Ramadan Motivations #09 – The two sons of Adam

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AI: Summary © The importance of knowing the beginning of creation and protecting oneself from envy is emphasized in Islam. The use of taqwa to increase one's power and prevent similar emotions is also discussed. The importance of planning one's day and avoiding regret and loss of responsibility is emphasized. The speakers stress the need to be mindful of one's actions and defend oneself, as it is crucial to avoid harm. There is also a lawsuit against someone claims to be the winner of a war and a focus on letting people decide and defend oneself.
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Smell that smell money

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smilla would hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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early he or slightly he was sitting

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen kundalika he hummed and Kathy Rockley even bovada confy sonamarg equal more amateur, why he will want to go to

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will begin by praising Allah so did it humbly from 109th and 100 100 enough for all of us Nemours humbled enough for the Nemo of Ramadan for the near amount of knowing him span avoid data for the net amount of the ability to know Him and worship Him and to follow His Messenger so the law Allah you early were seldom we thank him for the Nemo Islam. And for the other names that we have the name of our existence, the name of our health, the name of our, the money that we have the shelter that we have, the children, the family, the love that we find in our lives at handling, this is all from Allah as origin. And we asked him all sorts Hannover dalla to continue to extend these numbers into

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less than to multiply them. And we also thank him for the name of concealing our sense. So no one knows about them except Allah Zordon that is in an era having a good reputation among people is a noun. So we asked him to pan over to Allah to bless us with the best of reputations in this life, and most importantly, in the Hereafter, so that we are not disgraced and we're not demeaned. in the hereafter when we meet Allah as a legit sense allowance and our bond is messengers of Allah, Allah you earlier send them will ask Allah Zoo to join us with him in the hereafter and to make us of those who adhere to this sooner in his life.

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And my bad in sha Allah today, we are telling another story from the stories of the Quran and reflecting upon some of his lessons, obviously, when we are telling a story, in the limited time that we are telling it, we're not exhausting, all the benefits that come from that story, all the lessons and

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the gems that can be extracted to this simply at hamdulillah This is an effort just to touch upon some of the benefits that are in it, and the rest is left for all of us. Insha Allah as we are reading the Quran, over and over to stop these stories and say, Look at what other benefits we can find in the surah and we probably will never exhaust

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not probably we will never exhaust the benefits and the wisdoms that we will find in the plan. So this is a story that a lot has the details in sort of in Merida and we're alive. So Jim says what do I need him never add, they add them I'd be happy if pop up or burner. So this is the story of the two sons of Adam.

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And a lot of the

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extra additional

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kind of details that surround this story are not in the Koran, and not in the authentic sooner. So maybe I'll point to some of that. But we try and try and challenge is to focus on what we find there in the Quran. Without those other details. Like for instance, the two sons of Adam are Cain and Abel. Well, we don't really have any reference from the Quran, or authentic sooner that says that their names were Cain and Abel or our being unhappy, so we're not going to name them. Allah zildjian knows what their names were. Maybe they are indeed Cain and Abel or puppy than happy but we can't

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confidently say yes, these are the names. Because this is gone. We got this from the people of the book and the People of the Book may have gotten a try or may have missed it completely. Right. So we do not know Allahu Allah. But what is important here is Allah as a dissenter, the prophets a lot he was hitting him recite and remember what happened to the two children of Adam, two sons of Adam bill healthy, this is in truth, meaning it's not speculative. It's not missing anything. And why is it important to know this because this is the beginning of creation, as it is important to know what happened at the time of Adam on a cinema and his creation and interaction with the shavon because

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this tells you a lot about us today. The origin story tells you a lot about about us today. You can extract a lot of benefits in it. And you can see the extension of what happened then here. The same thing the two what happened the conflict between the two sons of Adam, it affects us still today. Effects is still today. So

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That's why it's important to know it in full and in truth. So it's not missing anything. It doesn't obscure it doesn't distort so that we know the truth of what happened then and only Allah can tell us, and only through the prophet sallallahu Sallam could we know it. So they said, this is also evidence of that prophet to the Muhammad SAW Allah Allah was in them where we do learn all of this, because he did not learn it from the people of the book, and he would go to correct what they have. So how could a person who's learning from them go ahead and to correct what they have? And they're the ones who are supposed to have knowledge anyway. So why is it important? It's important because

