Yasir Qadhi – The Tree of Iman – Part 2

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The loss of Hannah horchata and guidance from Allah have caused confusion and loss. The fruit of man is a gift given to those who have a man, and the minimal required level is important in Arabic. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding major sins and avoiding major sin to achieve gender straightity. The speakers also discuss the benefits of working in a man’s position and the importance of finding happiness in life. They stress the need for a positive attitude and faith in oneself to achieve success in life, watering trees, and protecting them from predators.
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Indeed All praise is due to a loss of Hannah horchata we praise Him and we seek His help and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah chooses to misguide, none can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah subhanahu wa tada and bear witness and I testify that Mohammed Salah la hora de he was sending them his his final prophet and his most perfect worshipper as to what follows Allah subhana wa tada has reminded us in the Koran to be conscious of him when he said, Yeah, you

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have Xena moto topo la haka to RT water. moeten Illa. One to Muslim moon are you who believe have Taqwa of Allah and be conscious of Allah, the way that it is deserving? That you be conscious of Him and do not die except in a state of submission? My dear brothers and sisters, continuing from the previous photo that I gave, where I began talking about the verse in the Quran, in which Allah subhana wa Taala compares eemaan and compares the Kadima of La Ilaha in the law with a beautiful and majestic tree. And I had mentioned some of the symbolisms the metaphor Why is Allah using a tree and what is the symbolism of the tree and the roots and the branches and the towering beauty that is

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described and today inshallah we will continue with the phrase t Okuda Kula Hainan B is murabaha. This tree of Eman is giving its fruits throughout the year in all seasons by the permission of its Lord. So in today's football, we will illustrate some of the many fruits of the tree of Eman. Allah says the tree of the man is giving you fruits there's benefits you get energy you get sustenance. And Allah azzawajal describes it with two very interesting adjectives, the both of which are not found in any human tree in any mortal tree in any tree in this world. Number one, that the fruits of this tree are varied it is not one fruit, it is not just one fruit, you get multiple fruits you date

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and bananas that gives you grapes and figs does it work that way in, in all seasons, the tree of human It doesn't just flourish in one season from January to February from December to know every single season every month, whenever you need some sustenance, whenever you need some energy boost whenever you need to recharge your batteries, you can turn to this tree of human this gift that Allah has given and you will be able to find the type of sustenance that you need. So what are some rephrase the question in a modern way? Why should I believe? What are the benefits of believing what happens when I believe in Allah and the messenger when I have a man and again the caviar today's

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football is but one hot button I will summarize some points and obviously many more can be mentioned. Let us begin from the beginning. It is obvious and self evident that one of the fruits of the tree of a man is the fruit of gender itself. Gender his has only been given to those who have a man if you don't have a man you will not get gender. This is a fundamental understanding of our theology, and not just any gender. In the Medina I'm an oily hottie Canada home genital theodosia newsela. Those who have Eman and do good deeds, they shall have the highest Jana, Jana to fit those as an IBO to live. And as we mentioned in the last foot, the tree of demand varies from person to

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person, not all trees are the same size. So based on the tree that you have in this world, you will be gifted the gift of the next life. The stronger the tree in this world, the better they get to the gift of next life. And if you look at the levels of Eman if you look at the degrees of a man, the beauty is that even if you have the bare trunk of a man the bare minimum of the man which means those people who are far from Islam, but they're still Muslim, they pray occasionally they fast occasionally they commit major sins but they still have somewhere in their hearts some eemaan that bear level of Eman you will get from it the blessing of not remaining in the fire.

