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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various methods of birth control that are allowed in Islam, including salls, intrusions, and temporary preventing pregnancy. They stress the importance of having a clear legal statement to avoid legal action and encourage the use of birth control in cases where it is safe to use. They also mention that certain methods are considered to be pure methods, but are not considered safe.
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As birth control, permissible in Islam, one can what contraceptive method is allowed.

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Birth control or temporary preventing a pregnancy from happening is allowed jabber said couldn't enter World War II knew NZ, that a sahaabah the alarm and home use were a method of birth control a contraceptive method by not * inside the woman. And they used to do that while the Quran was revealed revealing to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Quran didn't stop them and individual solemn, then forbade them from such thing.

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So remember how Allah said birth control are allowed with the following condition that the method itself is safe. So that's why the method should be consulted with the doctor. The doctor said it's safe and it is, it is okay for you to do it is Allah is it the shot as the pill is whatever, you know, IUD whatever method that you're going to take as long as it is safe for you buy and that's something the doctor will decide. Number two, that this method that you use in itself, it is not something which is the case in

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a number of methods that I've come across, almost all of them are pure, nothing ledges in it. Number three, it has to be done with that permission of both. So the husband and wife both must agree into that sometimes the husband don't want kids but the woman want or the woman don't want and this is something has to be agreed upon between them. The last one that no matter how long mentioned is not to be in in permit nature. It will prevent pregnancy in the future at all. Unless it is not safe for her to get pregnant again or not right for her to get pregnant. In this case, she can make a procedure that irreversible

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to get married again. So this love the condition that the Muslim scholars have put in regard to birth control.

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