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it tells us about the beginning of our creation. So Allah isn't it says it's parable kharbanda, two sons of Adam, and they give an offering to Allah zoji What is this offering? We don't know why they gave that offering. We don't know now in the background and the details they tell you they wanted to marry, they're competing over the marriage of one particular woman, right? details, Allah who are them again, if this is true or not, but we don't really need any of that the focus is on what Ron is saying. They made an offering to Allah xojo both of them this and that photo op. I mean, I had the Hema one with a couple minutes after Allah said one's offering was accepted one or ban was accepted

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sacrifice, let's call it whatever it is that they were giving to Allah. And the other one was not accepted.

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The up to lanap so the one who was rejected the sacrifices offering was not accepted. He said to the other, I'm gonna kill you.

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I'm gonna kill you.

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The other one said Allah in the Quran, Allah hominin. With nothing he says Allah xojo accepts from the people of taqwa.

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So, so panela here, you note that this one who was rejected was jealous, although it doesn't explicitly states was jealous of his brother.

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Why was he accepted, his offering was accepted. And I was rejected. So he turns to him and says, boiling here with anger and boiling with envy, and here is the

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the disaster or disastrous outcome of envy if you let it fester like that, because so Pamela, all of us, no exception. All of us have tasted envy. Somebody has something that we don't have. When we become envious of that, why is it that day, but not us. And some of us experience envy on a daily basis. The problem is not with experiencing envy or feeling it but if you allow it to grow and control you in me, and direct your actions and emotions, that's the problem. So he says, I'm going to kill you. That's what it's going to lead to all the way to him thinking and plotting and wishing the death and the killing of his brother, not simply that he would die, I am going to kill you. And

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his brother Subhana. Allah so wise, calmly says, Allah accepts from the people of taqwa meaning, why are you directing your anger against me? What is it that I have to do with this acceptance or rejection? I got nothing to do with it. Similarly, like someone who got envy, before going to envy somebody, oh, he has a lot of money. He has a lot of status, he has fame, he has power and who become envious of them. And the person turns to us and says, Why are you envious of me? Allah gave that to me. I may have worked hard, but Allah gave that to me. So your problem is not with me. It's with Allah zildjian. So he's telling him a life steps from the pious. So if I had temple and Allah

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accepted that from me, Why are you angry with me? They show you that you should go back to yourself and treat your own self and then have more taqwa. And then Allah is that we will accept from you this is this is the way to solve this man rather by you being angry with me and wishing my death and then falling to kill me.

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And this is all misdirected, and then being envious. So envy really, is you having a problem with Allah zildjian. When you think about it, Allah gave somebody else and you're unhappy with Allah is portioning of things. May Allah protect us from this. So if you think about envy in those terms, and you try to find it the vanilla, it, you are on the path to stopping or studying the flow of envy and hopefully not leading to something as grave as this. So anyway, then he says he continues, this person who has stuck was the son of Adam who has stuck well, whose offering was accepted the indoor soccer era yet okay, it's up to the NEMA and also to the end up to that. He says if you are going to

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extend your hand to kill me, I will not extend my hand to kill you in the awful lot but I don't mean I'm afraid of Allah xojo the creek the Lord

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The rub of everything.

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So if you're going to try to kill me, I'm not going to extend my hand to try to kill him.

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Meaning he also said the and in effect, I'm not going to even try to push you back or defend myself. If you're going to try to kill me, I'm not going to do anything, I'm going to stop. Okay, I'm not going to try to hurt you if you're going to try to hurt me. So if you had to try to kill me, I'm not going to even try to hurt you. I'm afraid of Allah, as of the meaning of the saying that I'm afraid that in the process here, and trying to defend myself and push you back, I will do something to hurt you. By which I will be responsible in front of Allah zone. And I don't want to be responsible in front of a lot in hurting somebody else or taking their lives because things could escalate, you

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could try to kill me, I can try to defend myself end up killing you and I become responsible. I'm not gonna walk this path.

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So if you try to kill me, I will not try to kill you. I'm not to try to defend myself, raise a hand and try to hit you.

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He says in the, in the audio interview with me? Well, it's because of the good I mean, I was happy now I want you to carry my sin and your sin, and that you will be of the people of hellfire.

