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The Benefit of Doubt

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Mufti Menk

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So my brothers and sisters, there is another verse in the same surah verse number 94, where Allah speaks about those who greet you. Don't jump to say they're not Muslims. Someone says Salaam Alaikum. And you say that person is not a Muslim. There is a clear cut verse in the Quran which tells you don't do that. Don't just judge a person they've greeted you. It's okay that's enough.

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So Allah says, while at the coolamon alko in como, salam, Allah Mina, are you who believe when you're walking onto the earth or when you're traveling or when you're going out in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala then authenticate and verify, don't ever just say to someone who has greeted you that you're not a believer. So Allah saying give them the benefit of the doubt. They said a salaam aleikum, WA Alaykum wa sallam Oh my brother, how are you? My sister, etc. So Han Allah, this is Allah teaching us clean your heart. Now, usually people say don't judge others. They are right. I've spoken about how people run away from advice by using the statement. Don't judge me. yet. It's

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not a judgment. It's just advice. But on the other hand, people say one word judging based on what we can see, I tell you, you judge based on what you can see, when you are judging in a dispute between people, if you're installed as a judge in a dispute in a matter, then you judge based on the evidence that's in front of you. That's what that Hadith means. That's what the verse of the Quran means. So the Quran is not telling you that go around judging people and say that, well, I'm just judging by what I could see. Have you given them a chance to explain? Have you given them a chance to show other evidence. So if you're not installed as a judge, you have no right to go out and judge

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people let's remember that, because in that case, you will create a disaster. Many people are struggling simply because others have uttered bad words or judged them really have judged them when they are not installed as judges in an in an arbitration or in a problem that they're facing. May Allah grant us goodness and save us from the calamity of the hereafter.