man's name. The dates grown on that property are sold and half of the income goes to widows and orphans in that area, while the other half is invested back into the wealth for maintenance and expenses. The main one was bank accounts set up for a man in our family.

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He has been collecting rewards from this piece of land and raising his rank and Paradise every day, for the last 1400 years. Apollo probably have noticed something a lot of you want to call him and he certainly must sing in an equally

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good number.

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And handling.

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We're shipping the boiler to people you want to know what to learn, you know what the rules are. So you can be manly shut me up. And I will say that Mohammed did not sue

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me for the love of it. While I had a lot of family who were planning or somebody was sending to see him and give you

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some historians estimates that at the beginning of European colonization, between 40 and 60%, of Mustang territory was held in some kind of wealth.

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The Luck was such a powerful tool. It was so central to Muslim society for so long, that when the colonial powers came to conquer Muslim lands, they quickly realize that dismantling of what was priority number one, both to get rich quickly, but also to bring the local populations under their control. How do they do it? They follow the same playbook, whether it was French Algeria, or British India, for Dutch Indonesia. First, they seized possession of the underlying assets, the land the buildings.

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Even in the Ottoman Empire, the British pressured them in the second half of the 1800s to abolish the lock system entirely. And to put those properties back on the market for private purchase.

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Next, they repurpose the income of those properties instead of the income going to the poor or to the schools or to the meskin the income now rents to the army or to the colonial governments directly.

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If that wasn't bad enough, the European powers the French, the British, the Dutch, they brought in scholars, they brought in academics, they published books and pamphlets trying to turn the post some popular opinion against the lock system in French Algeria, Orientalist scholars even waiting on a public campaign to convince the Muslims that the law was built

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and innovation.

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When they stole the land, and they stole the income, they not only enrich themselves, they brought everything under their control, especially education.

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As long as there have been schools in the Muslim world funded by a low schools would be independent of the government's real Islamic scholarship could grow a scholarship that could stand up to oppression, Scotland

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A ship that could take action in their communities. And once the wall was dismantled, the only places left to learn with the government schools, with the government curriculum, taught by the government teachers, you can imagine what kind of education that goes.

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Establishing our is a revolutionary act. It's an act that not only makes you financially sustainable, it gives you control. And it gives you independence. And I happen to believe that in this country, we have the freedom to do it.

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It's perfectly legal. The non Muslims do it all the time. And so even though many of us are far away from our ancestral homelands, we find that in this land, we have an opportunity to do something that maybe we're not even allowed to do back home.

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All we have to do is exercise that freedom. It is our rights. And it is our tradition. We here at this semester, Utica mastery, our star starting a fund for Olaf and Charlottetown, we are going to pool our money and invest it in a rental property. We will take the income from the rental property and use it to fund the machine.

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That way when you donate your money during Ramadan, or outside of Ramadan, it will go farther, it will have a greater impact. And we can start thinking long term. If we want a youth center, if we want a school if we want a daycare. This is the way it starts with a wolf. I encourage everybody here today to not only get to this hall but to tell everyone you know and spread the word. Everyone in this room right now, today can have a legacy like our friends or the loved one. We can do it if we plan if we come together and if we use the tools that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us