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Help you might we seek Allah's refuge that type of person might go through jahannam for a period of time, but their Eman will eventually save them had the existence of Abel hottie, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yahoo Jimena. Now men can have led him is Paulo Dena, a mini man, a group of people will be taken out of the fire of help who have this the weight of a coin of a man, then we'll follow those who have the weight of a seed, then we'll follow those who have the weight of an atom then we'll follow those who have a dinner at dinner at dinner, the smallest, smallest, smallest amount of time and then the profitsystem said no one will be left in jahannam except those

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that have no emotion. So the bare minimal level of a man will guaranteed that inshallah tada that person will not remain in jahannam but that's that's not our goal. Our goal is not to go through jahannam to get to Jannah. Our goal is to get to gender straight how do we get there we need to have what is called the minimal required level in Arabic the wattage of a man the wattage of of a man. If we have that level, we are guaranteed to skip over jahannam it is a guarantee from Allah subhana wa tada Allah subhana wa tada mentioned in the Quran, that those who do good deeds Allah has promised those who do good and those who avoid the major sins, that Allah shall forgive their minor sins that

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Allah azza wa jal will not punish them for their minor sins in the hereafter. So there is a guarantee from Allah how do we get this guaranteed by performing the YG of x which is the five pillars and by abstaining from the major sins or if we commit a major sin, repent before we die if we live this minimal lifestyle, which is the five pillars of Islam and avoiding what is called the Cabal, there is a guarantee from Allah in touch Danny bukoba, aroma twin hona and new cafe Lancome sejati come to the hero come Mulholland Karima if you avoid the major sins, Allah says I shall forgive the minor ones and I will cause you to enter agenda with silent Kereama a generous abode and

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this is of the fruits of demand of the fruits of a man my dear brothers and sisters is that when you have a man, any good deed that you do shall be manifold rewarded by Allah smiling in the face of your brother will be rewarded by Allah helping somebody to drive from point A to point B helping somebody in the smallest of deeds. Our Prophet system said pouring your bucket of water into your neighbor's bucket when they would have to go to the wealth this will be sadhaka but it will only be accepted when they have a man Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, that woman or other Hirata wasa Yahuwah mcminn, for Annika kanessa you homeschool, whoever desires the Hereafter, and he

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strives to get it while having a man that is the person whose deeds will be accepted by a law. In other words, those who do not have a man their good deeds will not be rewarded in the hereafter. Now some people say but that's not fair. There was a generous person he helped people for the sake of whatever not for a lot, why should he not be rewarded and the response is Allah is getting and Allah is Mannan. And Allah will reward any dollar of good, but only those who believe in a law shall be rewarded in the hereafter. Those who don't believe in Allah, they will be rewarded in this dunya for the good that they have done. And this is the epitome of justice. Why should Allah give what was not

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desired by the one who did the deed, the one who did the deed and he didn't believe in a law did not want a law to reward him in the hereafter. So why should you reward him he never desired a lot in them and our melburnians whatever he desired, he got, he wanted fame, he wanted PC, what is satisfaction, he shall get that and Eliza just mentioned this in the Quran. Whoever does not believe in the newer fee in a karma home fee, we shall return their good deeds in this world will reward them in this world while home fee high value buffer zone. Allah will not be stingy they did it they'll get something but in the hereafter that is only for the believer. So he man What does it do?

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Every good deed that you do, when you have a man you will see it in this world and the next world double reward by one get one free, you will get a good in this world and you will get a good in the next world but only if you have a man and this is of the fruits of demand of the fruits of human is that the moment the believer simply by his emaan shall be forgiven. In other words, the stronger the man the more powerful the forgiveness sometimes even without asking Allah's forgiveness about bene in the

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fall fildena Allah we have Eman therefore forgive us simply because we have eternal love forgive us and so Allah shall forgive the believers simply because of their Iman of the fruits and blessings of a man is that he man allows us to be protected by the protection of Allah that Allah subhana wa tada defends.

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believer in the law how you adapt here and in levena Amina, Allah shall defend on behalf of those who have a man and when Allah is defending what enemy can possibly harm you when Allah is fighting on your behalf when Allah azza wa jal is defending what enemy can possibly harm you. So this is of the fruits of a man of the fruits of a man mighty brothers and sisters, and this is an amazing thing that the more eemaan you have, the easier it is to requite to acquire more email, the more email the easier to move higher and higher. In other words, you put in a little effort a low will give you a lot you put in a little more alone even more the higher you climb in a man the easier is the climb

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so every next step shall be easier than the previous one. And this is a blessing of the man Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran in the Latina woman what else for the hottie? Yeah, Dee

