When Allah Forgives You in the Final Hour of Ramadan

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I hope everyone's doing well and Charlottetown just as we're waiting for everyone to join,

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bring the last panel tada Have mercy on our brothers and sisters that have perished in the plane crash in parks on the Las panatela accept them the Shahada and las panatela comfort their families and all of those that have passed away

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in such unfortunate ways in these in these last few days, and these last few weeks milazzo Have mercy on them all.

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Right, looks like we got enough people logged on now. So inshallah I'll go ahead and I'll start once again. A Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and handle the loan. Maybe we want to stay in one little one a study. We're not you know, we want to talk about it. He went to Lehman and surely and fusina woman sejati Imani Nam and yesterday Allahu taala philomel the law firm and you'll live for that hardy Allah. Shadow Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah Moncada hemmed up we need to have a hyena image via the heel height or while actually shading for the shadow Mohammed an optical or pseudo philosophy you who have a little amount of aloha risotto and also had his own Akasha film edited by

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white label How can howdy Hello Is ihana illa Allah kradic you're also working with a steam boiler and he will be here I'm going to send me some data here today on the dino llama and I'm in home I mean alladhina amanu army lasagna how to awesome happy with awesome so i mean i mean we'll see Come on FCD tough a lot more than happy to holla at you will have the nominal type of law perhaps we'll call it whatever

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you want. You will not suffer but community follow communist and wacky that will follow caminho jaha robots I mean humare john and Kathy at all when he saw what's up the law led to certain wannabe he will harm in a lot of cannot equal Akiva. Yeah Eva livina Amira tuffle la pulu Poland sadita your local Maranatha can we offer local unova Come on the nuclear Allah hora suta, who fills in Halima from my barracks, the brothers and sisters as we come to the end of Ramadan. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost, accept all of your deeds in Ramadan before to Milan after Ramadan, and forgive all of your sins before Ramadan during Ramadan after the Milan and allow us to

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maintain a thrust towards him of good and to to overcome the shackles of ourselves and the shackles of the shell thing that prevents us from fully tasting the sweetness of closeness to him.

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As we get to the end of Ramadan, I want to talk specifically about the last hour of Ramadan. And I know that we still you know here it's Friday,

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Reed will likely be Sunday. And so we've still got some time before the last hour but I do want to help us anticipate and Chatelet out as much as possible the last hour and building up to the last hour of Ramadan.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the amount of inhotim that actions are judged by the endings maybe 14 by the endings of those actions. And Ramadan is no exception to that, that a loss of parents out there will look at us and Allah will judge and action by its ending and that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam emphasized to us that we should always seek the good ending. Because a person could be as the Prophet slice and I'm sad, doing the actions of the people of Paradise until what is between them and Paradise is just their arm stretched out. And then they do the actions of the people of a jahannam and they end up instead of entering into Johanna. On the other hand, the

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prophets lie Selim said that a person does the actions of the people of Hellfire until they are about to enter into hellfire. There's just, you know, a yard away from them and hellfire. And instead they respond and they do an action of the people of paradise. And so Allah subhanaw taala allows them to enter into paradise and stuff. That's the general rule that actions are judged by their endings but what does this specifically mean for Ramadan? So every night in Milan, Allah subhana wa tada has people that he frees from the Hellfire as the prophets lie Selim said that in every night, there are a part Allah has people who freeze from Hellfire and there isn't that say

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that this is speaking about Milan. That in all blonde I lost parents on a freeze a group of people every single night that's one through 20 that is the odd nights

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Those are the odd nights of the last 10 nights as well as the evening nights. And so every night is an opportunity. And the prophets lie Selim taught us to seek leaders and other until the last night, not the last odd night until the very last night. And so tonight would be the 30th night of Ramadan, and many people will neglect it. But tonight is a night that we see clear to others and it still falls within the last 10 nights. So seek it until the very last night. But there's something else and I wanted to draw a parallel between the end of Ramadan, and the end of the night, the end of the night, because the most blessed time of the day or night, the most blessed time in a 24 hour period

