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Learn how to handle him and humbly let your blind I mean are salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah le or Sahih as united as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato, my brothers and sisters in Islam. My message today is to those among us that still haven't done the decision to pray. And we mean and I mean by this day five daily prayers, and also the message I'm reaching out to those that are on and off the soil. Sometimes they pray, sometimes they avoid and skip the salette altogether. Let's understand first and foremost my brothers and sisters in Islam, that the Day of Judgment is going to be a tough day. This is a tough day without any doubt. And one of the toughest matters on

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the day of judgment as Allah subhanahu wa tada Allah says in the end, when you download the ilisu de falla stuff for your own law. one of the toughest moments on the Day of Judgment allows origin he says, when the people are called to make a salute, when the people when the entire mankind are commanded to make a search that you down there in a suit and is totally your own. The only people that are going to fall in a search that other believers lose who used to pray their five daily prayers on time. As for the hypocrites, as for the disbelievers, as for those who weren't committed and what serious on their solo ad, Allah soldier, he says, is totally your own. Little Mr. mahama

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law, the scholars of Islam, they said that the toughest command on the Day of Judgment is when Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell all of mankind to make a search to fall into servitude. The only people that will be able to meet this route are those who are committed to a solid, and those who are playing with a solid, those who ignored a solid, those who did not take a solid serious, let alone those who ignored it altogether, will not be able to make such a large Zoysia he says harsh yarden our soil on tumblehome Villa that the people that will not be able to fall into suit on the Day of Judgment. A lot of social describes them. And he says hotshot and absorb that their eyes, they will

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be lowered that will help to whom Villa they face will be covered with humiliation that they can you imagine, can you imagine a face that's got its eyes downward, and its face is filled with humiliation? These are the faces on the Day of Judgment of those who refused to Priam this whole life. And what does this imply? If you see someone whose face is down, and he looks black, and you look sad, this is a face of regret. This is a face of worry. In other words, those who did not pray in this life, the biggest regret and the biggest worry they have on the day of judgment was that they did not pray. They did not pray their five daily prayers that Allah subhanho wa Taala obligated

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upon them. A lot of soil. He says in that air, what?

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a downer in a suit. And they used to be called the solid. They used to be called a suit in this life. You've heard how yada

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yada yada, you heard that five times a day. And the phrase is repeated. So that's 10 times a day you heard it. You can wear you down in a suit. We're home Sally moon of the moon and they were absolutely healthy. They were safe and they were sound and there was nothing wrong with them. So why didn't you make a search the one law he the biggest regret on the Day of Judgment for those who used to play with this a lot was why didn't we commit to this solid? Why didn't we offer it on time? And why didn't we pray it? My brothers and sisters in Islam?

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Yeah, I mean, the righteous on the Day of Judgment. The righteous the righteous, we're speaking about people of high level Emad will be regretting on the Day of Judgment every moment in their life that went by and they did not get an increase in their goodness and they did not take advantage of that moment. Imagine them the one who did not pray all together. Imagine the one who did not commit to your Salat altogether. How is this case going to be on the day of judgment? Allah subhanho wa Taala he says that the believers would ask who's in the fire? Why are they in the fire mess silica confused subtle they ask them what landed you in circle circle is the name of the hellfire. They

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asked them why are you here for so those that are encircled burning engine nobody ever will lie. They will respond. And they would say Oh, Nicki Minaj Mussolini. We weren't of those who committed to our solo ad Allahu Akbar. The first crime they mentioned before any other crime they mentioned was that we weren't of those who are committed to our solid love about my brothers and sisters in Islam. And they'll tell you my mama he says that the server has to standings before Allah subhanahu wa Tada. One is in this life.

