Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 15 – What Are The Levels of Taqwa We Should Have

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taqwa comes from the verse we're in a loss on tada said, Yeah in the denominator quotevalet camassia mocha makuti Valentina Min kubla Khan, La La Quinta, taco or you believe fasting has been prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, in order that you develop taqwa

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taqwa being a consciousness of a law, consciousness, not in the sense merely of knowing there is a law. That is a form of consciousness, but consciousness in the sense that one is aware of a law in his or her life,

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that the law is aware of whatever they're doing.

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And that awareness

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causes them on one hand, to fear his punishment.

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And on the other hand, it causes them to be shy

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and ashamed

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to do what is displeasing to him.

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On the third hand,

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it also causes the believer

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due to his or her love of Allah,

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to eagerly try to do the things that Allah loves most