Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #19 – Being a Visionary & Aiming High

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The believer is not satisfied with mediocrity; he doesn’t want to just do the bare minimum, either for his faith or in his work. The believer aims highs, makes a firm resolve, strives hard, and excels in all efforts. The believer is not lazy, nor does he give up. We are told to try to be leaders in our fields, and to leave a lasting legacy and impact – both on a spiritual level, and at a civic level.

The Prophet (SAW) said: “Allah has prescribed excellence in all that you do”


AI: Summary © The movement in the Sahaba during the early years of the century was designed to be a leader and shaker, with a clear vision and goal. The believer's vision was to be a mover and shaker, rise up to the top, and be the best in their field. sharpening the blade and treating animals properly were key pillars for achieving success. The importance of the believer's visionary visionary visionary visionary visionary visionary visionary visionary visionary was emphasized.
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me, laser gunning you will be Mookie won't be muddy smell Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so heavy woman with a hammer bag. So most of the stuff that we are doing deal with interacting with other people. And that's going to be the default of our series. But there is another category of o'clock. And that is the o'clock are the characteristics of the movement in his own life with his own personality. And we're going to do a few of those today will be one of them. And this is actually a very comprehensive one. I've actually putting a number of them in to today's lecture. And that is the believer, the movement is not satisfied with being

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mediocre. The believer wants to aim for the highest and be the best. The believer is not satisfied with average, know, the more men strives to have the best vision, the highest aspiration, the loftiest ambitions, the more men wants to be the best of the best in everything. So the Mothman has a vision that is very high, and has a desire and a fortitude. We call it an Arabic Azima. He has a strong desire to get there. He has a plan of action, and then he exerts efforts. In other words, the believer is a mover and shaker. The believer is a visionary. The believer is a leader in every field. This isn't just in the religious field in whatever the believer does. The believer thinks

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long term and the believer wants to be somebody who has a lasting legacy not because of fame, not because of glory, but because that is what Allah subhana wa Taala loves. And of course the Quran and Sunnah is full of this. In fact, what is the Syrah except the story of success in every single angle, both religiously and politically? What is the lives of the Sahaba except seeing how every one of them became the best of the best, the best general, the best leader, the best Khalifa, the best scholar, the best. Mufasa the best poet has not been Fabin every one of the senior Sahaba they have a vision, they have a goal and they become the best of the best. And the Quran is full of such

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adjectives and encouragement. How does Allah tell us when it comes to worship? Look at the adjectives and the verbs used was Saudi who was sad because for stebic who it's like a race when the race be the first to be going into Jana to earn Allah's ma Farah to inherit to heaven, the likes of which is you cannot even imagine, Allah is telling us to race one another. When you race. What's the goal of the race you want to be number one, that's the whole point here, the Sahaba they aimed high in all that they did. The famous incident refer the servant of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the freed slave, by the way, SitePoint here, in a land in an era of slavery in an era of owning and

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whatnot, the prophet system never purchased a Golem. And when people were gifted slaves were gifted to him. He freed every single lamb that he ever was gifted in a land in an era where slavery was ramping our promises and put the role model he never purchased. And when emissaries gifted, he would always free one of these freed slaves was refined the process and freed him, but refer I love the process of so much he became a qaddoum A servant, not a slave, a servant. One day the Prophet says, Some Saturday fall, what can I give you for all that you're doing? What gift can I give you? So look, refer how he aimed I. He said he had rasool Allah, I want one thing. I want to be your

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companion in Jannah look at the vision of refer. I want one thing I want to be with you in Jannah when the Prophet system told us Sahaba that he's describing Jana he's describing who who's gonna get to Jana, he said of them, there will be a small group only 70,000 out of billions who are going to enter Jannah and they're going to bypass the hisab the scales on the Day of Judgment immediately what Akasha stands up, says Yara surah Allah, I want to be amongst those 70,000 Make dua to Allah immediately. He wants to be of the elite. That's the vision of the Sahaba when the process is done

