Dhul Hijjah Best 10 Days #06 – The Great Sacrifice

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved brothers and sisters, you look at the sacrifice of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, he left his family as we mentioned in an earlier episode in Makkah barren land, nothing to eat or drink Allah provided for them, but they made an effort harder Allah has Salatu was salam, she actually ran from Safa to Marwa and so on and Mashallah the water gushed out by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Later on, they built the Kava Allah said, You announced the pilgrimage, and people will come, don't worry, we will granted acceptance from this we learn when you do something for the pleasure of Allah. When you know this is correct, it's upright,

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it's calling towards the oneness of Allah is calling towards following the practice of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him doing what's right, you don't need to worry about what people think of you or how they react to you. You need to worry about whether it was right or wrong in the eyes of Allah, the rest will be done by Allah. at that particular time, there was no one to announce that pilgrimage to and who What did he do, he still announced it. Guess what we heard it today. It was relayed to us through the generations and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him related to us. And it's become compulsory and obligatory for those who are able and capable to go for the Hajj at least

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once in their lifetime as Muslims so that they can reenact what Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam did, and learn the lessons and change their lives. He sacrificed for the sake of Allah. Beyond that, my brothers, my sisters, he saw a dream. And that dream. He saw that he was sacrificing his own son, according to the Islamic revelation, according to what we believe it was, the son is mine May peace be on him. So he told his son, I saw a dream that I was sacrificing you, the son says, well then do as you're told, because for a profit, a dream is actually an instruction.

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So Subhana Allah,

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he went forth and shape and came to him on more than one occasion, and tried to distract him. You can't follow Allah's instruction, it's going to be dangerous for you, it's going to be harmful, you're going to cause harm. You're going to do this, you're going to do that. Now this was a prophet, we cannot just see a dream and start doing as we've dreamt no for us. A dream cannot be an instruction that was not already ordained by Allah. nor can it be a prohibition that was already prohibited by Allah. We cannot bring about religion through a dream You and I are going to see now. But for a prophet of Allah May peace be upon them all. Dreams had different meanings. And this is

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why they relate them to their people. The Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam related to his son the son was ready. He pelted shape pan on three occasions notice when people go for Hajj, they pelt shape and also on three occasions and they repeat it for a few days The idea is to become conscious of the plot of the devil in your life. And when a stone is being thrown towards where the genre is shaped man is not physically there, but what is within you in terms of weakness should be taken out. So when it comes to the days of Hajj, remove jealousy number 111 pebble, pelting the jealousy out. Remove your hatred. Remove your envy, remove your love of material items. Remove you're competing

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with everyone in materialistic things, remove your greed and so on remove your anger, remove your bad habit of pornography or gambling whatever it may be. So that is a sacrifice. That is what you're supposed to be doing. Be conscious of it even if you have not been for the Hajj. But try and become conscious of this plot of shaitan read about Hajj, read about what's supposed to be happening in the Hajj, like some of what I've told you now. But because of all of that Allah loved it so much when he ultimately got to his son, and they took the son ready to fulfill the instruction of Allah. Allah replaced that son with a ram from Jana. how Allah knows, it was Allah says will further you know, be

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the beheading of him? Allah is a massive major, huge sacrifice. Allah has replaced this person meaning the child with around Subhan Allah Subhana Allah and Allah says, When are they No, Ibrahim, but so Dr. ruja indeed we called him we said Oh, Ibrahim, you have indeed

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fulfilled what you've seen in your dream. You are a friend of ours. Allah says, what the harder long Ibrahim Akali. Allah has taken Ibrahim as a colleague, as a close friend. So when you sacrifice for the sake of Allah, you will always become closer to Allah.

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What are you ready to sacrifice my brothers and sisters? You're ready to cut off your bad habits, your jealousy or envy your greed, your malice, your

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addiction to pornography or drugs or belittling others, you know, whatever else it may be being a big show off, that's also sinful. Now Allah protect us. Are you ready to sacrifice if you are, Allah will provide for you. Allah will grant you great acceptance. Let's continue with more lessons. In the next episode until then akuto Kohli, Heather are sallallahu wasallam Allah Baraka ala nabina Muhammad