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What it means to be a person of truth

Omar Suleiman


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His defining feature is that he is Sadiq Khan nebbia.

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His defining feature after his prophethood is that he is so deep is that he is truthful. And so deep here, when we talked about it in the first we talked about what Becca was the vehicle the allot of time and the meaning of the horn, they are even a higher ranking than in the Murata. When Alice pantile talks about the distinctions that the stood the corner even higher than the Shahada, there's no discrepancy between their actions and their stated words. So both, you know, between their stated words, and their sincere intentions, and their actions, there's complete consistency. And so someone who saw them, someone who tells the truth, the scholars say there's consistency between their words

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and reality. So to have set in your speech, to be truthful in your speech, is to say what reflects reality accurately. So I'm describing to you a situation, and I'm truthful and what I'm describing to you. So that is a person who is saw that is truthful in their speech, but a person who has sick who has truthfulness and their repentance, who has truthfulness, in their, in their honor, who has truthfulness in their charity, who is in there who saw that with their actions, is someone between whom there is no discrepancy between their words and their deeds. Okay. and in this situation, words, deeds are connected by the heart by the Alvin celene, by that sound, heart that pure hearts

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and able to hear it snap had that, okay, and that's his ultimate quality. And the scholars, you know, when they talk about this idea of a sub D, a person of truth, just like with Beckett on the allowance, if you have that trait, you'll achieve all other qualities because you'll always push yourself to the maximum of your potential and you'll never be complacent. And so you're going to push yourself with your charity, you're going to push yourself with your generosity, you're going to push yourself with your sincerity, you're going to push yourself with your worship, you're going to push yourself with your steadfastness. Because you are so deep because you're a person of truth may

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Allah subhana wa tada make us all amongst them a llama. I mean