Signs of Arrogance in My Daily Life

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a study where Shafi disagreed with people and faced criticism. He also talks about a woman who created a book about Jana and a woman who created a book about the Mahabharata. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from experiences and not just solving problems.
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What is the sun in my daily life? That I am? We all see it young and old. When someone tells you something you say, I know I know. Immediately you pushed away

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a possibility of truth, a possibility that you're wrong. I didn't say you're wrong, but is it possible luckily Imam Shafi he disagreed with people. And he was right. Most of the time he was right. You know what he said? You never sit down right? Or are you have you know, one study he said, My opinion is right, it could be wrong. And your opinion is wrong, but could be right. Your angles when you say to somebody I know I don't need your advice. What are you saying inciting? I am more knowledgeable. Once you say I know I know. You're telling the other person I'm more knowledgeable than Who are you to tell me

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we say that all the time. Yes or no? Memorize this hadith with that engraved in your heart.

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me kind of your only is Paula Lotte.

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The person who has she already

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has an atom Wait, what is the ATO what is the governor can see at a point of elegance they will not enter Jana

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it's a huge problem. It's a huge problem. And we human being exactly sometimes please forgive me. I don't mean you. I mean we act exactly luxury upon true or false. He said there is many ways in the Quran. I'm just gonna give you one of our lovely to mine. My memory access to the Mahabharata cleaner.

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Is the shape on speaking to Allah sorta this army going to prostrate to who you created from

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How do we say same way? What we didn't say this. Think in your life. When you see me doing this. That's especially if what you are supposed to do or someone asking you to do is pleasing.

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Because that's what he said.

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automat moment Acharya does judo

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he's talking to Shavon. He wanted to know the reason he didn't judge him right away and look at him. He said, Why didn't you prostrate when I asked him when I ordered all the creative seem to shake on. And he said an ironic and better conducting luminary.

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You created me from fire created him from clay. What did Allah says immediately sawed off again, that's why I told you it would emit losses

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from your caminho down. He didn't get him out yet. He said fabric go down because he was with a status. And then I'm gonna come to our life. He's with a law highest to failure to Manhattan go down why you're not familiar with a couple of here. You cannot be arrogant in Jannah.

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And then, then he said foothold in intravenous Saudi Leave.

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Leave. I want you to think of yourself a time alone. And say when was the last time I said to somebody I know oh, I've done this before. Don't think of people you know when you didn't mind. This is how we learn reality. The problem is is not we don't know most of you probably have heard this before. The problem is I don't know it is me. And I do not I'm doing it in my day to day life. Because I don't know this how I will change. I don't want to end up in China.

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Bismillah your man you're walking