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And that is the reward of the aggressors and that transgressors. Now here, he is not wishing he says I wish that you'd go to hellfire. He's not saying this.

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This is in a sense, a reminder for his brother.

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That is if you're going to kill me, you're going to carry your sin and my sin, the sin of course of everything bad that you've done.

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And the sins that have caused you to be rejected if you're offering not be accepted, and the sin of killing me, I want you to carry that and that will take it to hellfire. Meaning in a sense, he is warning him Don't do this. Because that will take you to hellfire.

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Don't do this.

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And if it has to happen, it's going to take you there. So no, where are you going? So Allah so justice for the

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fee. So the self is knifes made it possible for him to kill his brother. Meaning as difficult as it is to kill your brother, not even to kill your brother, first of all, even to kill another human being as difficult as it is to kill another human being. And second to kill your brother, who's your companion. He come from your parents, you know, you grew up together, you walk together, you do things together, as difficult as it is to do all of this. And this is the first instance of killing on this earth. So nobody else had killed anybody else before this.

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Nobody. As difficult as it is, he says thought his self his nerves made it possible for him. Meaning by pushing him and his anger is boiling. And his envy is pushing him slowly making it more desirable. More possible. Yeah, you can do this. Yeah, it's okay. Yeah, just kill him. Oh, look at him. Look how smug he is. He thinks he's better than you. The shaytaan plays a part the nerves plays a part until the impossible becomes very possible.

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So if you let the chiffon whisperer and you let your nerves tempt you, and you will let your envy lead you, the impossible becomes possible you could kill, you could still you could push the worst upon another person, because we haven't stopped the evil ourselves. So Pamela, right. So it allowed him to do this for katella he killed him. For us behind you know, cassadine he McKay became among the losers.

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Now it says, forgot Allah, whatever you have fulfilled, Allah xojo. Then after that happened, he sent a CRO, to dig the ground, so that he can show him how to bury his dead brother how to conceal the dead body of his brother, meaning that before this, nobody died.

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So he did not know and nobody else knew the very few people right on earth like Adam, and these children. They did not know what to do with a dead body. So Allah xojo taught him through that crow that came down, fought with another Crow, it said, that crow died, or maybe there was a dead crow. And he went and he dug the earth and pushed him in and then buried him so he could see what to do. So he says he always told to me was I unable to be like this crow so that I would bury and conceal the body of my brother, for us. bahaman and Naveen. he regretted what he had done. he regretted what he has done and they say there. he regretted what he has done in terms of repenting to Allah zosia

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No, he regretted the fact of what it is says there in the background. Again, we don't know if this is true or not, that he did not know what to do with his body. That is the curse of sinning. He did not know what to do with that body.

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He didn't want to leave it for the animals to kill it. And he did not understand or know about burying. And so he had to carry the body on his shoulder. Right? And walk the earth. For a year, Allah Allah, this is true or not. But I would just what I like about that kind of extra detail, even though it may not be authentic, is that it had put a burden on him. Because of that. He didn't know what to do. So he carried that body for an entire year, until Allah sent that crew. And then then he understood what to do. So he regretted the fact that he was ignorant that did not know what to do with it. Maybe he missed the companionship of his brother, but at the same time, he did not repent.

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How do we know that he did not repent?

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Because if he had repented, Allah azzawajal would have forgiven him.

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If he had said to Allah, I've done something terrible, forgive me,

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forgive me take this sin away, I asked for your forgiveness, if he had done that Allah would have forgiven him, but no, the prophets of Allah who I knew he was in them, right, said that

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each one who is killed on the face of this earth, a portion of that sin goes to the first son of Adam who had killed because he is the first person who introduced killing on this earth.

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If he had repented, he would not earn that. Now imagine how many millions and maybe billions of people Alo Adam had been killed on this earth, and justly we're talking unjustly.

