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Standing in Prayer

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Haifaa Younis

Channel: Haifaa Younis

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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natalio Nafisa Would you

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like to bring the all inside you is that you are in audience with Allah.

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Allah give you gave you the time you give him.

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He didn't say Salah is five minutes. So panela he didn't he didn't put a time for how long you pray he put a time when you pray. So he will say at this time you come how long you want to stay, it's up to you want to stay two minutes, you want to stay five, you want to stay 30 minutes, you want to stay an hour, it's up to you. So this is how I think number one I am being invited via las pantalla to stand in front of him. So it is a connection. It's a it's a it's a supplication and it's glorifying. And there is one more meaning.

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We all say the iiar on the Duma What do we say in Allah? Almighty I get what you saw lunarlon NaVi, you saw Luna and maybe what does that mean? Allah and His Messenger send Salah upon roswaal hisako So what does this follow me?

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Stefan, so part one of the meanings of Salah is a Stefan asking the love of forgiveness. And if you think of it now with all these think of the solar, it's a job. I am asking Allah supplication. It's a connection. I'm glorifying Allah. I'm asking Allah to forgive me. And I am an audience with a las pantile

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Nazi neo nazi Nafisa facking