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Other Hadith he's describing Jana and the doors of Jannah. And he says there are eight doors of Jannah. And every door it has a particular good deed is going to call the people that people are fasting will be called from the door of Rayyan. The people of South Africa will be called from another door that people have doing this and that will be called from another door. So all of us here in this audience were like May Allah make us at least one door I mean, in sha Allah, that's our goal. Abu Bakr Siddiq, look at the mentality of Abu Bakr Wallahi It's mind boggling. Immediately. He says, Yeah, rasool Allah, will there be a person who will be called from all eight doors? Look at

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where Abu Bakr is aiming. Is there a person that all eight of the doors will call simultaneously? That's what I'm talking about having a high vision, our Prophet system said yes, indeed. And I hope you will be amongst them, you will be of that category Subhanallah aiming high, having a high vision not being satisfied with mediocrity. That's why in the Quran, one of the two hours for the believers again that we began this whole series with the end of Surah Furqan in the ending of sort of on the last phrase in it when you're dealing with Tokina Imam, Allah make us leaders of the righteous, the believer aims to be a mover and shaker. The believer aims to be a leader not because of fame, not

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because of popularity and limelight but because you want to leave a lasting legacy. Ibrahim alayhis salam makes dua in the Quran, that which I literally sign a Swedish clean fill afternoon, leave a legacy that later generations are going to be praising me for you want to leave a legacy not because of ego, but because you want to cause an impact. You want to gain a sense, you want to do something good, so aiming high, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, advising the believers it headed sila Mayan Farrokh. be eager to gain that which will benefit you be eager, have a vision have a goal. Don't be mediocre. Don't be just another statistic. Contrast this to how Allah describes the

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hypocrites, way the combinators salatu como que Salah when they stand up to pray, they're lazy, and another verse when they come to the masjid, they have no energy, Allah is describing them with the opposite adjectives. In fact, our Prophet system would seek refuge in Allah, O Allah, I seek refuge in You from being lazy, being incapacitated doing nothing. That's not the status of the believer. The believer has energy has enthusiasm has a vision and a goal. And then once that vision and goal is there, the believer then has a strong sense of purpose. I want to accomplish this not wishy washy, not wavering. Allah says in the Quran, we shall with whom fill number, get their consultative

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decision. Consult amongst yourselves. Once you take the decision Allah says for either Isom to fatawa Allah Allah, once you have your firm resolve, then go ahead and do it and put your trust in Allah. The word isomer means to have a firm resolve, don't be wishy washy, the Prophet says will make dua to Allah. Oh Allah, I asked you, Allah Azeema, I asked you for the firm resolve to be on the right. So the believer has the firm resolve. You know, we all know the difference between leaders and between followers and of the differences between a leader the leader not just has a vision, he has a resolve, he has the intention to do something. And that intention is addictive, he

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can spread it to other people. And that's one of the differences between the the leader and between the followers. So he will have that result as well. Once you have the result, you follow it up in action as well. You have the action, the plan, and this is another characteristic of the believer, the believer is not random. Few days ago I talked about wisdom. This also plays over here the believer is wise and not to fall. When the believer does something the believer thinks that through has a plan. It's a good plan. And then the believer executes the plan perfectly. This is in this world and in the akhirah this is for the religion and for whatever you're doing. Even this world the

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believer wants the best our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah loves when you do something that you do it perfectly. This is a Hadith. Allah loves when you do something, you don't do a sloppy job you don't just get by with the C minus No, you don't just pass the bare minimum safety requirements know when you do something, do it well in the law to either Hibou either I mean I'm a local cleaner who you have to do it with its Khan do it perfection and the other Hadith the Prophet system said in Allah Khattab SNF equally che Allah prescribed and legislated perfection in all that you do so even when you're fighting the enemy, fight with perfection means have a vision,

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have a plan. Use the proper, you know, tools, the proper warfare, don't be foolish. Don't do something stupid on the battlefield, and even when you're slaughtering an animal slaughter with perfection

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Make sure that you sharpen the blade. Make sure that you treat the animal compassionately, so that the animal doesn't prolong in suffering. This hadith our scholars say, the prophet system gave the example of sacrificing an animal, which is the most common thing every few days, a chicken is going to be killed in that environment, every few days, you're going to sacrifice an animal. And what is the sacrifice of an animal is the death of an animal, the animals gone, but the process and to give an example, even when you're going to cause the end of a life of an animal, do it perfectly. Even when you're doing something so mundane. sacrificing a chicken, when you're doing so mundane as the