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is what the seafood is that last hour before that last hour before fetchit the best of the night is the last third of the nights. And the best of the last third of the night is a suit the time of the time of suit. And that's why some of the reason I say when you are cool bodyslam when Jacob peace be upon him said to his to his sons so stuff he will not come rob me that I will seek forgiveness from my Lord for you. They said that the commentator said that he was talking about waiting until the final hour of the night to seek forgiveness for his children, for the wrongdoing that they committed against use of rice and I'm against Joseph peace be upon him. And so it's the last hour. And the

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best hour of the day is the last hour of the day, which is the hour before method that is true for the fasting person. That is true for you only joumana that is true for the day of Friday. That is true for the day of alpha when the people gather that it's the last hour. That's the time of calling upon a loss of hundreds or doing a forgotten massage during the evening remembrances as the sun is about to set. What is the analogy of this to them Alon I really saw a beautiful You know, quote from the half of them and Raja Mahima Tata, as he was speaking about the last hour of the night, and it got me thinking about this last hour of Ramadan, and what the last hour of Ramadan looks like. And

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half of them and Raja bohumil Allah. He said that what happens in the last hour of the night before Frederick, is that everyone gathers that there, it's a time for us to fall last patterns as well as having your stuff thrown, that in that time, that's when they seek forgiveness. It's a time in which those who prayed all nights, or those who prayed a significant portion of the night are ending off the prayer of the night with his default with seeking forgiveness the facility him because of a feeling of shortcoming because of feeling like they did not do enough prayer or that there was some lack of quality in their prayer or that even if their prayers were perfect, they would not be able

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to match the glory of a loss of Hannah Montana, who is perfect, and whose mercy and who's whose generosity and whose honor cannot be encompassed by any human act of worship. And so the point is, is that at the last hour of the night, there are those, those who were praying all nights that are praying a significant portion of the night that are asking the loss of hundreds out for forgiveness, and this was the case of the Prophet sallallahu it was something that he would end off the night by seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala because he prayed a significant portion of the night to a point that his feet would swell. So lohani was alone. And he was asking a lot for forgiveness

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for the deficiency within the prayer similar to By the way, how when we finish our daily Salawat we say stuff, it'll last a lot of stuff. It'll let you seek forgiveness from a lot after performing the prayer because there were some inevitable shortcomings within that prayer. And so stuff that a lot of stuff that a lot of stuff that Allah so he said that in that hour. Allah subhanaw taala gathers both those you have some that will seek forgiveness after praying for a long time, the closer to him and he said and then you will have those who will wake up just at that time, just as the night is about to go and they'll offer a small amount of remembrance to a loss of Hannah Montana a short

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performance of prayer maybe they just get up and they pray the whatsit or maybe they just get up just to make a few statements of remembrance and they're also saying a stuffed with a lot of stuff that a lot of stuff that a lot and there is default they're seeking forgiveness is the the newbie him is for their sins. So he says that at that hour at the end of the night, that bless the time there is the is the father of those who pray equals God him and he is the father of those who pray did not pray be the newbie him he is the father of those who prayed and equal sodium meaning for their shortcoming and the is too far for those who did not pray the the newbies

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him for their sins. So if you're looking at them, they look indistinguishable, because at the end of the day, at that moment, they're in a place of Estefan. And the sentence that he says that I just, I just find so beautiful and profound, he says, so if you can't join the lovers join the mentors. If you can't join the lovers during the repentance, what does he mean by that the more had been those that are in love with their Lord that have gotten to a point in their spirituality, a point in their spirituality, where they feel a connection, and they have become regular at standing up for long periods into the night, seeking a loss, forgiveness and seeking His pleasure, and even watchable

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him. Allah says, If you can't join, the more have been than joining the most offering. If you can't join the lovers join the repentance, at least make sure that that last portion of the night that you get up and you seek forgiveness from a loss of Hannah Montana, four out of a sense of shortcoming out of a sense of not feeling like you did enough, out of a sense of wanting to do more, for the sake of a loss of Hannah Montana. This is such a beautiful analogy to the last hour of Ramadan as well.

