Zakir Naik – Terrorism is not the Monopoly of Muslims

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the stance of Western media and argues that Islam is not a favored sex or sex ratios, but rather a war of words. He uses examples such as surah Majda, chapter five, verse five, and the leader of Islam, Joseph Biden, to illustrate his point. He also mentions the deaths of innocent human beings by various factors, including the actions of some Muslims and the actions of some countries.
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Why, why are they targeting the Muslims particularly? It's a question. It is a ploy of the Western media, the media controlled by the politicians.

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And when we analyze,

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we can surely fit without any doubt that terrorism is not a Muslim monopoly. Not only is it not a Muslim monopoly, it is not even a speciality of the Muslims. It is not even encouragement Islam

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is prohibited in Islam.

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I being a student of comparative religion, hi, I cannot say that all the religions say that you should not kill innocent human beings. But I can surely say that most of the religions, the majority of the religions, if you read the scriptures, they say that you should not kill innocent human beings and the leader of all these allegiance is Islam.

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Islam says it's mentioned in the Quran in surah Majda. Chapter number five was compared to the eye. The verse which we're excited about the carry, it says that if anyone with a Muslim or non Muslim kills any other human being, whether Muslim or non Muslim, it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity.

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I know of many scriptures which say that you should not kill innocent human beings. But Quran does not only say that it says that if anyone kills any other human being,

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unless it be for murder, or for creating corruption or for spreading mischief in the land. It is as though yes killed whole of humanity. Quran goes a step further and says that is to kill any innocent human being. It is as though you have killed all of humanity. I don't know of any religious scripture, which says that if you kill any innocent human being, it is as though you have killed all of humanity. And for the Quran goes on to say that if you save

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anything in life, any single human being it is as though you have saved the whole of humankind.

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Islam is derived from the Arabic word salaam wa salam, which means peace. It comes from the Arabic word film, which means to submit your will to Almighty God. Islam, in short means peace acquired by submitting a will to Almighty God. Islam condemns all forms of terrorism, all forms of Acts, which kill innocent human beings, irrespective whether it's 911, where the Twin Towers attack, or the seventh of July, where more than 50 innocent people were killed in London, one blast, the New York towers, more than 3000 people were killed in the London bomb blasts more than 50 were killed, or whether it be the serial bomb blast in 93 of Bombay, where more than 250 people were killed, or the

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bomb blasts that took place recently.

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On the 11th of July 2006, more than 200 people were killed, or to be condemned, it is prohibited, you cannot justify killing of any innocent human being

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many Muslims, many times to appease the government, they put a full stop there. I never put a full stop here. I continue and say we also have to condemn the 1000s of Afghans that have been killed in Afghanistan, the 1000s of innocent people that have been killed in Iraq, the 1000s of people that have killed them to draw the 1000s of people killed in Palestine 1000s of people killed in Lebanon, we can put a full stop. Who are you afraid of? All sorts of terrorism in which innocent human beings are killed have to be condemned by the gunman Muslims or non Muslims. We don't have records that 911 Or seven July, or the recent serial bomb blasts in the train confirmed a call done by Muslims. It is

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just a hypothesis. But irrespective after we come from the truth, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim, it is to be condemned, it is prohibited. We know that most of the religions, they don't preach that you should kill innocent human beings.

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There isn't. It's not a monopoly of any religion. It is not.

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But when we analyze, we have terrorists that claim to profess certain religions. And when we analyze, they are from all types of religions. We have Christian terrorists. We have Catholic terrorists. We have Jewish terrorists. We have Hindu terrorists. We have Muslim terrorists, the Buddhist terrorists, the Sikh terrorist, terrorist professing very different fates, but most of the religions, they condemn the killing of innocent human beings. And when we do a survey,

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that though we know that religions don't encourage killing innocent human beings, when we do a survey and try and find out that the people that have killed the maximum innocent human beings, which religion do you profess?

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Number one, the human being that has killed the maximum innocent human beings who is the who is Hitler here.

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donated 6 million Jews. And indirectly if you count all the people killed in the world war two 60 million people. Number one was your Muslim, the Christian

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Joseph Stalin, call it Uncle Joe. He has estimated to have killed 20 million human beings. He has stabbed 14 point 5 million human beings to death.

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When we go to China,

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mouthy son, he has killed 14 to 20 million human beings. You know the non Muslim, he was not a Muslim.

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We know from record that Mussolini in Italy alone has killed 400,000 human beings, innocent human beings.

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The person after him the French Revolution is named Maximilian raffia. He has starved and tortured to death more than 200,000 people have executed more than 40,000 people. Ashoka you know, in one bachelor alone in Kalinga bachelor he has killed 100,000 people, more than 100,000 people, whether you're Muslim.

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We have our own black sheep also request Allah the Saddam Hussein is responsible for the death of a few 100,000 people. But the embargo put by George Bush

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on Iraq alone has killed half a million children in Iraq alone, half a million in one shot on the embargo put by usa un on Iraq, half a million children have died

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in Indonesia, Masato even his claim to get killed 5000 people but nothing compared to Hitler. Nothing compared to Uncle Joe Joseph Stalin, nothing compared to Mao sourcing of China. Each individual will put all the Muslims together to shame. I'm not trying to say that the followers of this religion they are practicing religion, they will not religious, otherwise they wouldn't have ever killed innocent human beings.

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