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is in the hereafter. Our standing before a loss of partner who died in this life is when we stand in our solid and that's five times a day at least we're speaking about the obligatory prayers. We stand five times a day before also part of whom what Allah and on the Day of Judgment, there's going to be a real stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala in where you are standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala being judged for every word you said. And for every action you did at Nokia, Muhammad Allah He says, As for those who perfect the standard in this life, meaning those who perfect their select in this life and look after their solo ad and take care of it and show great concern in their solid, this

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second standing for them, which is the standing before Allah subhanahu wa tada lelisa for the judgment will be easy upon them will be simple, it was Flo it would be easy for them to Pamela. And as for those who did not look after the standing in this life before last session, those who neglected their solid, those who turned away from their solid, those who couldn't care less whether they prayed on time or not, whether they skipped a few prayers or not. Whether they even prayed a prayer or not those who did not look after their select, meaning they ignored the meeting between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala in this life, then the next standing which is on the Day of

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Judgment standing little reserved for the judgment before Allah subhanho wa Taala it will only become tougher and tougher for them. Allahu Akbar, my brothers and sisters in Islam the solution the solution to every problem is a solid. My brothers and sisters in Islam can be the one who refuses to pray. The one who refuses to pray. The one who does not pray and think you know what you've deprived yourself of, you know what you've deprived yourself of. And the result of Mahara he was, he says in the authentic hadith for even in the law high on civil war javo Yoshi Abdi he suddenly and recently la Vallejo Salaam, he says that when a person begins to select, do not turn left and right. Why Why

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don't we turn left and right in our salon. And Hobbes mentions Why? Because when a person stands in solid, Allah subhanho wa Taala faces him. So now it's rude to move left and right. We're saying that the one who does not pray, he's deprived himself from facing Allah subhanho wa Taala every single day. How does the day go by how do the hours go by and you know that you have deprived yourself from standing before Allah subhanahu wa tada and being face to face with a loss of power what I love about my brothers and sisters in Islam, hurry up and make your decision before the deal of regret comes and the greatest regret you're going to have is that you weren't mentally mousseline. You

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weren't from those who made decisions. You weren't from those who committed to a solid, my brothers and sisters in Islam, a solid, a solid is known as muscle

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was solid.

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It is no nor it enlightens your life here here in this life, you will see the benefit of a solid, then when you die in your put in your grave. There are no lights, there's no electricity in the green roof. There's nothing there's nothing that would illuminate the green for you. Other than your salad because a solid, a solid is light, it would illuminate the grief a lot about and on the Day of Judgment, it is light for you, and it's heavy on the scale. This is the most beloved action to Allah subhanho wa Taala the most beloved action to Allah so origin of the terrain, after you have declared the oneness of a lot of social next is a solid Hurry up, hurry up and pray before the day comes and

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you will regret every moment. And every night that you skipped and you did not pray a solid toward the prayer is light in the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that a solid is a source of forgiveness. A solid is a source of forgiveness, getting every single moment in your day, when you feel dirty. When you feel sad when you feel depressed. When you feel remorseful for the sins that you have done. Just a minute ago, an hour ago, suddenly, pre pre your five daily prayers, at least your five daily prayers unfold are one of the greatest benefits of a solid, it cleans the slate it wipes away your sins. And even the basal alarm. Allahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that the one who

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prays The one who prays and then he declares a loss perfection and he glorifies Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And he praises Allah social. And all of this is done just by reading a little further in the first worker, whoever does that sincerely. then by the end of your solid horologium in the lobby cafe at Yo mama the tomo that he comes out of his sins as a new boy.

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God, Allahu Akbar every single so that is an opportunity to be born again getting in other words, when you pray every single soul that when you pray every single select, now you're ready to die, you're ready to die because one of the Grand prizes of every solid is that you come out of your seems as though a newborn out of everything your mind is seen as your major sins. If you were to make Toba in your salon, and ask Allah to forgive you for your minor and major sins, and you bring all the conditions of a tuba in your hope in your soul that Allahu Akbar, all the sins are wiped away, you're ready to pray. Now you're ready to die, you're ready to die now and meet Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. Clean like a baby fresh, and the one that does not pray, the one that leaves a solid, the one that's ignoring a solid, he's wasting that opportunity on himself on a whole nother level. However, it's a law soldier who guides the hearts and we're supposed to run to that guidance. We're supposed to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us firmness and steadfastness upon a solid, my brothers and sisters in Islam, that is his or her min min was Sakina to movement.