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Dee Imani. Those who believe and do good deeds, Allah will guide them because of their a man. So when you have a man, Allah will give you more a man simply when you desire a man all you have to do is wanted and Allah says yes de hombre de Imani him because of their Eman, Allah will guide them even more. So the more you have, the easier it is to acquire more every footstep you take, realize the next step is going to be easier. And what a great blessing for the people of Imam of the blessings of humanity of the fruits of the man. And it only occurs to the believer is that famous Hadith narrated in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Our

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job as the umbrella minister in Morocco Kula who higher wondrous are the affairs of the one of eemaan, for all of his affairs are always good. And then he said, And that only happens for the movement that only happens for the movement. The movement is never a loser. The movement never comes out in the losing situation, the movement is always a winner, it is a win win for the movement, no matter what happens. And that's why he said and that is only for the movement, how so if some good happens to him, he thanks Allah and Allah gives him even more than shakaama as he then if something bad happens to him, he is patient, and Allah rewards him for his patience. Hence, the sum total is

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that the believer is always rising, rising, rising, there is no situation that any believer can face, except that the believer can convert it to become a positive no matter what negative happens, the sum total will always be positive. And that is only for the believer when they have the right attitude, and that is of the fruits of human of the fruits of demand is that even political stability in this earth is given to those who have imagined we are being persecuted around the globe, we are seeing the rise of Islamophobia. What is one of the responses not the only one but what is one of their responses? There is no doubt that one of the main responses is that we need to

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strengthen our EMA and, and this is just some superstitious joke. This isn't some backward talk. This is the reality without the help of a law we have no help. Now, I'm not saying that's the only thing we also have to do other things in the media in politics. That's another topic but no doubt where does it begin from the hub? Where does it begin with your own relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Macan phase, when the Muslims were being persecuted and the Sahaba were wondering For how long will this last Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Quran why the law hula Dena Armando min Kumamoto saw the hearty layers. friend whom Phil, Allah is promising, he didn't need to

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promise a lot always speaks the truth. But when Allah says I am promising, the point is to emphasize la de la la de la it is Allah's promise to those who believe and do good deeds that I shall give you political authority in the land. Why the law hula Deena amo domian Kumamoto, sila hottie layers,

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whom fill out the Muslims of Makkah could never have imagined the sanctity of Medina, the peace of Medina, there is of Medina, they could never have imagined that in one generation there will be knocking on the doors of the Persian sassanid Empire and the Byzantine Roman Empire and conquer half nay three quarters of the given world. The Sahaba themselves were persecuted in Makkah, they walked into conquer the Persian capital of testifying of sassanid Persia and they conquered all of that land, the same Sahaba who are being persecuted, now they are distributing the treasures of kisara. And that is what Allah said in the Koran, why the law, I promise you, you worship me, you have faith

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in me you have a man and do good deeds. I shall give you that security, you want layer stuff

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that literally translates give them the khilafah in the red layer stuff. And that's exactly what Allah did to the Sahaba. He gave them that there is

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The likes of which we have not seen for 14 centuries. And this is the fruits of a man of the fruits of your mind My dear brothers and sisters of the fruits of Eman is that a man gives us the strongest sense of optimism during times of pessimism. Eman gives us courage during times of weakness in man gives us that internal strength that we need such that any negative situation can be faced with a positive attitude and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this in the Koran woman yet tequila Hydra Allahu Maharaja was open and he later said, Whoever has taqwa of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make an escape route for him alone will allow him out of the situation he's in and Allah will

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provide for him from sources he never expected from situations from help he never thought would come Allah subhana wa Taala will help when will it happen? Those who have a man and taqwa of the blessings of the man, my dear brothers and sisters of the fruits of a man is that he man brings about glory, even in your personal life, it raises you and your rank in the eyes of Allah and in the eyes of his beloved. Allah says in the Quran, your affair Allahu Allah Dena Amen. Amen Khun Valentina madora jack, Allah shall raise the ranks of those who have emaan and of those who have knowledge amongst you, Allah shall raise their ranks, which means in this world, they shall be

