Ramadan Series Day 06

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for the good of others, rather than just yourself. They explain that praying for others is a given, and that everyone has a chance to receive forgiveness. The speaker also mentions a night prayer and how everyone has a chance to receive forgiveness.
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Every asked,

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I wouldn't say indeed one even if you make these two questions, a pre request before you say anything, are you doing these two questions? Why? And how?

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Why and how, why you are doing it? And how you are doing

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your cooking for your family, right? Why you are doing? And how.

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So why the why can get you to join and the why cannot get you to join. And the whole thing. Am I doing it for mom? Only? Am I doing it for a one my family? Am I doing this my job, I have to feed them? I am doing it because I don't want everyone to be whining in the house. And how, whatever, anything you put on the table, they will eat? No, I'm going to do the best way I can do.

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And of course if you're doing an act of rebellion while you're doing it the way a lot woman taught me to do.

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So the same thing when someone online, it says, Why are you fasting, fully believing that fully believing that's what he really would, fully believing that I'm doing it only for him fully believing is seeing, fully believing it's written in my in my book, fully believing I'm going to stand in front of him. And he will tell me you did it. You fasted.

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And then I fully believe he will reward me for that. So remember this one. And the same thing for maybe two other and for the follow up.

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As we call the night prayer, whether you are doing it alone, whether you're doing it in the masjid, whether you're doing it with a group at the house, it doesn't matter. The idea is you have to have an extra extra prayers in normal one. And this is actually what what what is one of the criterias or like like the landmarks of Oman is what

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the usual question are you prayed nobody said do you pray?

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It's an insult. What do they tell you? You pray to the house or

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do you pray after the ratio or you sleep and you do it in the night? Because that's a given. Everyone does so the same thing when combinated will come and we're gonna come to you man and what he saw the same thing you believe this is the night of the other you believe a lot me that you believe on what is going to give you what he promised and he will reward you same thing, no matter what. You will be forgiven. You will be forgiven every bad deed, every backbiting every look. Every disobedience of resolve is everything really what? Whatever I made in the towards the right of Las panatela I would be completely forgiven.