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movement. It is a source of peace and tranquility and mercy upon the believer or LA or la salette is a source of peace in the vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam with Toby lab the Allahu anhu because Bella was the thing is to make the loss of a lot harder he was. So when the time of the comma is about to happen, and maybe salovaara usnm would not say to be led up in a salon. Maybe a common, you know, like the Imams today when they stand in the front row. They look back at the mountain and they said the malarkey was solid, make your karma learn to love Allah He was seldom used to see something different. He used to look at vidin and it used to

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be her

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nappy hair journey Oh bln Hurry up and make this a comma so that we find rest and tranquility and salette Allahu Akbar. In other words, of Allah, you assylum used to motivate the companions. He used to inform them seconds before he began a solid, that this is your source of peace. This is where you're going to find tranquility. And then imagine that when the Sahaba began, there's a law Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar, you're standing now, between you and the last panel who Adana and you just said Allahu Akbar, Allah is great. Allah is greater than everything I'm thinking about. Allah is greater than every distraction. I was distracted about a lot. He's greeted in this walk the life and it's woven, what I'm running for a lot is greater than my wife, and my husband, a lot is greater than my children, a lot is greater than everything that would have distracted me from the solid

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house once you've said Allahu Akbar. And you realize what you see. And you've understood what you said, This is what is meant by a sonnet is a source of peace and tranquility.

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You haven't even started that early, just a law.

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And everything almost all of a sudden has disappeared from your life, it has disappeared from your heart. Now you'll be for a loss of power.

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And then

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it just gets better and better. My brothers and sisters in Islam, what are you living with? That we have? We have the ultimate source of peace in our life. What are we still complaining about? What are you still asking for in your life? Well, what if you only had the blessing of standing and praying? What God forbid, it is sufficient as a blessing. You don't need anything after that. Allahu Akbar. And then you begin, and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. That law a lot of my brothers and sisters in Islam, we need we desperately need a course about a solid, we desperately are in need of a course of a solid, and every single action of a solid and every word that he said in a solid so we

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can revive this blessed worship in our life. So we can revive this relationship between us of Allah subhanho wa Taala and what it means now reflect over this and what I've been describing to you in a minute, and over a person who doesn't pray over a person who has neglected his salad. And what are you rushing for? What are you racing? Well, lucky for the one who is looking for peace, and does not pray. One law you'll never ever find peace. You will never ever find satisfaction. You will never ever find contentment and happiness in your life. People are running out everything except the solid. This is where your happiness was in everything else. There is only terrible results at the

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end of it. What are known as quwata illa. My brothers and sisters in Islam

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he says styro the sobre la salette seek a loss of Madonna's hope through your soul. But you know what's interesting in this area? The interesting thing in this area is that Allah did not tell tell us what are we going to seek His help with? The I just said seek laws help through a select, meaning it'll cover a range of things, seek a lot of help. For getting married through a solid, seek a lot of help for finishing your projects and plans your life through a solid, seek Allah subhanahu medinas help to alleviate you from your pains and your worries and your sufferings and your problems through loss Allah so many things could fit in this area. That's why I

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was origin did not mention anything to keep the scope open tickets, everyone hope that anything you're bothered by, and you want to seek the last part of what that is help to help you fulfill your task or to read of your sickness in your worry. Seek a loss help through a solid and through patience and be patient with a solid. A solid requires dedication and commitment will lie. It's easy. My brothers and sisters in Islam, or la salette is easy. It used to be 50 prayers, then in the VA Salam aleikum wa sallam continued to go back and forth to Alonzo region, in the blessing in grant event of Laila to this law will now lodge then Allah subhanho wa Taala reduced it from 50 prayers.