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All of that a portion of it goes back to the first son of Adam, because he's the first person who introduced that sin. So subpanel I imagine the fact that if I person is so

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devoid of wisdom, devoid of toccoa, that you'd be a person to introduce a sin, or invite people to ascend, and everybody else who copies you, gives you a portion of that burden. So you arrive on the Day of Judgment, not only with your sin, but so uncivil copy Do you and so and so will copied you and so and so on, and so on, and so on until that sentence, Subhanallah that is a disaster. That is a disaster, right, we hardly can escape our own sense. Imagine now accumulating and piling up the sins of other people. So Pamela, so

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this story tells us, right, one of the things one of the things that it tells us sapan a lot is one,

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problem of envy,

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that if Allah as a rule gives somebody else what he did not give you, don't be envious of them as Allah Zoda for it, be happy with Allah has given you fix yourself so that you be a person who can receive the bounties of Allah azzawajal. And don't focus on the dunya so much focus on the alpha somebody is richer than you are then so so what they will lose this will eventually you and I, this, suppose I am a billionaire, and you're not. You and I when we enter the grave will enter the grave equal scene. I'm not going to enter a trench and you enter it Paul will enter the grave the same. The thing that will distinguish us before Allah certain is our tequila. So don't focus so much on

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the dunya and don't be envious and hateful of others. Because they have what you do not have if you don't have something and you want it. ask Allah a subject immediately a light asked you of your of your boundaries of your virtue of your blessings, give me this give me this give me that, in turn away from what people have. Allah knows what he had given to them and why he had given to them and knows what he had given to you and why he had given to you and if you want more secret from Allah, so don't seek it from other people and think that if you take it from them or if they have less, it means that you have more. So there is that what the problem of envy.

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There's also the virtue of what the virtue of taqwa you know some of the Sahaba of the messenger so the law it was in them said they said, If I know that Allah had accepted one thing from me, I will die happy because Allah observances Indeed Allah only accepts from the people of taqwa. So if you want a lot to accept, let's increase our taqwa which is opportune. That is in the month of Ramadan. This is what we're working on. Temple of Allah as of the doing things for Allah sake, not trying trying to not upset Allah azza wa jal with the sins that we have increasing our sincerity increasing, increasing our reliance on him seeking from him and not from somebody else seeking the

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hereafter more than the junior. That's the essence of taqwa. So, that's the duck work. And finally, insha Allah, it's the virtue of what the virtue of

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leaving things to Allah zoji Yes, you have the right if you wish to defend yourself. And the this man who was killed he had the right to defend himself he had wished but he surrendered to Allah zone.

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By saying that I'm not going to defend myself, let Allah so to defend me, not going to take my rights, I'll let Allah azzawajal take my rights for me. And you have that option, by the way, and there's a virtue in that you may choose at times, I'm going to defend myself, I'm going to say why I'm innocent. I'm gonna and you have the right to do this. At the same time, there are some circumstances where and especially where you're unable to, you're unable you can't defend yourself, no one's gonna believe you. You're or you're in a fight and it's an unequal fight and someone has a lot more power than you and you can't do anything about it. Or there's a tyrant or they have so much

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power than you don't think that because you can defend

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or because of your temper, you don't want to say anything to insult or hurt somebody else because you're afraid of what that could lead to. Don't think that your rights are wasted. Lots of data is watching and a lot of zoom will take you right in full.

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So and especially in terms of fitness, I know I've taken a little bit more but especially in terms of fitness, the messenger sallallahu wasallam, directed some of this harbor right at times of fitna or deal confusion. He says when somebody comes in wanting to kill you, and he has carried their swords, his sword and he wants to kill you, and he's you know, barges in and he's inside your home. And that's a hobby as the Messenger of Allah xojo what do i do and he had come in, do I fight him, he says, Be like the better of the two sons of Adam.

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You may throw away your sword. And in terms of fitness, they want to come and kill you let them kill you because when you are resurrected, you're blameless, you are blameless, and then you will meet Allah zildjian. And you can ask him for your rights in full. So handily double anime, you know, we asked Allah zoji, you know, to give us the wisdom from these stories. And it's important because this is the first

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this is the first conflict that less than that of first death and killing on earth. And if we understand it, and what why it happened just out of envy, we can insha Allah, stop ourselves from committing similar or other sins, that are the fruit of envy. So as Allah as a way to protect us from envy, I mean, we haven't shall a few questions.

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Now I'm so excited to follow up with you ask Allah as a debt to protect us from the NVR only envies and because because of the danger of envy, right because of the danger of envy, whether it's a no the evil eye, or in fact a physical harm that they can bring up on on us because of how much they hate us and hate what we have. So it's very dangerous. So we have to seek Allah's protection from the envious when the envious, and also there would be that we would be the envious nuns.