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behalf, do it perfectly. Don't be sloppy. And he said explicitly in this it, sharpen the blade. Be gentle to the animal, don't, you know, kill it in front of the other animals. Take it aside, make sure and the Hadith says give the least amount of pain while you're there. That'd be that'd be apt to give ease to the animal that you're going to sacrifice the example being given of an animal being sacrificed and be good be perfect, then how about the jobs that we're doing? How about the tasks that are assigned to us? So the believer your brothers and sisters is not average. The believer doesn't want to be another statistic. The believer wants to leave an impact. The believer wants to

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be a mover and shaker. The believer wants to rise up to the top and be the best in his field and also the best in Iman and Taqwa that's the attitude of the believer. And this is shown in so many things. Again, time is limited. But let me give you just one or two more a hadith of them. The prophets have said, if the trumpet of the Day of Judgment is blown, and you have in your hand, a seedling a sapling, and you're able to plant it before you hear the trumpet, then go ahead and plant it, meaning do something positive even if death is right there. Even if death is around the corner, you can do something the tree that you plant you won't even live to eat it but your children and in

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this hadith there are no children's that they have judgment. But the metaphor is being given the metaphor that do whatever positive you can leave a legacy even if at the end of your life. So you aim high, you have a vision, you have a plan and you execute that vision with perfection. And I'll conclude with a beautiful Hadith which really, really drives the point home that Islam, Allah azza wa jal, the prophet CISM they don't want you to be mediocre. They want you to aim for the best of the best. We're all aware that Jana has many 1000s of levels and we're all aware that there's two broad categories of herbal Yameen and a sub your own and as herbal Yameen will be the bulk of the

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people of Jana a Saba Hoon those that are in the front of the race. They are very small amount Allah says Fula to meet our kalido minute are fading small groups of people are going to be from the SABIC, goon within the Saba cone. There are many, many, many ranks, and the highest rank out of all of the Saba own is that to fit a dose, we all know a fair dose, it is the highest level of Jana. Think about what percentage of the Muslim community will enter for those we do not know. But Yanni realistically is going to be a very small percentage, because the full dose is the highest category of the sabich own. And the Saba Hoon themselves are a small quantity compared to us. Hubballi Amin,

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maybe what point 1% point 5% are going to enter for those if even that, obviously, if those is that good, by the way, for those so good, we have no descriptions of it. Because the prophets have said Words fail me, he said in fitted those is that which the eyes have never seen, the ears have never heard and minds have not even conceived. You can't even imagine, you know all the descriptions of gender we read. That's not for those that's lower levels, all of what you read in the Quran and Hadith. It's not for those for those has not been described, because it cannot be described what percentage we'll get to for those, the smallest of the small, yet still. What did our Prophet system

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say? He said, when you ask Allah for Jana, I want you to ask for a dose Allah Subhanallah knowing that the majority of people who are asking are not going to get to full dose, it's not that easy. We just want it and we get it fitted. Those will not be given to 99.9% of people asking for it. But still, when you ask Allah What do you ask for when you aim? Where do you set your sights, you set your sights on the highest of the high because if you fail, going to the highest of the high, but that was where you want it to go. And shallow. You'll end up Cibona salvia Hoon, you'll end up very high up. But if you aimed to be the very last person who enters Jana struggling and crawling that

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was your goal. Then if you fail that goal, where will you end up? The believer does not strive for mediocrity. The believer aims for the highest of the high. Even if you feel you're not going to get there, aim for it, strive for it, put in the effort.

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Make dua and who knows you might just end up there. But if even you don't end up there, if you live your life wanting to get there striving to get there and even if you didn't get the a plus, you might just guess the solid eight you might be in the level right below for those And subhanAllah compared to anything else. hamdulillah hamdulillah so of the o'clock and characteristics of the believer, the believer has a strong will. The believer is a visionary the believers a mover and shaker the believer wants the best of this world and the best of the era. The believer sets his aim high his eyes are on the prize. The believer has a plan of action. The believer has a strong will

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the believer executes that plan. And then the believer puts his trust in Allah may Allah subhana wa Tada make us of the people that for those that either and inshallah will continue tomorrow so I'm wondering what you would

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