The discrimination I’ve faced from MUSLIMS

Boonaa Mohammed


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The conversation is about racism among Muslims and how it affects people's experiences. The speakers discuss the issue of racism and how it affects people's experiences, including their experiences with black people. They also mention the potential for creative expression in films.

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I heard one of your spoken word pieces What do you call them?

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Yeah whatever whatever you feel comfortable with. Go for it because the music mashallah yeah that's how anything you do that bang interact

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Yeah, yeah it was about your experience of racism amongst Muslims that's that was a deep one tell us about that. I mean it's something that I think is it's an unspoken no just not like maybe like a microaggression microaggressions you know people don't realize that when they when they there's some macro aggressions as well there's some trade up yeah I live next to I've said this is another another podcast before I've I live next to a predominantly we will call you guys dC by the way wouldn't Asian in North America Asian is like proper Chinese like you're not Asian? Definitely not especially with this virus you want to you want to take that Asian card back right away for your own

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health Yeah. So I live next to a predominantly like in the packs on a masjid

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good to know you have that make a joke in the future. Tell me first

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so I live next to predominate indo Pak masjid and I pray in that Masjid every day all my salah and like nobody says salaam to me. Really just walk in. I pray I leave. I'm invisible. Do they say salam to each other? Yeah. slumped to me.

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Well, you kind of

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got a little black thing going on. 1/64 Black.

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Right. It's it seems kind of my new like, doesn't seem like a big issue but visible to be invisible and inspired.

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Inspired. Yeah. I'm a big deal. Mind you like that community? Yeah, you know, I mean, I mean, there's obviously people obviously, yeah. So in my particular local masjid, they may not all know me, right? I don't really do much in my local Masjid. I'm more kind of I travel around and I'm more active in different massage city, Toronto is a very big city. But despite the fact even if they didn't know me, you know, just to be in a space where this is where a lot is mentioned.

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Announcements are made afterwards in another language, you know, and they just like, it's like you don't like you know, I don't understand what you're saying. No one is like to come until Yeah, it's like, Brother, don't worry, this has nothing to do these guys generally older, or do you find it from the younger communities? I think, I think my positive to say that, you know, the future of the Muslim leadership will be different. I think this has to do with the baggage of our uncles and the people in South America and they did a great job and they did what they could with what they knew. But I think that alongside the fact that you know, oftentimes like we said, like even Islam, black

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Africa, these are not in our vocabulary Yes. We don't necessarily associate Islam with Africa we don't associate Islam with blackness and to me that's a shame and I think that is and you know, even funny enough me doing films poetry rap for people even to say oh brother you're doing rap now. That's like, like this like the R word is like it's like oh my god, you know, stuff for Allah. Because in our vocabulary rap is black culture. Yeah, it's inherently bad. Right? Yeah, thing which comes from the black people, right? It's something but I mean, you could indo Pak culture. People are singing Bollywood, sing song, dance, whatever. You can say whatever you want. But the moment is

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done in that kind of different way. It's a different level of haram. Right? Yeah, of course, man. Right. So I think that's problematic.