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So it says here I've gotten used to the habit of doing sudo a sugar after my daily prayer. I also noticed that my daughter are doing the same thing I'm worried that I might be considered bidet please advise, stop doing nothing.

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So if you're doing sudo the sugar right right after if every time after your Salah, this is not sooner. So do the sugar is when there is a special NEMA that happens then you go ahead and do so do the sugar. If you say I'm feeling thankful to Allah xojo embed that in your Salah. Say it hamdulillah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah This is it. So do the sugar is a specific net amount that happens, okay? And you want to thank Allah for it. But it's not something that you do every day. And it's not something that you do after every Salah. So this is not sooner. So please stop doing that. And desikan law here and we Allah reward you for asking this question. This is an important thing.

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You notice something? And you felt that it was not right. And you were right. It wasn't right. You were feeling was actually

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on the spot handling that. So does that mean blockier for the question, What's the good structure plan for a woman unable to pass? It tends to be a random act for most women and suggestions for something more organized would be welcome. Insha Allah one thing that you can do in sha Allah is plan your day. So let's say for instance, you know, at the times of sight out, because you're used to that time, why don't you sit down and shut up? Why not inside out but sit down and remembrance of Allah siljan structure it where you would sit and do some dhikr of Allah, some readings of the Koran,

00:24:27--> 00:24:59

then some Tafseer or some readings of Hadith, that somebody could have Allah azzawajal if you want that structure, now, this is just an idea. You can have another structure, you can have something after fedrick so after February you sit from your finger all the way to sunrise, right? And then 10 you know 15 minutes after sunrise just to mimic or duplicate the time where you would be doing this. If you had prayed for God and sit there remembrance of Allah azza wa jal, so you can do this. So in the middle of the day, around the whole time or so

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And then also time then between us or tomorrow you can have sessions where it is sessions of reading the order and or sessions of do

00:25:10--> 00:25:22

that when you're doing your car between us and then method sit for reading the car and then extended either by length you do or lengthy and then they could have Allah as urgent then when you come at night

00:25:26--> 00:25:40

it's let's say after Isha, everybody is eaten and inshallah It's time for your PR you sit and you start reading your Quran, then you do your test be the Hola, la quwata, Illa, billah, etc, etc, take the time that you would usually spend

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in salah and devote that to the current reading of the Quran, etc, etc, etc. And when you're done at home the day you're done, you can Fiona do extra do extra betraying Charlotte to duplicate or mimic the amount of time that you would be spending inside and in and in when you're wiped when you're not menstruating.

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So if it helps to do it at the same time, do it at the same time of the silence. So kind of like duplicate so that you know that oh, this is the time I'm going to sit and do it. But also we should say this is not the only plan. So you can have different plans like so you can shift it around in Sharla and that'd be fine. So I hope that

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helps a little bit. inshallah.

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So associate of a parent's sin or do bad habit, and the children follow the grandchildren and so on, so that the parents who are organized on showing path to sin would have the sins of all those who follow Is this correct? Understanding? Yes. So the parent introduces a sin or introduces a bad habit. And they don't repent from that. That's the that's the key thing. If they do this, and the children follow it, and the grandchildren follow it, and so on and so on until a lot of them when and the parents do not regret this and they do not repent from it, then yes, everybody else who had copied that, it goes back to the parents. So yes, it's true.

00:27:10--> 00:27:30

Now, unless the key the way out is what you say, well, Kim, somehow I'm stuck now like my children already have done this. My grandchildren already have done that. What am I stuck? He says, No, repent from this. seek Allah's forgiveness once you repent from it, that's it, Allah releases you from this, and then give advice to those who had copied you.

00:27:31--> 00:27:52

Tell them that I've repented from this sin. I ask Allah for forgiveness, and I feel responsibility guilty for the fact that I've inspired you to commit this thing. Please stop, then be in the LA zoo. We hope that Allah has the deal would protect you from the consequences of that sin. So repentance and advice, inshallah, then you will be humbly left free of that sin.

00:27:53--> 00:28:14

says, Can we also say that we learned from the story that if we control our neffs and protect ourselves from the shaytaan, that the impossible becomes possible in a good way? In a sense, insha Allah Yes. What seems like impossible, could become very possible that is, to me, it's impossible. Let's say at this moment in my life, you could say that would memorize the Quran impossible.