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As long as one is about to pass from us, there are going to be those that will be able to look back on this Ramadan and say that I really felt closer to a lot of this normal lung than I have in previous years. I pushed myself I read more than I usually read, I was able to pray more at night than I usually prayed. I was able to put something behind me I was able to make a significant strive in my spirituality, or by by starting to fulfill one of the obligations of a loss of hundreds and this month or one of the new life and one of the blessings, voluntary practices, I was able to make a stride. In this month I feel closer, I feel like I must have caught later than others. I felt it

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on this night. And that night, there are those that will look back on this Ramadan very favorably. And they will feel like this was a beautiful Ramadan, in which they got ahead.

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And for them that last hour of Ramadan is an hour of asking Allah for forgiveness for the inevitable shortcomings within those deeds. And the inevitable shortcomings that are to be anticipated after Ramadan, the post Ramadan dip. So for them, that's what there is default is in that last part of the night. For the others, there are those that are going to feel like I set goals for myself the similan I didn't meet those goals. I wanted to read this much portion of report and I didn't finish reading that portion. And there were nights that I set my alarm and I wanted to wake up and pray. I didn't pray those those late nights. I didn't get to I didn't get the holeshot the humility the all

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in my supplication, the way that I wanted to get that all in my supplication. I don't feel like this was my most productive homologue and my answer to those people

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is if you can't join the lovers join the mentors. At that moment in the last hour of all Milan when we're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for forgiveness, all of us, all of us. May Allah make us from the mentors and the lovers along with me. May Allah make us from the most tough city and the more have been alone. I mean, the Panthers and the lovers at that moment

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gathering together or rather connecting to a loss of hundreds together shutting everything off and just saying Yeah, Allah forgive me. Yeah, a lot except the salon. Yeah, a lot except later some other Yeah. Except all of my all of my repentance. Yeah, Allah except my intentions to the best of them all the good that I intended to do, that I wasn't actually able to do. Yeah, a lot. Just as when a person accidentally eats in the day of Ramadan, you give them the full reward of that fast and the food is Subbu. And just as a person sleeps sometimes at nights though, they intended to wake up and break the gamma lid and you give them that sleep as a charity and you write down the full

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night of pm we live Yeah, a lot as we turn to you in these last moments of Ramadan. Yeah, Allah reward us to the best of the intentions that we have for the summer bond for every minute of it. And forgive us for the times that we fell short, either in the performance of good or the performance of that or a moment of heedlessness that could have been used for good use this last hour use these last moments to just say stuff it'll stuff it'll stuff for the love. And this is a challenge that I want to give to everyone that the last hour of Ramadan and I save the last hour I'm not just talking about the last hour of the night of Ramadan the last hour between also another of the last

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They have Rama blah. Most people would have already shifted to eighth mode. They're already thinking about what they're going to do for Ethan it might be an unusual age but it's still eight right people are trying to adjust to their eat celebrations. Most people have moved on from Ramadan, the last night is gone.

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If you can commit yourself to just that last hour that you're going to sit there and you're going to isolate yourself and supplication and drop in prayer and ask Allah to forgive you in that last hour of Ramadan then do so make the most of the last night of Ramadan which is tonight in sha Allah to honor and make the most of the last day of Ramadan as well. ask Allah subhana wa tada to count you amongst the counters and to join you with the lovers. And I'm going to end with one explanation one one Hadith inshallah Tada, which many of you have had, but just to show you the mercy of a loss of contact to cover our shortcomings. When it comes to Ramadan. Many of you have heard the Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he says that this law, I mean, some hetton that for the fasting person is to Joyce, the thought of

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the joy Hina your flow, the time that he breaks his fast without her Hina yellow Car Club, and the joy when he meets his Lord. So for the fasting person, his two joys, the joy of breaking the fast and the joy of meeting your Lord with that fast. So if you don't have an arena or himolla to Allah, He says about this. He says that when the day of judgment comes, and Allah subhanaw taala has taken account of all of the, all of the

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all of the people, so loss has taken account of all of his servants. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has said that all of the sun, all of the deeds of the sons of Adam,

