Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 09 – The Month of Worship

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The concept of obedience is discussed, where actions of worship are defined in a manner similar to prayer fasting, and actions of worship are not just a habit but rather a habit. The " act of worship" is viewed as a state of Yoana or just fasting, where doing things that are pleasing to Allah and expanding one's life is crucial for achieving excellence in one's life. Practice hard work and following guidance are essential for achieving success.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh one of the names of Ramadan that has been given by the scholars is the month of obedience Sha, Sha, Sha hula

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and what is obedience? And why Ramadan is called this so let's look at our daily life in Ramadan at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen most of the Muslims fasting Of course some are not for reasons unless fantana allow them not to. So the first act of obedience he told me, Allah cookie Valley camassia fasting has been prescribed on you so I am obedient to Allah subhanaw taala number two is again majority of the people if not everybody is so keen do their best to do extra Salah in Ramadan, Tara with the Knights honor or even play emulate even more, most different out to everybody. Subhan Allah are very charitable. So Allah ordered me but not made it as an obligation but made it as a highly

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recommended action is to perform Knights honor, as Swati salatu salam taught us when Alma Ramadan imana wati seven the person who stand up in Salah in the night,

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out of faith and out of waiting for the reward from Allah ofera hamata coordinamento the previous sins have been all removed except the major sins. So these are all acts of obedience charity, everybody is very charitable in Ramadan, a lot of them personify we're gonna come to it later and one of the names so what I am doing here, Allah told me worship me, and I and you and all of us are obeying and I want to focus on one thing here is the month of obedience, the month of worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what is an act of worship? Because once we understand the act of worship, a lot of the anxiety and worries many Muslims go through because they cannot do everything

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they want to do in Ramadan will be completely lifted. So la vida acts of worship, act of obedience is basically defined in a manner even taymiyah defined it beautifully. And he said every

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kulu my head Wallah, everything Allah loves. Number one, everything a lot loves, mineral equality will fall from actions and singing,

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external and internal, every word, every action, internal external, Allah loves, that's an act of worship, I am obeying Allah. And this is going to make us look at acts of worship very different. Because most of us look at act of worship obedience as basically prayer fasting, charity, the ones I've mentioned in the beginning, which is absolutely right, it's in the first it's the external, but there is a lot of actions that we can do internally in our hearts without changing anything externally, the love of Allah, the fear from Allah, the hope in Allah, the removal of

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hate and the removal of grudges from our hearts to please Allah, these are all act of worship charity Of course, it is act of force should be a rule holidaying, excellent treatment of the parents are act of worship, whether they are alive, then that's a huge opportunity. Or they have faster way than I can still do excellent job for them. An excellent act of worship for them by praying for them making do out for them. So Ramadan is a month where I am in every breath in me, I am in a state of obedience to Allah. And let us not forget the most important part or time of Ramadan, which is the last 10 days and the heavy that we shared with you on the planet that Sade

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Ayesha had reported that he used to get tired he used to work much harder. He used to struggle much more in the last 10 days way more than the before one and the act before meaning the days before. So here I am and you in Ramadan couple of things I will learn from this name. Number one, the act of worship to Allah pantalla the month of obedience is not necessarily only the external ones. So if I am sick and I cannot fast I should know

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feel I am missing because there's many other things I can do. And I will be rewarded by Allah plus the reward of not fasting because he told me to, and that's act of obedience. So the woman during her menstrual cycle should not feel sad. And how is that a trauma bond? On the contrary, the month of obedience is when I obey Allah in what he told me do and don't do. And he told me not to fast when the woman or told the woman not to fast when it is her menstrual cycle. So when I am not fasting in that state, I am obedient to Allah. And at the same time I have to look at many other actions. I can do kulu my of Ebola, everything that a lot love, external and internal is an act of

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worship and act of obedience. So and if you all remember last year we did the whole 30 days about actions of Allah Allah, Allah, Allah humble masini Allah loves those who act and speak and conduct their life was excellence with generosity. A lot Love is a saw the king those who are truthful. So in Ramadan, if I make a promise to Allah and I work hard, not to say but what is the truth, I am an act of worship. It's an internal and I don't say anything but truthful. I am an act of worship, I am obeying Allah. I don't say anything that is this obedient to Allah, language that does not please Allah, I am obeying Him and the obedience of Allah and Allah told of us who is or to a sinner. And

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this is very important for us to learn after Ramadan is not only a normal bond, the act of obedience to Allah spawn tada is constant till we die. And a lot older Rasul Allah has sought to sell what a Buddha Rebecca had time to kill your pain, and worship your Lord, till the moment of death, till death comes to you. And every creation of a law, human being

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Angel angels, every act, every other creation of Allah, the birds, the animals, the trees, everything is in a state of obedience to Allah, in state of worshipping of Allah, we're in mission in life said behold, there is nothing but in a state of glorifying Allah. That's an act of obedience. That's an act of worship. So what the Ramadan teaches me from this name, that in every breath, in every action I am doing in my day, I can make that an act of worship, I'm preparing food for my family, that's an act of worship, if I do it, for the sake of Allah to please Allah in the way pleases Allah, if I am working, because I need to support my family, if my work is pleasing to

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Allah, that my status or me inside my work is pleasing to Allah. That's an act of worship. So let us all handled later on by this name. submit to Allah Subhana Allah will learn that we can obey Him in way more than just fasting and prayer and giving charity although these are special, the fasting is an obligation, but we can expand it. And if we cannot do that one or that one, there is a lot more opportunity to do what I would rob Bhattacharya to actually attain and worship your Lord till death comes to you. May Allah accept from all of us.

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