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Lenses of love of Allah

Haifaa Younis


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nutty Leona Fisher, would you?

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Love Now, each one of you, each one of you going to answer this question to herself, no need for people to know how much my claim of the love of Allah my claim

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of the love of Allah

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applies to these five criterias it's pure, pure only for him. It's obvious, everyone see it on me not claim, not words, see it on me actions, how deep it is how much I care about it, and I protected and how much it is constant doesn't change in Ramadan, it's up and after Ramadan goes down. When I am with my friends, I'm different when I am alone, I'm different. It's constant state, constant state. So basically basically in one of the beautiful meanings of love and your apply to Allah, it says meaning it is the pure feeling

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that moves the heart that moves the heart that shows up on the body. And the heart will not replace it with anything else, no other feeling and it's constant with it with him or her and will give the person you love you'll give him everything.

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That's the law of Allah.

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That's the love of Allah.

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Now how much we really love Allah subhanho wa Taala and I'll share with you a beautiful saying this is always you hear the same when anyone talks about the love of Allah. And this is an emammal Junaid and he mammary Janae legendary in piety and legendary in relationship with Allah. And he, there was a group of people sitting in Makkah.

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And they all the discussion in the group, look at the discussion what they talk and look at us. The discussion is about the love of Allah. And remember, Jeanette was the youngest, so he didn't say anything out of respect. So the people said to him, Say it. Say yeah, Raka he's originally from Iraq, like my origin. And he said, okay,

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you say it, what is what is?

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What is love of Allah for you now love of Allah for you. If you want to write that right down, I'm going to translate as much as Allah makes it easy for me. And he said, first of all, his eyes were tearing,

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and he said,

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they said talk about love of Allah. He said, love of Allah is a servant, servant.

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Moving away from himself, a servant, moving away from himself,

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conducted with the remembrance of his Lord,

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moving away from himself, conducted with the law with the remembrance of his Lord,

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standing constantly fulfilling his duties,

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fulfilling the duties, his duties and the rights of his Lord,

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looking to his Lord by his heart, now you're only looking at Allah always with your heart. You know, what does it mean? You look to Allah with your heart.

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There's, there's no there's no lenses here. But there's a huge lenses here. Meaning anything in my life? I say, I do. I don't say I don't do is my heart. Immediately look at Allah and say Allah, should I do it? Is that pleasing to you? Is that how you want me to do it? or Do y'all Allah, this is not something you want me to do. I'm not gonna do it. Now. They don't either he'll be I'll be looking at Allah with his heart.