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Then Allah is that it shows you away where it becomes possible. Okay. Or it's impossible for me that I don't know.

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I pray at night, impossible for me then becomes possible. So certain things that were in our head we've had made impossible, yet through our taqwa and as as the sister have said that we've controlled our neffs that allows it, it gives us ease and opens doors for us that it becomes possible. Now, I don't mean by the impossible that I become an angel, I become a prophet.

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I fly to the seventh heaven, that is never going to happen. But the impossible I talk about is that it is possible in human terms possible for us, but we have thought and made impossible, but Allah zildjian will make it possible in Shell, right? So that what it means if someone makes it difficult for you to control your envy, but constantly flaunting their blessings should they have should you avoid them? No, and that becomes, in a sense, kind of the medicine that you should bring, or medicate yourself with distance from other people or some things.

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Offering Salah at a chair, I'll answer that in Shawn. So

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you sometimes may need to distance yourself from places and people that affect your email.

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I don't mean boycott them. I don't mean don't see so lamb to them. But there's some of the set of have said, I used to keep the company of the rich and that made me miserable.

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Then I started to keep the company of the poor and that means

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Come because whenever I'm around them the poor they remind me a lot zildjian when I'm around the rich they remind me of the dunya so that is a portion of this set of website what I medicated myself because this is what I've noticed is happening to my heart when I'm around people who are rich and miserable. So as we said, if somebody is flaunting what they have, and are this and that and I bought this and I went there and I'm planning that and that makes you what envious and miserable, then yes, you may say or conclude that it is best for me to distance myself from that individual. Because it doesn't help me. Not that I hate them. Not Are you better wish them harm, not that it

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will not help them if they need my help, but I'm not going to make it make an extended connection and interaction with them. I'll limit it Why? Because it doesn't help me. Because what helps me is to be around those people not this. So yes, it could help. So if you find that that is what is happening to you, then you realize that that element that part of your life is is problematic and you need to stay away from it and we say the same thing by the way about browsing particular websites going you know on as certain you know shopping channels or apps or it makes you miserable or desiring of this life more than no then you stay away from it because it does not affect you It

00:31:26--> 00:31:28

affects your heart, right.

00:31:31--> 00:31:44

Somebody said about crying on a chair. If you're sick if you cannot stand up, inside out then you are allowed in Charlotte to sit on a chair while praying. If you're healthy and you can stand with a stand

00:31:45--> 00:31:53

if you cannot stand or standing brings you so much pain that you can concentrate on your Salah and it takes away your issue.

00:31:54--> 00:32:12

Okay, so you are standing in Salah is painful, the bat legs the feet screenful and you can concentrate because of it you see that hamdulillah sit down as much as you need to sit down you can stand and then sit then stand again and sit or stand for the whole time. Right

00:32:14--> 00:32:34

if you if it's if the problem is with standing then you know sit down but when it comes down for record you stand up and you make your record and then you go to sue right so you know your physical limits in sha Allah and if you if you set because you have to you have your award in full if you for instance in

00:32:37--> 00:32:56

the obligations if you can stand you're healthy and you can stand you're not allowed to sit said obligation on you to stand in voluntary solder nor the voluntary so that you have an option though you're healthy to sit down on a chair or on the floor. You can but your reward will be in half

00:32:57--> 00:33:00

because you're healthy. Yeah, so you wouldn't be right

00:33:04--> 00:33:30

so you cannot do prayer on the floor this exactly stopping the prayer as it's okay so it's just cuts off here so of course if you cannot do so Jude then you will be doing it what on the chin your financial if you're unable you're unable but if you're able and involuntary Salah you choose to sit down because you just lazy that will do will be in half. But if you're unable your orders for inshallah will love it, right?

00:33:31--> 00:33:34

Is it sooner to recite the scene for a sick person

00:33:35--> 00:34:02

from afar, not sitting next to the sick person, it's not sooner to recite trc the Hadith in his week. But yet, the Hadith in reciting surah has seen over the dead person or a sick person or a dying person is weak. Okay. So it's not submit. Right? I know it's a common habit. But it's it's not as simple right? It's not about the virtues of there seem to be recited

00:34:03--> 00:34:45

for a dead person or a sick person, or it's not nothing like that will lie. What have we found out someone who knows is plotting against us by spreading fitna and lies out of envy, should we just keep quiet and make the art rather than confronting that person instead, here is where you have an option and you have a choice and it's completely up to you. You have every right to defend yourself, you have every right to say, to go and say so and so is lying, so and so spreading rumors about me so and so is being malicious, you're going to go to defend your honor. This is absolutely up to you. Right. Or you could just simply say I'm not going to defend myself and I'll just leave this to Allah

00:34:45--> 00:34:53

zildjian SubhanAllah. I found that in some circumstances, defending yourself only in flames, right.