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Imagine you had to pray 50 prayers, he reduced it from 50 prayers to five prayers to five prayers Allahu Akbar and why it gets better. And he kept these five prayers equal to 50 prayers, love, every prayer we pray. It's as though we took the reward of 10 solo out of 10 prayers, the reward remained. But the action reduced five prayers you cannot pray five prayers my brothers and sisters in Islam Allah I repeat, the greatest and the biggest regret on the Day of Judgment are to those who did not make such day in this life to those who did not commit to a solid in this life. Allah subhanho wa Taala he teaches us that a solid is a form of gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala with every sonet

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degree, this is us saying to Allah and hamdulillah This is using Thank you Allah for all the blessings that you have given me a solid is a form of gratitude. My brothers and sisters in Islam when in the visa llamada he was in love with pray long hours of the night, I shall not be alone and she would say to him, Why are you bringing these long hours of the night when Allah subhanahu wa tada has already forgiven you of your past, present future sins, say he said to her,

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a goon or a potential cola or lucky this word shockula he said that I shall not be a grateful slave. In other words in the visa love while he was alone is teaching you and I that also that is surely learn that our worships are should truly lead us origin. Every select you pray, it is as though you have expressed from your heart and through your actions. Our law, thank you for your blessings upon me and humbly led for your blessings upon me. Yes, a solid is not just a few houses that you earned in your account. That's not just the purpose and the benefit of a solid. It's not just your house and it earned in your account. It has all these great benefits that I just discussed with you a lot

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about my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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A person without select and I didn't know how does a person live without select? I didn't know. Does anyone know? How does a person live without so that your only link between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and that you cut? What else did you leave between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala What else do you leave between you and a lot of Zoysia Allah azza wa jal he said that the end of solitary luck can lead to prayer. What's good, what

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was good performance search that search there is part of solid, what's good meaning pray? What's the result? And come close. Because when you start praying, you become to draw nearer and nearer por la soprano who Adana pretty correctly and watch watch the difference that it will do between your relationship with Allah subhanho data before you used to commit to a solid and your relationship with the last version of the committee was solid watch what will happen was that if you're going to draw nearer to Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters in Islam, let us conclude make the decision now begin to pray. Organize your solo ad Come on. Everyone can do it be it malaria,

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diarrhea. You know I just I share with you one point. You know how when Ramadan comes most Muslims are able to faster mobile. Most Muslims are able to fast 30

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Days of Ramadan in a row. And Ramadan is a heavy worship journey when we're speaking about fasting, we're speaking about 1314, maybe 15 hours of worship, which is fasting. And people, people strange people that don't normally pray during the sapan alone. They first during Ramadan, my brothers and sisters in Islam, why can you fast Ramadan? Why can you worship Allah for 16 hours straight 15 hours straight during Ramadan, and you're not able to pray and take out of your time five minutes to play a few like our last panel who attire, I tell you what the difference is because of avant you've become used to it, people have become used to Milan, this is why you're able to do it very easily.

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So now the solution to be consistent on your prayers, you're supposed to get into a routine, you're supposed to become used to it, get into that routine, start getting used to start getting used to it and one of the greatest motivators and one of the greatest things that would encourage you in continuously praying, you know what it is, let me share it with you. And that is to go now and look for your friends. And reach out to those that do not pray and start preaching to them or select

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the one who never used to pray, or the one who used to be on and off with his solid now make the decision that

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you're going to pray every solid on each time. And then the next thing you're going to do to remain motivated and steadfast on your solid. Go to your friends that you know, go to those that do not pray and go and preach to them. Tell them Yama, let's go and pray. Start committing to Salah, teach them about the benefits of a solid, teach them that the greatest regret on the Day of Judgment would be to the one who did not pray a salon. Go and teach them and you will find in your own self that you will become encouraged and motivated and continuously do that be if nilay Patel Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala would reward you and he would keep you steadfast on the solid. My brothers and

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sisters in Islam, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep a steadfast to keep us motivated on a solid until the day we die. This is the grand and the most blessed worship to a larger version where ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us love for a solid to grant us sincere love for solid in the holy vertical father Ali Salam was the name of Allah God gotta be Mohammed while he was so happy as you Marian was set up maliko moto moto la he wabarakatuh