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beloved and honored and respected. And in the next world, their macom will be high in gender, because Allah shall raise their ranks because of their demand. And this is of the fruits of demand of the fruits of demand. And this is especially relevant given the climate we live in, given the times that we live in have the fruits of demand is that a man provides us a sense of stability, of purpose of higher purpose. Those who don't have a man will never find internal peace. Why are we here? Who created us? What is the purpose of life? What is going to happen after death? Only the most men can answer these questions those who don't have a man they shall live in confusion, they

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shall live not knowing the biggest answers to this life and that is why Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal gave the prophecies and hedaya and what did that do? What I find is the wisdom, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Uncle Baba Hara, we lifted the burden that was on your chest and shoulders. Our scholars mentioned the burden of not knowing how to worship Allah, it's a burden and those of us who are born Muslim and have remained Muslim, we do not know what it feels like 100 enough for that, but we do not know what it feels like to not have hedaya to not have a man speak to those that are sincere but outside of Islam speak to them about their

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emptiness, their spiritual bankruptcy, they don't know what is the purpose of life, they don't understand. When you have a man you have a sense of higher purpose, you have a sense of belonging and that's why Allah subhana wa tada says, FM and sha Allah who saw that all who live Islam give the example of the one whose heart is at peace because of Islam. Shara Hassan is to be at peaceful heart he man gives about a sense of peace, a sense of knowledge of who I am, why am I here who created me What is the purpose of life, and that will only happen for the moment, the one who rejects faith they shall live in a perpetual darkness of confusion. Allah says in the Quran is his example, the

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one who is has remained the same as the one commandment of Buddha Mati lays a bit harder, Jim, in the example of the one lost in darkness, never finding an exit from that darkness. Notice, Allah says, when you have a man, you have a light you can see around you, you know everything, just like when it's sun, you can see you can situate yourself when you don't have a man, Allah says he is in the pitch black, he has no idea where he is. He's wandering aimlessly. And what a beautiful metaphor for the life of the believer who knows where he is, he sees the destination, he knows how to get there, versus the life of the one who doesn't have a mind. There is no destination, there is no

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higher purpose, just wandering aimlessly day by day. And this is the biggest fruits of a man in this world of the fruits of the mind, my dear brothers and sisters just following up from the last point of the fruits of the man. Many people presume, mistakenly, that when I choose to believe in a law, when I choose to live a righteous life, when I choose to be a good Muslim, I shall have to sacrifice this dunya and live miserably so that I only get the Acura and this will law he is one of the plots of shavon so that we don't fully appreciate a man. Do you really think that the one who chooses Allah will ever suffer? Do you really think the one who turns to Allah will ever be disappointed?

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No, the one who chooses a man that is the only one who shall get this dunya and the next and that is only for the moment and Allah subhana wa tada mentions this in the Quran when he says that when I made a father amends

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Record. Well who are not many fella? You know who

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whoever does good deeds, whether they're male or female. This is the real equality, spiritual equality and that's another topic altogether. What Islam guarantees between men and women is spiritual equality they are both the same in the eyes of Allah in terms of their soul and ROI. As for other issues, that is another topic altogether. Whoever does good deed male or female, and they have a man, that is the person Allah says, look at the Arabic fella, he and who hyatts and we are going to bless him with the sweet life. Hi, Atlanta, Yaba, that hire will be tired, pure, beautiful, the more men shall live a beautiful life in this world before the next world that one who chooses

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Allah, Allah chooses him and that person will never be disappointed. And this of the fruits of demand of the fruits of the mind, my dear brothers and sisters of the fruits of your mind is that death becomes an easy transition to the next life. Every one of us will face death, every one of us will see the angel of death. Every one of us will feel a panic and anxiety except for the sheer heat otherwise all of us feel a panic and anxiety. But for the believer at the time of death, what is going to happen? Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran that the angels are going to console the believer at the time of death. You said bitch Allahu livina Amano. We'll call this RBT Phil