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

makes a big deal out of nothing. And some people stop believing the whole thing just because you're react

00:35:01--> 00:35:41

In other play times and places No, in fact, they're waiting for you to defend yourself. And when you do this, they believe you. So you have to judge the circumstances and the people and yourself as well. In some places and times and circumstances. Yeah, go and defend yourself. Go and defend yourself as Allah xojo when I actually was accused, he subhana wa, tada defended her. He didn't just let things go. He defended her. Right. And she defended herself, right. But of course, right, because she's that was accused, who is going to believe her if she just defends herself, so like him, and defended her subpoena with the other. And other times like this story. The best is just to

00:35:41--> 00:36:09

let things go make do and let things go. And just wait for that person. Either they repent, because they see their mistake, or their plots turns against them. And it turns them nothing. But but requires patience from just let things go and say, I let a lot defend me, I'm not going to defend myself, I'll let the law defend, especially in circumstances when you start seeing that I want to defend myself, but it's bringing more harm.

00:36:11--> 00:36:21

People don't believe it, or they're turning against me or they're doubting what I'm saying. So it's not working? Are you finding that it's actually you're becoming a worse person because of it?

00:36:22--> 00:36:42

Right, you're trying to defend yourself by becoming worse person because of it. He says she's not look, I'm not going to let go of all of that. I'll just let Allah defend me, Allah, you defend me You take care of that person, I'm not going to lift a finger or say a thing to defend myself. I'll explain the truth if somebody comes and asks me, but I'm not going to go and try to attack this person.

00:36:43--> 00:36:51

I'm not going to do that let allows it to defend me. And Subhanallah you may realize that after some time, that you need to be patient with this, like this person.

00:36:53--> 00:37:28

Right? He was killed. So it may it may be her. But after some time, you realize that everything that they're saying about you or plotting against you turns against them, so it could happen. So maybe at that point, if you don't know what to do praise the Hara, and see what Allah has to delete you because it's not an easy decision. But if you're priests to come and ask Allah as though Did I ask Allah? Is it going to lead us to the best, best action and best words at that moment? Well, lo Anna Batticaloa if you go, I hope insha Allah was able to answer

00:37:29--> 00:38:08

the question sufficiently. We asked Allah as the devil but Allah need to bless us. Yeah, Allah protect us from envy, and make us of those who trust you more than they trust themselves and defend us. Yeah. And I mean, if we are attacked or plotted against, we ask that you defend us against the plotters and against those who wish us harm and defend us against envy and readers of envy so that we do not envy other people and make us content with what we have given us. Not envious of what people have. And grant this yet a lot of the blessings of this life and in the Hereafter religious and worldly blessings era but I mean, a lot of Macarena behind it can hardly go out and you know

00:38:08--> 00:38:47

before they come and see what we're asking for but I mean except our fasting except our pm except our the reading of the Quran except all of our good deeds forgive all our sins and bad deeds and our shortcomings in the month of Ramadan yeah Allah but Allah me you know, we are we and we get to we tend to get weaker at this time in the month of Ramadan. So we inject energy and our souls and our bodies you have been an amine and pull us back to you your but your hammer I mean, pull us back to your mercy and pull us back to your agenda and protect us from Hellfire Armenia, what do I mean? Well as you all have been either need to grant us the best of this life and at the hereafter and

00:38:47--> 00:39:15

protect us from the worst of this life and in the Hereafter makers of those of the people who enter agenda at the highest levels of it, and are protected from Hellfire and their parents and spouses and children and families and extend this to the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to suffer more lahia ami Allah reward you for your questions and your attention. And insha Allah will co be in the NA Zoda tomorrow at the same time about a colonial vehicle subhanak llamo behind the shadow and

00:39:16--> 00:39:22

stuff your guide to avoid equal handling de la bien alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.