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all of the deeds of the son of Adam are for them except for fasting, except for fasting. A Psalm Li, what up fasting is for me, and I reward accordingly. So if you hadn't been or email him ally said that when the day of judgment comes and the loss of hundreds atta has gone through the accountability of the servants, and all of those who a person has a pressed all of those who a person has fallen short with all of the person's shortcomings in regards to themselves and in regards to others will be taken from them, and a loss of habitat it will do with those good deeds, what is necessary. And so you know, the the Hadith of the prophets lie somewhere, he said, it said,

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the woman had the theme, do you know who the bankrupt person is, and it's the person who had so many sins that they committed towards others, that they take their good deeds on the Day of Judgment, that a person will be in a situation where the only thing that remains for that person is the reward of fasting, the only good deed that remains is the reward of fasting if the person was sincere in that, that Allah would have compensated all of the oppressed parties or all of those that that person fell short with, from his bounty. And a love would have taken all of the good deeds that that person had, due to their shortcomings or whatever it may be. But then Allah will take fasting, the

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reward of fasting and less data will increase it until it covers the servants enough to enter them into paradise with sincerity,

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under his mercy, so how to love the fact that the reward of fasting, its its performance, is is so profound and cannot be quantified, and false. Out of all of the rules of the quantification, the quantifying of good deeds, the fact that fasting is so significant, by the way, this doesn't mean by all means, it doesn't mean go ahead and oppress, because fasting has you covered, go ahead and mess up with the rest of your deeds. Because fasting has you covered this refers to a person who inevitably fell short, in different ways in different wrongdoings, and they were sincere and trying to turn back to a loss of Chinatown and some of the scholars say that this is referring to a person

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who turned the page with a loss of power, but inevitably, could not make up for all of the things that they've done in the past. That fasting is that reward that a loss will increase and forgive everything for a person or Milan is that reward in the night out of that will overlook everything in the past. So ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness. And the best deed that you can prepare at the end of Ramadan is the best day that you can have period which is personal London, Allah subhanaw taala. So you are the love and the struggle, the love and narrates that that is the best deed that you can have this person of love to have a good expectation of your Lord.

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That's why a lot talk us through our messenger so I said I'm to say a lot of them inaccurate for one to have with Africa for only a lot You are the forgiving one you love to forgive so forgive me and so carry that with you to the last hour of Ramadan inshallah tada as you asked the less amount of time for forgiveness allow you love to forgive this fight my sleeping despite my singing despite my shortcomings you love to forgive so forgive me. And if you can't join lovers enjoying the rip enters may last how to make us from the rip enters. And from the lovers May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to allow us to elevate ourselves and be elevated in his sights. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to

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carry what we have benefited from Islamic law and far beyond it a loss of habitat to allow the deeds that we started to practice in the summer bonds to be lifelong deeds transformative deeds. May Allah forgive us for the sins that we had promised to repent from, that we still fell into a few times in Ramadan. May Allah forgive us for the sins that we commit knowingly and unknowingly the small ones and the large ones May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to power through what is left of this life with only the best of deeds May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to stay connected to him after home alone to stay connected to his book after normal lon to stay connected to his prophets. A lot of it was

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set up after Ramadan to stay connected to our to our slots are remembrances to our supplications to our prayers after Ramadan May Allah subhanaw taala allow our hearts to remain firm. yam will cleverly build groups of the Illumina and Edina alternative hearts keep our hearts firm on your path. May Allah subhana wa tada grant us dipalma grant is the greatest firmness with our hearts firmness with our feets with our feet firmness with our tongues upon all of that which is pleasing to Him a lot man I mean there's a lot of hate on to all of you and inshallah tada I will see you tonight for the last 3430 of Roma blonde as well as the last session of about the right man. But but

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it's not what we have some things in storage I left for show while as well. So we will have programming throughout the month of chawan as well in Charlottetown it's or to keep that connection, though obviously not at this pace which is natural, but I pray that Allah subhanaw taala unite us in His glory and in good and I appreciate all of you that have been tuning into all of our programs throughout throughout this month and before it's and I pray that Eliza was allowed to be a benefit to you and benefits us in sha Allah does not come lol hate on mustard I might need to lie here.