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hayati dunya waffle ophira those who believe Allah azza wa jal will make them firm in this world and in the next, the scholars of Tafseer say this in the Hadith as well in this world means at the end of this world when they see the angel of death, Allah will bless them to say la ilaha illa Allah, may Allah make our last Kadima La ilaha illa Allah that will be blessed for the believer. Allah says in the Quran, that the humble Bushra will head to dunya with an afro they will be given glad tidings in this world and in the next world. Allah says in the Quran in the Medina, Adora buena la Suma de como tetanus Zhu Li him on Bella echo. A lot of times I know those who say Allah is our Lord, and

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they are firm in that the angels will come and they will say, Don't worry, don't be scared, we will take care of you not only will come when will this happen? This will happen at the time of death when the believer will see the angel of death and immediately there's going to be a little bit of fear. But then Allah azza wa jal says they will be surrounded by beautiful angels, and the angels will say, Don't worry, don't be scared. We'll take care of you. We are your friends and protectors will take care of you and your family after you who will get that blessing in alladhina Paulo rabona Allahu Akbar mo and this is of the fruits of Eman of the fruits of demand. My dear brothers and

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sisters is the stronger ones. Amen. The stronger ones attachment to the oma and the stronger ones attachment to the oma the stronger will be the Brotherhood and the unity of Islam in Malmo. mimouna is what the people of Eman they are like families of brothers all together. And this is the fruits of demand of the fruits of demand. My dear brothers and sisters is that on the day of judgment on the day of judgment when Allah subhanho wa Taala will destroy all sources of light either shampoo will rot away the new jumaane cutter at all the sun the moon the stars will be destroyed and we will be immersed in pitch black darkness then we will be told all of us go find Jenna How will you find

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Jenna in darkness? How will you cross the set off in darkness? How will you manage to save yourself in that timeframe? Allah says that add that timeframe. Yellow Matata me Nina will move me knotty Yes. Mucho whom by the ad him will be a man him on that time the believing men and women they will see their eemaan as the light shining forth. In other words, when the Yama finishes and people are told to go to heaven or *, they will be darkness then Allah azza wa jal will grant every person a unique flashlight, a unique torch that torch will be your own man. The stronger your Eman the stronger your torch, the stronger Eman the brighter you can see where you're going you can cross the

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set off and the weaker the man the weaker the torch. This is of the blessings of the man. So make sure our Eman is strong. And the final blessing will mention and again this is a short hold but and the fact of the matter before I get to the final blessing My dear brothers and sisters, it is true to say MLP m says this, that every single pure blessing of this world and the next every single pure joy of this world and the next every single halau was sweetness of this world and the next you will only find it from the tree of Eman. Any other source of happiness is going to be polluted. I'm not saying you cannot find happiness you will find happiness and sin but we all know

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What happens with the happiness of sin, you feel guilt, regret, disgust, anger, you feel remorse. As for the happiness that comes from a man, there is no negative side effects. There's no bitter consequence, every single blessing of this world and the next that is pure, that is unadulterated that shall give you ultimate peace. It comes from the tree of the man and only the tree of the man. But we have to conclude this list and we conclude with the greatest blessing of EMR you will ask me what is greater than gender? I started this list with gender what can possibly be bigger than gender? There is a blessing that is even bigger than Jenna

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lilla Dina is and who

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was he had those who do good, they shall have a list now one of the names of genders and they shall have gender was Jada and more than gender itself. What is more than gender itself? It is explicit in the Quran. Would you even know there are a lot

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on that day faces will be shining bright, because they will be looking at Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the ultimate blessing of a man that will not be given to those who don't have a man can in the home, be him Yama, Eden. Lama, ju Boone the people have conferred on that day they shall be a job between them and a law. Imam Shafi said when Allah azza wa jal has threatened with punishment that people have suffered with the hijab. This means that the best reward will be the lifting of the job for the people of a man and this is of the fruits of a man and even this will be given in accordance with one's a man the stronger was one is a man the more one we'll be able to gaze at the

