Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 28 – The Month of Repentance

Haifaa Younis
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh one of the names of Ramadan, it's actually happens to be the name number 28. And there is no reason for the sequence just unless pantalla chose did the month of repentance shocktober and it is related to what we spoke about yesterday shockula foo. It's related to what we spoke about earlier szolnok for the month of forgiveness, Shahada, the month of supplication asking ALLAH, and what is the word? And why they call the child with Toba? What is Stover tober is a pentose. And what do I repent? What does it mean? What is repentance? And who do I repent to think I need you and mean this is one of the beauties of Ramadan, it teaches us to look at

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things in a different way. So repentance, Stober is actually you returned back, so you were going somewhere, and then you decide you're going to come back. That's the word Toba means you and I we were going in the wrong direction away from Allah subhana wa tada panelo busy, busy with our work busy with dunya with life with money with the children with a day race with all these and then Allah subhanaw taala remind us, me and you and bring Ramadan one of the reasons and he remind you and me that there is more than this daily things we do.

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And the way I will remember is by returning back to Allah subhanho wa Taala or when I see that what I have been doing is beautiful Alhamdulillah but it's not it is something more than that. And then move on teaches me this when I stand up in the night and I enjoy listening to the Quran at 10pm and I am so tired. There is way more than just working and making money and enjoying life. That's turning back to Allah when my focus change. And last pantalla there is a whole chapter in the Quran hamdulillah we all read it in Ramadan, so to tober the chapter called Stober repentance in it Allah pantalla teaches you and it is in your planner elemi Alamo and Allah Who, who batani By the way,

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also the heart what an Omaha What

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didn't they know or don't they know that Allah is the one who what he is the one only Yakubu tober he accepted and a body and you're also the heart and He takes charities and here is zakka wonderla and then he used to have his names and when Allah Allah worldly for sure who was the one he is the one who not only accept repentance, he opens the door for repentance. And he is all forgiving. A Rahim merciful. One of the ways that Allah opens the door for tober for you and me is Ramadan. He brings these good days he brings these times to remind you of me of a lost pantalla and my relationship with him. Toba is re establishing my relationship with Allah subhanaw taala finding out

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discovering, visiting, remembering, acknowledging how much I have not done what Allah subhana wa tada deserve. If we all look around us, just for five minutes, everything that we have unlocked gave us and how much we are not grateful and obeying him the way he deserves. Then we will find out why do we need tober so Allah subhana wa tada is the one who opens the door October he is the one who accepts upon law, not only that, he is so happy suparna when we go back to him, and think of it in dunya if someone keep disobeying us, disobeying us and he leaves at one point we say, you know what, I am done with that person. I don't care anymore. And they want to come back says no more, you know,

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you've done this so many times. But that's us. Unless pantalla is so

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of course different Subhana lockwasher do farahan vetova to haidakhan be told at a haidakhan mean

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that the meaning of Allah is way more happy. When you one of you I and you and us return back to him. Way more. He is happier than that person who lost his camel with all his provision in the desert and then find the camel back. So imagine you and I are in the middle of nowhere.

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We had only this sustenance, this bag, this and the Hadith. This is a hadith of Rosa de Soto. Sam is a camel who had all his sustenance and the camel disappeared and he were left alone. And then he sleep and he wakes up and see the camel back how happy this person will be in another narration. That's man. What? Because he was so happy, he said to your ally 100 and now he's so grateful for Allah and tagged you on our book. You are my servant, I am your Lord and Morrisania salatu salam said he made the mistake out of joy by joining us that joyfulness of that person online is way more, happier, Subhana and happy and joyful, you and me, the sinners, go back to him

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in spite of all what he gave us, and we are running away from him and busy, but then when Milan came in, the good times came in and I decided to I've seen the beauty of Allah spawn Tada, I want to go back to him, I want to re establish my relationship or the relationship I have, I want to improve it and make it much better and I care about its weight more than I care about anything else. That option called tober that's what Allah Subhana Allah loves me so happy

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and Allah says about himself and sort of bajawa in need of a foreign women tab

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for me lasagna hunter method I am for ever forgiving afar constantly for those who returned to me tab and they believe and they do a good deed is in time has come for us to go back to Allah Allah mutiny living hasn't time has come and Tasha alcohol only the color their hearts surrender and submit to the to the remembrance of Allah when we will do it. One. How do I know tomorrow I am living and other Swati aside to some teaches you and me that the door of Toba, the door of repentance is open as long as we are living Malamute, horrible. Once the froth of death come to the mouth, the door is shot.

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All of us are hungry like oh Blimey, if you're listening to this tape, this recording, you are alive than the door of the repentance is still open. Then take it and enter it and let Allah be happy. And let us all all make Allah subhanho wa Taala happy as we always ask him to make us happy Subhana Allah Nana stockbroker in contact for your love we ask for your forgiveness. You will love to forgive your lovers. Look at tober we ask you to repent you in Nikita Hebrew Toby matahari you love those who repent and always a state of purity. ebme saramonic murottal linebacker

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