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face of Allah subhanho wa Taala My dear brothers and sisters, the tree of the man is indeed a precious tree in sha Allah, we all have this tree, but every tree it needs to be watered, it needs to be shown the sun you need to protect it from predators. The Tree of Eman the sun that it needs is the Quran and Sunnah you need to expose yourself to the Quran and Sunnah so that your tree grows, the water that you're going to feed your tree with. It is your good deeds you need to water your tree or your tree will shrivel up you need to keep on doing good deeds so that the tree becomes stronger and stronger and the weeds and the predators that attack that tree these are the weeds and

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predators known as sins. And the stronger the sin the more it will attack the tree. You need to protect the tree of Eman so that it grows and grows and grows. May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with and through the Quran. And may He make us of those who it's versus they understand and those who applies heroin and heroin throughout their lifespan. I asked for less forgiveness you as well ask for his love for the rush man

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Alhamdulillah helwa hidden ahead of summit Allah Damilola mula akula, who Khufu and I had to abide by the brothers and sisters in around a week or a little bit more, we will be beginning as we all know, the first 10 days of the ledger. And these are the 10 days that Allah azza wa jal made a custom on welfare theory when the national even above said layer, the National or the 10 days of the future. And our scholars say that there are two timeframes of the year that are the holiest of the holy, the last 10 nights of Ramadan or holiest in terms of nights. And the first 10 days of the ledger are holiest in terms of days. So we need to appreciate these days our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said, there is no good deed that you can do that will be rewarded more by Allah than the good deeds of these 10 days except for the one who goes out FISA beat, Allah leaves everything behind and he dies issue he that is the one good deed you can do outside of the 10 days, otherwise, in these 10 days, whatever you do, you cannot equal it outside of these 10 days. Unfortunately, many of us don't appreciate the blessings of these 10 days, we should maximize our ibaadat do as much as we can in these 10 days. Avoid as much sin as we can in these 10 days. And of course the greatest of good deeds in these 10 days is the days is the deed of hygiene that is why it

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comes in these days. For those of us who are not going for Hajj there is still much that can be done of them is the old hair or Qurbani This is one of the Sooners of the Prophet salallahu idea he was send them to do have them as well is to do constant Vicar in these 10 days. In fact, in the Hadith Husain Muslim the prophets are explicitly linked these 10 days with Vicar, he said for a little fee minute especially with the media with Delhi. So therefore in these 10 days increase the spear Subhana Allah when hamdu Lillah wa ala hanga lo Allahu Akbar. These are the 10 days of Vicar of a bada every good deed that you do sponsoring an orphan giving sadaqa try your best to do something

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different. Every

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10 days every one of these 10 days and of course the fast on the ninth of the ledger of this is only for those that are not going for those that are going for Hajj they have an even higher a bother and that is the worship of out of those that are not going one of the most important fast to do is the fast of the night of the ledger. So try your best to do that fast. So Subhana Allah in these 10 days we have extra Koran, extra Vicar, extra Salah, extra charity extra every good deed and especially my dear brothers and sisters overall it is the monitoring of Allah in these 10 days it is the fact that you understand and appreciate these are holy days so you try your utmost to do whatever little you

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can May Allah subhana wa tada accept from us our good deeds and forgive our sins. Aloma in NIDA and for a minnow Allahu Allah tada and and if you had to do me them and Illa Fatah wa Hammond Illa for Raja wa Dana la colita wala Maria Vaughn, Elijah feta, what I see on Elijah SATA allama. Filipina is one in a lady in Baku, nabbing a man when I touch I feel Peruvian asila Latina Manu robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah whom is the Islam muslimeen Allah whom is that Islam al muslimeen Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allah Hama Adana. Our other Islamic Muslim Ebisu who've been upset when she added Mira Mira yaku as he is about the law in the law to Ana

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de bFc was Santa Monica Potosi was lsap Unum and Genie he will insert faqad as employed in Arima in no law Houma, Ecuador Hill saloon Island nebby Yeah, you handed in Amman also Lu la he was sending me this Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik what are the abductor of Sudan Mohammed in what are the early he was a big marine reservoir in Nova Marbella with the Korba weinheim

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you consider Kuru Kuru

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Kuru. Kuru what are the

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in a feed dounia Solomon

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yeah man

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